Musings on Monday…for what ails you…

We’ve been recovering from a nasty grumpy bug that came for a very unwelcome visit last week. The wee folk in our household seemed to be a bit “out of sorts.” Rudeness and mayhem were in abundance in our fair dwelling. Even Chilly was growling at his socks and bad foot. So of course, I did what any good doctor would recommend…I rented a bunch of movies, consulted Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and played cards with my parents.

I must say Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s Fighter-Quarrelers Cure was just the ticket to restore harmony at the Bee and Rose Manor. (The Tattletale Cure and Interrupter Cure did their part to help too!) Thank you, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, for your wonderful wisdom! I cannot recommend Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and her sage advice enough! (I’m sure you could apply her wisdom to surly co-workers, persnickety spouses and annoying siblings too…)
We also watched the movie “Inkheart”….it’s FANTASTIC! Catherine and I watched it twice in one afternoon because we loved it so much! Cornelia Funke (author of “Inkheart”) also wrote a wonderful story called “The Thief Lord” set in Italy that I highly recommend. It’s also available on DVD as a film. My kids really enjoyed that one too!

Chilly’s snarling was subdued by a rousing game of Five Crowns with me and my parents. This game can get reeeaaaaly competitive, so wear protective gear and bring your plethora of insults to hurl at your competitors. (Yes, I throw all sportsman-like behavior out the window when playing this game.) It’s also horribly addicting and should come with a warning label as such. (Side note: I’m comin’ for you today, Mom…You are going down…I will defeat you…get ready to do a lot of crying, Mom….oh, and by the way, Mom…thanks for teaching me a new word…”doom-a-flachie”…it means “thing-a-ma-jig”…I can’t stop saying it now…)

I spent the remainder of my weekend being completely lazy…(gasp!) I watched several episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels (guilty pleasure) and dreamed about chocolate covered bananas and Dippin-Dots….mmmmm…yummy….I had to settle for a piece of apple pie instead…

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Skee-daddle on over there and help me save this fabulous citizen of Blogland!

What do you do to get rid of the grumpies and blahs?

Have a marvelous Monday!


What’s the Story?

My husband and his father have a charming “phone” ritual that always makes me smile. Every call they share begins with “What’s the story?”

I am a lover of stories. I love reading them, listening to them and writing them. Whether it’s a group of preschoolers gathered at the library for storytime, friends regaling each other with their vacation adventures, or reading a bedtime story to a child…stories are what connect us to each other.

I love that stories come in many shapes and sizes….shared through the written word, woven in song, and played out in films. Stories are created with works of art. Beautiful stories are shared through dance. Some of my favorite stories are in photographs…a picture really is worth thousands of words. My kids love our photo albums…they are our family story.

I began to read a fairytale to my daughter the other day that began with the classic “ Once upon a time”…just after I spoke those magical words, Catherine sighed and said “I love those words ‘cause I know something good is going to happen.” Those four words hold such promise…you just know that you are about to hear something wondrous from the land of Story.

One of my favorite ways to share stories with my son is to spend an afternoon with him as a “book buddy” where we curl up in our favorite spots and read (mine in a cozy chair with a warm beverage…his stretched out on the floor) …to me, that is pure bliss.

The Land of Blog is filled with amazing storytelling! I love connecting with fellow bloggers and following their journeys. Millions of bloggers are telling their stories daily through this medium. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Other ways we’ve spun our stories throughout time…ghostly tales around the campfire, hieroglyphics in ancient times, woven medieval tapestries, the songs of the bards, old wives tales, handwritten letters….I recently read “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.” It is a story written through letters. I found this book completely charming! A huge thanks goes out to “Me” over at An Eagle’s View for recommending this book! (I highly recommend it too, by the way…)

Stories inspire us, tug at our heartstrings, give us courage and make us look deeper. Each of us has a unique story. Lots of folks lately have taken to writing down their life stories, printing them and giving them as gifts. What a treasure! I have often thought about writing a “mom-oire” to share with my kids. My daughter asked me recently if I would print my blogs so she could read my “book”. I am doing that this weekend and putting the pages in a binder for her. I hope she likes it!

