The Ghosts of Christmas Past (aka “We Made Santa Cry” or “Who’s on the Naughty List Now??”)

The Ghosts of Christmas Past (aka “We Made Santa Cry” or “Who’s on the Naughty List Now??”)

(Originally published in 2009…there is a wee update at the end…thank you in advance for reading our story.) (Christmas Past…)  Party Girl Returns!  I’ve been missing from Blogland for a bit because I’ve been a special guest (as in the … Continue reading

Silver Linings, Storytelling and Man-deer!

Well hello there! It’s been a little while, but I’ve been a busy lady this year what with my international romance and all.  (more on that to come…insert wink wink here please!)  For the moment, I cordially invite you to scooty on over to my new place !

I am spinning my usual tales of sarcasm (aka ramblings, mutterings and confusion) over there and would love for you to stop in for a visit:)  I just babbled a bit about my merry tale of how my Holiday Meltdown 2014 was averted.  If you feel one of those coming on yourself, please feel free to wander over for sympathy.  May you all navigate the coming weeks with candy canes, cocoa and Man-deer (a real thing, not an urban legend…I promise!  I saw one!)  And since “You Know Who” (no, not Voldemort) is watching, you better be good for goodness sakes!


What’s Your Story?


(originally posted in Dec. 2014)

Hello and welcome to my new little corner of the universe! I am happy to announce that I am the authoress of a new blog called “Silver Lining Storyteller!” I will be moving my writings from my other blog “Bee and Rose” over here very soon. In the meantime, I hope you”ll sit a spell and share a story or two or twenty with me now and again. In fact, stories are my inspiration for writing this post today.

I am a lover of stories. I love reading them, listening to them and writing them.  I love that stories come in many shapes and sizes.  They can be shared through the written word, woven in song, and played out in films. Stories are created with works of art and dancing. Some of my favorite tales are in photographs…a picture really is worth thousands of words. My kids love our photo albums…they are our family story. Instagram is a new form of “picture” storybook for many these days. In my family, even our Christmas trees are like “pop up” storybooks of our journey over the years with each of the ornaments being the characters with stories of their own.  Here are a few “characters” from our story for this year’s trees! (yes, I said trees, as in plural, as in we have way too many, but that’s another story for a different day…)


We have spun our tales throughout time in so many ways be it ghostly accounts around the campfire, hieroglyphics in ancient times, woven medieval tapestries, the songs of the bards, old wives tales, handwritten letters and journals. Whether it’s a gathering of children at the library for story time, friends regaling each other with their vacation adventures, or reading a bedtime story to a child…stories are what connect us to each other.

When my daughter was a wee girl, I began to read a fairytale to her that began with those magical words “Once upon a time.”  Just after I spoke that enchanted phrase, Catherine sighed and said “Mommy, I love those words ‘cause I know something good is going to happen.” Those four words hold such promise!  You know in your heart that you are about to hear something wondrous from the land of Story.

write-children-booksMy grandmother, Gigi would always find pictures in clouds and ask us (my sister and me) to create stories with them. I loved doing that and have continued that with my own children.

My favorite stories are those that happen over the course of a normal day when each of us craft our chapters by the simple act of making a meal, hugging a loved one, holding the hand of a friend in need, laughing at a funny joke. We are creating our book of life each and every day through our daily tasks, our interactions with each other and our creative pursuits.  We are the authors of our destinies.

Some of my best memories with my son (who is now 18!) are those where we curl up in our favorite spots and read (mine in a cozy chair with a warm beverage…his stretched out on the floor) …to me, that is pure bliss. We spent his entire childhood following the adventures of Harry Potter. I will be forever grateful to J.K. Rowling for sharing her storytelling with the world.  We’ve shared over a decade of wondrous storytelling in our family all thanks to her putting pen to paper and sharing the magical world of Hogwarts.

