Say WHAT?! Wednesday…Sneak Out Edition

The following conversation is real…only the names have been changed to protect the NOT so innocent…

Irish Dancer Girl: I like boys, Daddy.

(this topic of conversation seems to come up A LOT lately….)

Chilly: No boys are allowed to come here to date you EVER….

Irish Dancer Girl (narrowing her eyes and grimacing): Yes, they are!

Chilly: NO! NOT EVER! (He makes menacing fist to palm punching motions to make his point…)
(Mommy intervenes…)

Chilly and Almost Teen Caveboy glare and make grunting noises…

Irish Dancer Girl: FINE! Then I’ll just take my flashlight…climb out my window….climb over the fence and use Mom’s cell phone and call my boyfriend….then I’ll take Mom’s car and he will tell me where to meet him…and then I will go meet him…and then I’ll come home…and climb back in my window…

Chilly: (stunned silence…he’s got nothin’….)
WELL SNAP! How old are you, Irish Dancer Girl??? Did you say 6???? Looks like I’ve got my hands full with this one! I was already concerned about the enormous amounts of sparkly lip gloss that she slathers on every day…looks like she’s already had her 16th birthday and didn’t invite me to the party!

I do have this to console me for now….it’s a sign that hangs outside Catherine’s bedroom door….although it’s probably just meant for Chilly and Almost Teen Caveboy…I’ll just hope for the best…. (it says “I (eye) Love (heart) You (u) at the top and bottom…at least she’s polite!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Wordless Wednesday (almost): Who Are The "People" in Your Neighborhood?

Cat made some new friends in our neighborhood yesterday… friends wearing fun summer fashions….

Cat sharing a laugh with the ladies….I kept telling her to ask them why they weren’t wearing their Old Navy Town Gowns, but she wouldn’t do it….so I asked them myself and they said it was “casual Tuesday”…..I said I thought it should be “Town Gown Tuesday”, but they just shoo’d me off to the “2 for $5.00” flip flop sale…..

Of course, Cat wants to adopt this puppy….the Modelkins family didn’t want to give him up….Do you have any interesting people in your neighborhood???

Wordless Wednesday…April Fool

The Man I Married…Chilly

(If you missed the HUGE giveaway list on yesterday’s post, just scroll down to see it! You don’t want to miss it! It really is a MONSTER Giveaway!)

p.s. Now those are some serious man boobs!

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