Catherine’s favorite game of the moment (aside from her obsession with UNO) is “Tell Me a Story” from eeboo. You spread out the picture cards and create a story that is laid out in the cards. She loves spinning tales this way. (I highly recommend all eeboo products!)

I have this plaque hanging in my kitchen to remind me every day that I am writing my story through my words and actions.

Each day I create a new chapter…will it be a comedy, a medical drama or an action adventure tale? If Colin Firth or Sean Bean comes by, I can assure you, it would be a sizzling hot trashy romance novel! lol!

Today I leave you with this…

What’s your story?


P.S. Guess how many blogs I stalked yesterday???? Five!!! Wow! Can you believe that?? More sick kid action in my house! lol! Hopefully, today I can get to…oh, I don’t know…maybe 10? lol!

Did You Know Tuesday…Peace in the Kingdom Edition

Did You Know Tuesday is a new creation by me because I’m trying to get my bloggy groove back. Did You Know Tuesday is purely my lame way of writing a blog post because my brain function is at zero….Please accept my apologies in advance for any boredom you may incur while reading…Here we go…


that peace has arrived at the magical land of Bee and Rose? No medical dramas playing out with Chilly…Tween Caveboy survived his 24 hour flu (though it was not pretty and Mommy didn’t sleep for 2 days…)…Irish Dancer Girl lived through her grueling dance schedule last week….Mommy finally has time to blog…that in itself is a major miracle…sigh…..


that my bloggy will be undergoing some construction soon?…As Chilly would say whenever trying to weasel out of trouble…”We ask that you bear with us during this transistion.” Thanks!


that apparently, Cat Butts are all the rage these days? I have a cat, Shadow, and quite frankly, I’m surprised that he didn’t fill me in on this little tidbit. Look…I’ll show you…

You can put these on your fridge! I mean, who wouldn’t want to look at a cat butt when you’re ready to grab a snack? There are five popular breeds and a hairball magnet included…meeeooww…. You can also enjoy a Cat Butt Air Freshener…Did you know that cat butt smells like hyacinth? (Quite honestly, I never want to find my nose close enough to a cat’s butt to find out if this is true….)

And finally, it seems that some intrepid researcher has discovered that cat butt tastes like peppermint and would make quite the tasty chewing gum…I’ll just take his word for it…


that I will be a busy blog-stalking bee today?

I am going to attempt to hit at least 100 of the 300 blogs I follow today before I have to take Irish Dancer Girl to her dance class this afternoon. I hope that Blogger has resolved that dumb “profile” issue so I can comment on all of them. I’ve been using the Mozilla browser for a few months now since IE had so many “fails” where blogging is concerned. If your comments are set up where I have to choose a profile (ex: google account, etc), my comment won’t post. I’m not ignoring you! I promise! As I mentioned before, pop-up windows are not an issue…I can comment all day long with those. It seems to be embedded comments that are the issue. If you have an email address on your blog, I will email a comment to you:)

I know many bloggers have been writing about the decrease in comments lately…this may be the culprit! Hopefully, I will find resolution soon!


that I think this is the cutest stinkin’ turtle I’ve ever seen?


that I really appreciate you taking the time to read this nonsense today?! Thank you!


Not Me Monday: Tuesday Edition

I am NOT living in a time warp….I am NOT posting a NOT ME Monday post on a Tuesday…..I would never be such a lame-o….(I did NOT keep picturing these creepy characters singing “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again” while typing the words above….I do NOT have that song stuck in my head now….oy…)


I am NOT extremely frustrated after spending many hours trying to comment on various blogs only to have this happen….After typing my comment, I am prompted to select a profile. When I click on google account, I get nothing. I click on post comment…still nothing…I went around trying to spread my comment love all over the place and discovered my comments were NOT being received. ARGGGHHH! This isn’t happening on every blog I visit, just the ones that appear to have comments embedded in a post. (Pop-up window comments are still working fine.) I’ve tried to select other profiles, even tried using the dreaded Anonymous option just to let my bloggy buddies know I was there, and it still does not work. I did NOT spend hours trying to deal with this yesterday.