Many people are writing their stories on the web each day.  The Land of Blog is filled with amazing storytelling! I love connecting with fellow bloggers and following their journeys. I’ve added many “characters” in my own life story through the friendships I’ve made in this magical land. Facebook is actually a “short story” medium of sorts that help us stay connected through posts and photos. My FB time always reminds me of chatting with the neighbor “over the clothesline” or coffee time with friends except in this decade, we have our coffee with friends in front of a monitor (and we can stay in our pjs with no makeup if we choose.  Can I get a “heck yeah!?”  High fives all around!) Many think that these mediums are “dis-connecting” us and while that may be true in some ways, I can see where they are also giving us opportunities to re-connect with old friends, close the distance in miles and give us a place to share our joys and sorrows with family and friends. My blog, emails and Facebook are the reason I’ve been able to happily create a beautiful new love story in my own life. As crazy as it sounds, my British beau, Hugh and I have crafted our story from nearly 2,000 emails and over 17,000 Facebook messages between us over the last year! (and yes, he has traveled halfway across the world on 4 trips this year alone to make our story very interesting!)

I recently discovered that Catherine has been exploring my old blog “Bee and Rose.” She asked me if I could turn it into a book for her since so many family stories about her dad are in there. I will be doing just that for her this Christmas. I was deeply touched that she liked my writing. (insert humbled smile here please.) Stories inspire us, tug at our heartstrings, give us courage and make us look deeper.

How are you telling your story? We just watched the movie “Inkheart” (again) about the “Silver Tongues” those who can make characters come out of books by telling the story. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it made me realize the power of the storyteller. Our story words read out loud can create life long memories.  One of my favorite storytelling moments came in September when Hugh read “Fox in Socks” from Dr. Seuss to me and Catherine.  His British accent made those silly rhymes give us fits of giggles. It is such a special memory to us that we are adding the Fox in Socks ornament to our Christmas tree this year:)  Don’t ever underestimate the power of the voice with storytelling.  It’s magical!

We create our stories with so much more than words. We write with our actions, our creations, and our expressions of love (hugs and cuddles are really awesome “words”.) Our homes are our sanctuary stories.  The colors we choose, the fabrics and textures in our furnishings and decor all weave together a story of our family history.  This is also true of family archiving and photographs.  One of the reasons I love scrapbooking so much is that it’s a wonderful way to share your captured moments in time with words and photos to create a very unique story experience.

I have a plaque that reads “Home is where your story begins” hanging in my office to remind me every day that I am writing my story through my words and actions. Each day I create a new chapter. What will it be today? Some days it’s a comedy of errors.  At times it feels like a mystery novel.  Lately I’ve been lucky to have a lovely international romance novel developing (wink wink!)  Of course, we have our tales of woe, bravery and adventure as well. We all have a story that deserves to be heard.  One of my favorite quotes that sums this up is from Doctor Who.  I love the simple truth in this…

In closing, I would like to share a beautiful memory about Smitty and his dad. Every time, they would speak on a phone call, it would always start with these words…”What’s the story?” I always loved hearing them say that to each other. It always reminded me of that special moment at the beginning of bedtime storytelling, where you are all curled up and waiting for the magic to unfold.

So my friends, on my maiden post into the new world of Silver Lining Storyteller, I leave you with one question….

What’s your story?
p.s.  You can also find me on Facebook via

For Gigi … A Letter to Heaven


Today there is a happy celebration in Heaven as it would be my beautiful grandmother Gigi’s birthday.  Gigi was definitely the most important influence on my life and it became crystal clear to me how deeply when I was asked to write the eulogy for her memorial service a few years back.  I decided to send a letter directly to God explaining what amazing treasure was on it’s way.  It is a letter meant to bring smiles and giggles.  Thanks in advance for allowing me to share that special letter with you today as we honor her memory:)

Dear God,
On the day I was born, you bestowed upon me a truly precious gift…my grandmother.  Gigi, Mimi, Gram, Grandma…she had many names, but one heart overflowing with love for her family. There’s not a day that goes by that Gigi doesn’t influence me in some way. 
PhotobucketSometimes it’s the crocheted potholders I use when getting Catherine’s pizza out of the oven.  Some days, it’s watching Catherine put on her lip gloss and earrings to start her day because Gigi always told her that’s what ladies do…(sorry, Gigi…I haven’t been able to convince her about the bed making thing yet! I’ll keep working on it!) Or it could be Connor wanting to take us all down in a game of Monopoly…Gigi turned Connor into a total Monopoly addict!  Not to mention, she turned the entire family into a bunch of card sharks!
Sometimes, it’s playing “Riddly Riddly I Dee Dee” with the kids or finding pictures in the clouds…Steph and I have learned the value of a good Word Find puzzle or a game of Solitaire from Gigi…You could always count on Gigi to have a great Word Find book laying around!
Every morning I see Gigi when I fold the pink and white blanket she made for Catherine as a gift on the day she was born. That is an heirloom that Catherine will treasure forever. And there hasn’t been a single Christmas in my adult life that my Christmas tree hasn’t been covered in crocheted snowflakes compliments of Gigi.  
Every time I drive my car, I have Gigi to thank.  She took me out for driving lessons in her green Maverick when I was 16.  We had some good times in that green machine even if she did pull a few Starsky and Hutch moves across route 23 on more than one occasion!  
And of course, there is the infamous Poptart incident….I can thank Gigi for making sure that I will never eat a piece of bologna EVER…I walked in the kitchen one sunny day to find Gigi enjoying a strawberry Poptart and bologna sandwich!  Gross!  But put a lima bean in her face or a glass of water with ice and you’d have thought you were trying to torture her!  
I can’t count the times we dressed her up and she patiently donned whatever costume or hat was requested…she always did it with good humor…even if it required wearing fake boobs with tattoos!  Which leads me to a few things you need to know, God…
Although Gigi seemed to be very sweet and innocent, she could be quite ornery on occasion!  Like the time I spent the night with her and she woke up at 2 am giggling like crazy!  She fell asleep with her dentures in and they fell out into the bed.  After searching around the covers, we discovered the wayward dentures…attached to my leg!  She had a bad case of the giggles for the rest of the night and I slept on the couch after that!
Or how about that time when she paid a stripper to dance for me! What in the world!!! Hello! I’m the modest grand-daughter! Oh, and let’s not forget, tossing back a few shots of Jack Daniels with Clay and Stephanie!  And I cannot even count the times she put “bunny ears” behind me when the kids were around.  There was also that game of late night Ring Around the Rosie out in my parent’s front yard that still remains legendary to this day.  Good times are coming to Heaven, God!
PhotobucketBut the most important thing for you to know about Gigi is how much she loved children. When she worked at the hospital, she used to hold the newborns up to the windows so Steph and I could see them.  When Connor was born, I called her the Baby Whisperer because she could calm his marathon crying episodes in a matter of minutes. She had no problem playing GI Joe with the boys, dolls and dress up with the girls or board games with both.  She even ate a heart-shaped cookie made out of Playdoh because Catherine “baked” it for her!  No joke…took a bite and told her it was delicious!  She is truly the best grandmother in all of your creation.
        I can’t imagine what my life will be without her…she has been my confidant and my sweet best friend…and I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.  I noticed recently that I can see the shape of her hands in my own…Thank you, God for giving me her hands…may they give the same deep love to my family that hers gave to me…I will honor her memory by using my hands to bring happiness to those I love just like Gigi did…Her hands were busy hands…holding those she loved, helping with chores, making good food, a healing touch when a loved one wasn’t well, writing cards for all occasions, making beautiful things, and of course, putting on the lipstick and earrings.  She was a class act and you’re really lucky to be welcoming her home.   
Treasure her, God….she touched so many lives here on this Earth with her generous heart and her smile.  Make sure she has her “shows” up there…I know All My Children might be cancelled down here, but I’m sure you’ve got some pull on that side, right?  Give her some Poptarts and bologna, some baby angels to love on, and she’ll spread the love up there as well. Thank you for loving me so much, Lord, that you gave Effie Eunice Lauerman to me as my grandmother.  I will wrap myself in her memories for the rest of my life…that is the blanket that she made for me….

Fun Facts about Gigi

She liked to shake her booty

She loved babies (she was a baby nurse!)