I would NOT be eternally grateful for anyone’s kind assistance on this matter. I am NOT trying to play catch up on my comment lovin’ this week. I am NOT using this as we speak….

I do NOT want you to win an iPod Touch over at Devri’s fabulous blog! NO I DO NOT! You do NOT want to put your name in that contest because you already know I am the winner…She does NOT have the cutest Twitter backgrounds (FREE and Custom) waiting for you on her new website, Tweetest Backgrounds!!!


Do NOT go to this place if you like cheap eats and good pizza…

I am NOT loving Cici’s Pizza Buffet. I would NEVER actually try Mac-n-Cheese pizza and like it. I did NOT eat a gazillion pieces of Buffalo Chicken Pizza either…or Spinach Florentine Pizza or Apple Cobbler Pizza or have tons of Bacon Ranch Tossed Salad or fabulous Hot Wings….

I do NOT need to ramp up my work out efforts after gorging out at Cici’s flippin’ CHEAP (read $4.99 / $3.49 kids 10 and under) All You Can Eat buffet on Saturday night.

I did NOT almost choke on the pizza that I was NOT gobbling up at a high rate of speed when I saw this….a young woman wearing a very revealing top bent over to feed her baby…suddenly, her boob fell right out of her shirt and smacked the baby right upside the head!!! It didn’t even faze her (which makes me think it’s happened to her before)…she just tucked it back in and continued on….

We also did NOT have fun annoying Chilly by blinking at him and telling him we were taking his picture. I did NOT coerce the kids into doing this with me as my desperate plea for a new camera.


I do NOT have combative, bullying seat belts in my truck….The seat belt did NOT try to hold Catherine hostage after we parked the car. She did NOT punch the seat belt and yell at it. I did NOT try to calm her down by telling her that punching and yelling at the seat belt was only ruining her day…not the seat belt’s…..She did NOT lean over and whisper this to me…”But the seat belt started it, Mom”…..


My six year old daughter did NOT sound like a little old lady when she said this yesterday…”Mom, I think I need some apple juice…I’ve got the constipation”….NOPE, all 6 year olds speak this kind of potty talk…


I did NOT chew my nails completely off watching these two movies on Sunday with Chilly…

I did NOT cry to the point of nearly swelling my eyeballs shut at the end of Gran Torino…I did NOT want to bitch-slap the idiot mother in Taken either….I did NOT love both of these movies…


NERDY ALERT!!! Do NOT go visit one of the funniest bloggers in BloglandNerdy Jess...NO! DON’T go over and read her because you might just pee your panties….(unless your in your early twenties and haven’t had the pleasure of giggle incontinence….) I have already adopted her as my own so don’t go trying to steal her from me….You will NOT laugh yourself silly and you will NOT want to adopt her too…..


Do NOT have a great week doing fun summer things like eating watermelon, swimming, catching fireflies and basking in the sun….Do NOT rub it in my face that there are no fireflies in AZ…I am NOT very sad about that…I do NOT missing catching fireflies on a lovely summer’s evening…My mother did NOT feel so sad for me during my firefly pity party last summer that she brought me this back from Ohio…faux fireflies in a jar! We love them!


Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

Thankful Thursday: Thank You…

Did you hear that? Did you hear that thumping sound coming from your computer? That would be me beating my head against the wall….actually, it would be me crashing into the wall. It finally happened….I hit the wall of despair. I am completely overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated by the events of the last two months, not to mention the last two years. Typically, I am a pretty happy go lucky little bee. The last few weeks…not so much. The last few days….grrrr…..(two sick kids and a sick mommy….not a fun combination….)

I haven’t been around the blogs much. I’ve thrown up a post here and there, but with the “behind the scenes of it all”, my commenting/stalking time has been cut DRASTICALLY. I really miss visiting with my bloggy buddies. I’ve tried to do a wee bit of stalking here and there, but I’m always getting interrupted with some sort of disaster that needs averting. One of the nasty time cutters has been a health condition of my own that combined with stupid perimenopause has made me just a big bunch of fun to be around. Dealing with that, Chilly’s issues and the Suckfest 09 that started in April has finally taken it’s toll on me…I hope after this weekend, things will finally settle down and I can get down to bloggy business.

Sorry for the somber tone of this post. I hope that after we survive Catherine’s Irish dance competition in Scottsdale (two hours away from home) this weekend, I can just “start over” on Monday with a return to the land of Blog. I love blogstalking and can’t wait to get back to it!

I do want to say a HUGE thank you to all of my bloggy buddies who continued to stop by for a visit even though I haven’t been such a good visitor myself lately. Your support really helped me get through some pretty rough days as of late. Your comments were like little bubbles of joy that really lifted my spirits. It really means alot to me that you still stop by to say hello:)

Have a wonderful weekend, ya’ll and hope to see you on Monday!


Twilight Tendencies and Dark Shadows

I’ve got a confession to make…

In honor of the midnight release of the Twilight dvd, I am going to let the bat out of the coffin and fess up to something you may not know about me.

I love Vampire Chick Lit.

I can already hear some of your brains wrapping around the weirdness of me reading Vampire love stories. It’s true…I love them.

I think the roots of my love began for me in my youth watching this show…

The vampire chick lit marathon started last year at the library. There was this super hottie with shades hiding in the dark recesses of the fiction area. I felt this weird vibe that he wanted to bite me. I tried to get away but he managed to pop up wherever I was headed! Finally, he captured me in the cookbook section (stop snorting, Chilly), tilted my head back, fangs popped out and then…

Ok, so I’m making that up. (hee hee hee) Actually, I was waiting for my kids to choose their books when the library lady plopped down a stack of books to put away. On top of the stack was “UnDead and UnWed” by MaryJanice Davidson. The cover looked cute. (I am a big believer in judging a book by it’s cover.) I grabbed it (and the kids) and off we went. I started reading it that afternoon and was hooked on the story of Betsy Taylor from that moment on. (MaryJanice, in the very tiny chance that you may someday read my little bloggy, I just want to say I love you and WHEN IS THE NEXT UNDEAD BOOK COMING OUT???)

I read all the UnDead books over the summer and then came….Twilight. I was mush from the moment I began it. I read the whole series and couldn’t wait to see the film. I wasn’t able to see it at the theater so imagine how excited I am for midnight to arrive tonight! (I will NOT be in line at midnight! I will pick my copy up tomorrow morning! lol!)

Just recently, my sweet little sister got me hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris which is now the HBO series “True Blood.” I read every book and want more, Charlaine! Do you hear me? MORE!

So there you have it…I am a “sucker” for vampire chick lit (literature).

And listen Chilly, don’t sit there and judge me…you know you love the old re-runs of “The Kindred.” (Does anyone remember the names of the Vampire groups from this series?)

While we are on the subject of vampires, I have noticed that Catherine (my 6 yr old daughter) does have some very vampiric tendencies…..hmmm…

For instance, vampires are very beautiful creatures that like to dress elegantly and can sneak up on you very quietly. (that does sound like her…)

They also like to use Jedi mind tricks to convince you to do their bidding…(see how creepy this is getting?????)

They have superhuman strength (oh no…there was that time when Cat lifted up the end of her toddler bed to help me carry it…and she does like to lift my weights….uh…oh…..)

She also fries up like a lobster if she’s near sunlight….yikes!