                                                                   (Gigi , Connor and Cat)
When Gigi was born, she was so tiny she could fit inside a teacup!
She made cool stuff like blankies, snowflakes and awesome noodles (that are illegal in many states!)

She liked to play with us, get her groove on to some funky music and dress up in fancy costumes

Photobucket Photobucket

Is this lady cool or what????

Gigi was always good for a fit of giggles!
(my awesome nephew, gigi and pre-tween caveboy) (gigi and pre-tween caveboy)

She was always a snappy dresser!

(Check out her fabulous polka dots!)

If you asked her nicely, she’d wear all kinds of hats
She LOVEd to be a goofball!

She’s a true Princess in my book
(Gigi with Catherine on her 1st birthday)

We miss you so much, Gigi each and every day!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday in Heaven, Gigi!  Love you!

A Wee Drop of Irish (or Cloudy With a Chance of B*tchy Part 2)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
How about a wee stroll down memory lane?  Thank you to everyone who messaged me about sharing this blast from the past again this year:)  (yes, Maureen…I do read your emails too!)  Even though it was originally posted in 2009, not too much has changed (says Dawn in her “I can’t believe I have PMS every single year at this same time”  happy (think Pharrell singing “Happy”) voice.  So grab a cup of Irish coffee, Jameson whiskey, Guinness or whatever suits your fancy on this fine St. Patrick’s Day and let me share a tale of whimsy with you.  (and may the luck of the Irish be with you if you come my way today!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)   

Oops! What’s she doing here again? Wasn’t she just here a month ago? UGH! The nerve! We had so much “fun” last time she was here, didn’t we? 

Well, since I have a full day of Irish activities planned, I guess I better be gettin’ my Irish on….hmm…let’s see…maybe I’ll go drink some breakfast.

(That’s right, Mr. Bailey’s Irish Cream Cup…It is delicious!)  And while we’re at it, a traditional Irish breakfast sounds just lovely!  (what?? Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting isn’t Irish enough for you???  Did you see the duck at the top of this post???)

Ok! Time to get dressed for the day! (she says, wiping crumbs and frosting from her mouth)  What? Not appropriate attire for a mom?

Don’t get your shamrocks in a wad…I’ll probably really wear my yoga pants with this top….(Kim, I know you want one of these…)

Now that we’re dressed, we can freshen up a bit with our mouth spray just for this occasion!  

Ok family & friends..I know what you’re thinking right now…(for good reason!)

I guess ya’ll are lucky it’s Irish day and I may have a few quiet moments (unless that mouth spray really kicks in good…)

Time to get the kids and head out for some Irish fun activities that I don’t feel like doing because all I want to do is eat chocolate and watch rom-com chick flicks   (….not my fault…again, please refer to duck at the top of the post..)

(Is it hot in here?…cause I’m thinking it’s really hot in here…can someone turn on the *$%#! air conditioner?!)

(especially this one…)

Oh…sorry…hormones got carried away there for a second.  Oopsy!! …what I really mean is this…

A gorgeous British fellow stole my heart, you know…sorry Bono, gotta say good-bye this St. Patty’s Day…my heart belongs to my British guy:)  (insert bluebirds of happiness, romantic music and fluttering hearts here please)

Time to pack a lunch since we’ll be travelin’ to Irish dance performances and there’s no time to drink eat before we leave!

(Don’t worry….Nana’s driving…)

Oh! Can’t forget my gum! You know me…I stress chew when that stupid duck up there comes to visit…

Well, that’s about it! We are off for the last of our Irish dance performances! March Madness is coming to an end!  Let’s do a jig to celebrate!

Here’s a little St. Patty’s day sentiment from me to you…

Myspace Graphics

And from the bottom of my wee drop of Irish heart, I really mean that!  According to my dear Irish friend Pam, a “wee drop is all ya’ need!” Here’s to you, Pam! Happy St. Pats!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

p.s. No, family members, I have not taken up drinking as a new hobby. (Family members know I don’t drink…well, not very often anyway…hee hee hee..) Just having a little fun on St. Patty’s Day…cause that dumb duck is about to ruin my next week….which may actually force me into taking up drinking…who the heck knows? Quite frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t become a super lush after the week I’ve had! Love you all!