I guess I should have paid closer attention when at age 3 she would run around the house saying, “I suck your blood! I suck your blood!”

I better warn Connor….Cat has been wearing her shades during the day with alarming frequency…I’m off to fashion a necklace out of garlic cloves…Cat will be up soon…..

Pop-Tarts and "Baloney" Sandwiches (Again!)

(Today I am taking a cue from my dear friend, Pam and re-visiting a post from my early days. It’s silly and reminds me how much I love my Grandma Gigi and her Pop-Tart eatin’ ways! I am taking a day of rest so I can get back to my super stalking, comment love spreadin’ ways tomorrow! Hope you have an iron stomach!)

My grandma Gigi eats PopTart and bologna sandwiches.

PopTarts as the bread part and bologna as the filler! Oh…and they have to be strawberry PopTarts. What the?!

The first time I saw her do this I stared in disbelief. She giggled and kept eating it.

“It’s good!” she assured me.

“Hey, if it works for you, Gigi, then I’m good,” I smiled (a fake smile because inside I was mortified!)

“You want me to make you one?” she asked, licking her lips.

This is a sandwich that I can’t even be in the same room with, let alone attempt tasting it.

“No thank you,” I ran from the roomi in horror. Seriously, Gigi?! PopTarts and bologna?! Super yuck!

My other grandma (who is watching me from Heaven…and hopefully will not haunt me for this little tidbit I’m about to share…) liked to eat hog brains and pickled pigs feet. Can you imagine?! What kind of crazy family was I born into?!

I’m not a picky eater. I am willing to try just about anything. I’ve even tried rattlesnake and chocolate covered crickets. I draw the line at breakfast pastries and deli meats in sandwich form. No way…no how. And pickled pigs feet? You don’t know where they’ve been!?! Eeewww!

My mom eats peanut butter on her pancakes. My dad, son of the hog brains lady, eats like a normal person….not too exciting…(probably because he was surrounded by hog brains and pickled pigs feet as a kid…)

The most exciting thing I’ve seen my husband eat is Lea and Perrins sauce on his steak. I know people that put jelly in their soup beans and ketchup on scrambled eggs. I don’t know if I would eat it, but still not too freaky.

I did actually eat clam chowder and chase it with a nice hot cocoa when I was pregnant. That was a lovely meal. (My intestines, however, didn’t see it that way and quickly “returned to sender.”)

Now that I’ve made myself nice and nauseous before breakfast, I think I’ll wrap up this post. My kids are hungry for their morning meal of fried cactus and diet coke. what’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? Do you like strange food combinations? Come on, friends! Spill it!

Enjoy your Thursday!

PS..If you scroll down to yesterday’s post, you will see some of the items in the giveaway!

Tuesday’s Tribute…Heartbeat..It’s a Lovebeat

Tuesday's Tribute

Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

I am paying my Tuesday’s Tribute to Chilly. Today we celebrate our first Heartaversary. What is a Heartaversary, you ask? Well, settle in with a cuppa and let me weave a tale of wonder…

One year ago today I was pacing the waiting room floor of University Medical Center in Tucson waiting for my husband’s surgeon to inform me if Chilly had survived his triple bypass. I’ll spare you the sordid details of how all this came about. I’ll just say that it was very fast and unexpected.

The prospect of losing my spouse in my early 40’s wasn’t in my plan obviously. My plan was more of a “hanging with the kiddos, going to the Renaissance Faire, beating my son at Guitar Hero, driving my husband crazy for decades” kind of plan. But God always has a bigger plan for us. In this case, he was trying to keep Chilly on the planet for a while longer.

As I have written before, Chilly has had two very challenging years. He has been a diabetic for a couple of decades (and not a very compliant one, I might add..tsk, tsk..He’s better now! A triple bypass will smack you into reality fast!) In the span of two years, Chilly has endured a near fatal ruptured appendix, multiple (as in double digits) laser eye surgeries, a few vitrectomies (where they actually cut into the eyeball…yeah, those were some good times…), multiple staph infections, liver and kidney damage, 3 massive coronaries (that he did not feel due to his extensive nerve damage) and the grand finale…the triple heart bypass for his 90% plus blocked arteries. (Does anyone know if he’s returnable? I think I got a defective product here!)