The Tragic Tale of the Irish Dancer & Her Incontinent Mother

March Madness has officially descended up on our world as we are just days away from St. Patrick’s Day.  Irish Dancer Girl will be shamrockin’ all over the city of Tucson (Irish Dance style) for the next week to spread leprechaun love amongst the citizens.  While going over the performance list this morning, my mind wandered back to a time in the not so distant past where my sweet girl gave me a lovely surprise just before her very first St. Patrick’s Day March Madness performance.  Thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane with ya’ll and give you some giggles.  Sit a spell while I weave a tragic tale of the six year old Irish dancer and her incontinent mother.

One fine March day in 2009, Cat and I began our school morning cutting out shapes and chatting it up like two old ladies at bingo night. I had to (ahem) “use the little ladies room” for the 400th time in 20 minutes, and in the interest of safety, (because I’m one of those annoying over-protective “old” moms) I made Cat come with me…again. She hung out in her room across the hall until I had completed “my mission.” (Sorry, I’m trying to be delicate about this!) I complete “said mission” quickly (less than 3 minutes tops) and start across the hall to get Cat and resume our schoolwork. Her back is to me and she quickly calls out, “Don’t look in here, Mama! I have a surprise for you!” I sing out, “Yay, I love your surprises!” “Close your eyes!” she calls out excitedly!

After a few minutes, Cat meets me in the hall with her surprise. And yeah, to call it a surprise would be a mild understatement. My daughter is sporting some awesome Mia Farrow Frankenbangs! Did you catch that? Frankenbangs…Mia Farrow style…. This is Mia Farrow…
This is me upon seeing her “surprise.”

Typically, her surprises involve artistic drawings of me, maybe a tea party, or her wearing some shiny lipgloss, hooker style…not freshly cut Frankenbangs! 

Once I recovered from my shock and horror, (and made sure she still had her eyeballs,) I smiled and said “Wow! Look at you!” I clapped my hands (so I wouldn’t strangle myself) and grinned (while trying not to yank out my own hair)
, “How in the world did you manage that?” She holds up the blunt tip scissors we had been using earlier…the scissors that should still be in the classroom…the reason I made Cat come with me in the first place.

“I snuck the scissors with me!” She is so stinkin’ proud of herself. “I know you’re really busy and I wanted to help you so I cut my bangs!” Oh…now I remember…I had casually mentioned during breakfast that I needed to trim her bangs that afternoon so they would be out of her eyes for her dance performances the following day and this weekend.

Oh, did I forget to mention that my daughter has 4 IRISH DANCE PERFORMANCES OVER THE NEXT 6 DAYS ALONE!!!!! (sorry for the hysteria….) How the heck am I going to fix this little “franken-bump” in the road!!!!???

She must have watched me fast track it to the crazy train because her eyes started to fill with tears and her chin began quivering. “I’m sorry, Mama. I just wanted to surprise you.” Aw heck! How can I be upset with that? Her intention was clearly to “help a sister out.” She knew I was overwhelmed and wanted to ease my load. It was actually an act of kindness. I scooped her up and gave her a huge hug. “I love your bangs!” I smothered her with smoochies. ( I also did the whole “no scissors on your own hair, or anyone else’s hair either” lecture.)

What to do?  I didn’t have any “Grow” potion like Alice in Wonderland, and Edward Scissorhands wasn’t in the neighborhood for a fast fix. I spent the rest of my day (and I mean, the ENTIRE day) searching the city of Tucson for black and white headbands to fit her small head, and tiny bobby pins so Irish dancer girl could rock a new look at her performances.  Let me show what we were dealing with here…

BEFORE “do it yourself” bangs makeover….

AFTER…sporting her new look…

PERFORMANCE LOOK after “the makeover”

Yep, it’s a bit “pageant” hair in it’s look and her forehead looks like a watermelon, but she’s still adorable!  Oh, those were the days!  My wee dancer girl now looks like this…

Fortunately, she has steered clear of the scissors and lets a professional manage her hairstyle these days.  Now, I used to be one of those mom’s that would read something like this and think, “What the heck is wrong with that person! That would never happen in my house! Hmpf!”  Well, let me tell you, people, it DID happen and I’ve been forever humbled by the experience! I am no longer a Judgmental Janie! No way, no how!

I have decided to honor this occasion with an award…that I created myself…because I was a complete idiot  (Hugh, I know you are truly appreciating this…)

The Hall of Shame Parenting Award goes to……..Dawn, for her shameful parenting skills, her inability to keep track of a pair of blunt tip scissors, and for her lack of bladder control for more than 5 minutes at a time. You are the winner, Dawn! Congratulations on your award!

I am even going to create another award here! The Snip-Snip, Oopsy! Clip Award!  This is awarded for haircuts gone bad, self inflicted bang trauma, etc.  I graciously accept this one too. 

The above hack job was committed on this doll by yours truly when I was young and innocent. Sorry, Mom! At least I didn’t cut my sister’s hair!

Now…I need some moral support here. It would really give me a lift if you can share a really good hair hacking story with me. Or even a really embarrassing parenting moment! That would work too! I’ll take anything…I’m desperate to see I’m not the only fool in town!

Fingers crossed that March Madness this year will be filled with Irish fun and no horrible hair trauma.  (at least until it’s time to put on the curly wig…don’t even get me started…that’s a horror story in itself…Irish dance moms will totally feel the pain of that one…)  Hope you can get out to enjoy the Irish fun in your neighborhood!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


With Love, Jane and Mary (aka The Romantic Tale of a British Boy & an American Girl)

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that have the most incredible impact. Sometimes it’s when you are so frustrated that you want to give up, but decide to persevere that life can completely surprise you in ways you never imagined. For example, see this little photo?

This little charmer was a source of major frustration for me back in 2010.  It was just a little photo that I wanted to edit to add some fun to this blog post.   A simple process, right?  Ummm, not even.  It took me many attempts and hours to work this to my satisfaction.  I nearly chucked my laptop across the room because I was so frustrated.  However, my inner voice kept encouraging me to move ahead and on January 20, 2014 I was enormously rewarded for my efforts!

That is the day that a very important person came into my world all because of Mary Poppins and her magical measuring tape.  Miss Jane Austen also played a part in this matchmaking business:)  You see, a lovely British chap happened upon my blog post by searching for an image.  He noticed this photo and also noticed the little Jane Austen quiz linky on the sidebar.  He emailed me very kind compliments about my blog and shared with me that during the bike portion of training for a triathalon, he had traveled to and from Miss Jane’s home in Chawton every Sunday.  That email was the beginning of a flurry of correspondence, online chatting and phone conversations that led to the lovely British chap hopping on a plane and crossing the pond!

What my sweet Brit didn’t know was that “behind the scenes” lots of clues were being dropped on this girl by Miss Jane and Mary that her life was about to change in a way she never imagined.  (more to come on that in a future post…)  The moment he stepped off the plane and I saw those big brown eyes, I knew that something amazing was about to happen.  It was like we had known each other forever.  A romance blossomed and a new adventure lies ahead for us:)

I have done a lot of reflecting about what would have happened had I given up on that photo back in 2010.  Would he have found me some other way?  Was that little voice Cupid trying to encourage me not to give up that day because the reward would be so wonderful?  All I do know is that I am really glad I did not toss the laptop into the garbage when that photo editing became so frustrating and that even though it seemed like a small and insignificant thing at the time, it really was life changing in a very big way:)  Yes, it is a bit of a whirlwind, but the heart knows what is true.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the matchmakers Mary Poppins and Jane Austen (and Cupid, of course!)   Thank you for gently nudging us toward each other behind the scenes.  I will be eternally grateful for this wonderful new adventure that lies ahead with my charming British beau, Hugh because….

and he truly is….(insert romantic sigh here please…)  

The Story of My Life and It’s One Direction

Being the mother of a female tween, I knew the odds of getting my daughter past the whole “boy band romance” thing were not in my favor.  For a while it seemed we might just squeak by and then a guest at Cat’s 10th birthday party last year changed everything. Meet the party guest…

Allow me to introduce you to Niall Horan, member of the wildly popular group “One Direction.”  (please excuse the lip prints on Niall…Cat and the party guests went a little bonkers when they saw him…)  This should have been a red flag that Irish Dancer Girl was about to be swooning over the five fellas in the band, but I kept thinking my girl was far too smart to fall for all of that hype and marketing.  I clearly was not prepared for the power of Directioners (yes, this is what they call themselves) and their love and devotion for these lads.  Oh boy, she was swooning just looking at the poster.  Fast forward to the dance part of the party.  Big brother and friend have taken on the disc jockey duties and are dutifully playing 1D (One Direction) songs for the crowd…until “Kiss You” starts to play from the playlist.  Then all dancing screeches to a halt….because the music has suddenly stopped and big brother is frantically trying to find another song.  Why?  Because there’s no way those lyrics are going to be in his sister’s head…EVER.  I don’t know about you, but you don’t mess with a tween and her boy band.  I will save the sordid details for another day, but let me assure you two teen disc jockeys are no match for a gaggle of angry tween Directioners.

As we approached late summer last year, Cat was still trying to convince me to share her love of her boy band….especially her love for Louis (the one in the middle up there)…she goes absolutely mad when Louis appears anywhere.  I, on the other hand, can totally get why Taylor Swift wrote a song called “Trouble” about Harry Styles.  (the one on the right up there…who would be my pick if I were a tween with his bad boy ways and all…did I just type that out loud?  No worries, Cat…Harry is 20 years old so it’s not totally creepy…)  One fine afternoon, we make plans with friends to meet up for the 1D boys new movie called “This Is Us”.  I’m in my “you better appreciate how much I love you to sit through this nightmare” mood as we take our seats and settle in.  Cat and her friend are decked out in their One Direction finery as are all the other girls (and some moms!) in the theater.  Movie begins…and dare I say it?  I am completely enthralled!  I left that movie with a complete change of heart about those fellas!  They are a hardworking group of young men who really understand that they employ an army of folks, love their families deeply, truly appreciate their fans…and they are HUMBLE.  Well played, my adorable tween…well played.  Honestly, I should have known that I was becoming a Directioner long before the movie though.  I know every lyric to their songs and always win when Cat and I play the One Direction Trivia Game.  (yes, I just admitted that…I have no shame…)  I also went bonkers at Macys when I came upon “Our Moment” the perfume “created by One Direction for their fans.  In my defense, I didn’t know that’s what it was when the perfume lady sprayed me down with it.  I just thought it was a lovely fragrance for grown-ups until my daughter squealed with delight with she saw it.  (I know…pathetic…especially since I really wanted to buy it for myself her….one of these days…it is a bit pricey…as in “grown up” pricey…)

I was thinking back to the boy bands of my youth (the 70’s) and we had the Osmonds, the Partridge Family and the DeFranco Family…all sugary sweet types.  My gal pals would swoon over Donny Osmond and David Cassidy.  I was a little bit of a boy band rebel.  I had a thing for Aerosmith and Queen.  (Steven Tyler was totally my jam…I know, I was a weird kid..)  I suffered through the 90’s boy band era with my wicked step-daughter and the madness of N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys.  I guess it’s just a tween / early teen right of passage to get your boy band on:)

I’m pretty sure we still have a long way to go with these One Direction lads.  This is what I walked in to find in this morning in tween girl’s room.  (hey, I’m happy that she made an attempt at making her bed before school…just a little weirded out that Louis -see poster and small heart pillow- found his way next to her pillow during the night.  Don’t remember seeing him there when I tucked her in.)  And may I add that those sheets were requested by the tween because “they are sooo soft, not because they’re 1D.”  (uh huh…sure….)  So I have decided to embrace my inner tween and just join the ranks of Directioners in support of my wee girl.  (probably for the best since Steven Tyler is now 66 years old…)

Happy February, friends!