We began our day at 3:00 am with the antibiotic washdown. Then it was off to the hospital. First stop, pre-op for the margarita on steroids drug cocktail to knock him out. Next stop, the shave down. Oh yeah, they shave off all of your body hair for this bad boy operation. ALL of it. EVERYWHERE. Chilly was doped up pretty good before the Nursey Twins came in to do the shaving. My husband started giggling REALLY LOUD the minute the first razor hit his leg. (They shave the legs because they take a vein from the leg to do the bypass…lovely, isn’t it?) The giggling spread like wild fire through the pre-op area. Nurses, patients, techs, everyone was infected. Apparently, he kept telling the techs he was the giggle monster. Doped up NERDANDERTHAL!

He decided to impress the nurses with his comedy skills. “I can’t believe my wife is letting two hot women shave me especially down there while she’s sitting in the room.” (The two hotties are about 89 years old…no offense to old hotties…Chilly doesn’t remember them this way at all…lol!) I give my best eye roll and heavy sigh. They nod in understanding. These gals have seen it all…literally.

Next, Chilly grabs my hand and weeps, “Please don’t get remarried if I die.” Clearly, I had let my defenses down and he could see that I was calculating my odds with Liam Neeson before he’s even in the surgery. I just give him a big hug and continue my Liam Neeson fantasy tell him not to worry. Then they wheeled him off to slice him from stem to stern.

We waited for hours in the special waiting area. There was a very kind gentleman waiting for his heart transplant check-up. He assured me Chilly would be fine and kept my spirits up with his cheerful conversation. My mother and I were both trying to hold back tears because this man was the spitting image of my Grandpa Dave right down to his feedstore cap! And he was a truck driver like Grandpa. My grandpa died from a heart attack when I was a toddler. I have no doubt that Grandpa Dave used this man to deliver his reassurances from Heaven to me! Goosebumps all around!

Finally, we received the good news that Chilly was alive and headed for ICU. When Grandpa Bill (Chilly’s dad) and I arrived, Chilly was making bizarre hand throwing gestures and doing the Fonzie thumbs up sign. His eyes were jet black and wild! He looked completely insane with the breathing tube shoved down his throat. Great…now I have a bypass recovering nutjob to take care of…that’s just fabulous…A game of patient charades ensued…”You want to get up?” “Thumbs Up? Surgery was good?” “Get the hell out of here…I want to go to Heaven?” He was shaking his head no violently. His blood pressure was heading straight up. Grandpa Bill and I suck at charades. Finally, it dawned on me. “THROW UP!” I yelled. He shook his head up and down quickly. The nurse in a very nonchalant tone, while looking at her chart said, “Can’t do that, hon…You’ve got a tube down your throat.” SERIOUSLY, NURSE RATCHED? Then she told him to puke in the tube if he really must do it! NASTY! Poor Chilly. Oh, I forgot to mention that his arms and legs are strapped to the bed. That’s right, people. They strap you down so you don’t wake up and yank the breathing tube up through your throat and rip out your lungs, etc. (That alone made me decide that I never wanted to eat cholesterol laden food again! Ain’t no way I’m being strapped to any bed with a tube down my throat!) He also started to die at this point, but no one realized he was allergic to morphine yet so there was a lot of hysteria while they tried to sort it out. Those were some good times too.

A bit later, his mom ventured in and tripped over the blood washing machine that was hooked up to the drainage tubes coming out of his stomach. Drainage tubes are another reason I will never eat another quarter pounder with cheese…ever. (This is for you, Chilly….DRRAAIINNNAGE!) If she had succeeded in pulling the tube from the machine, it would have looked like Carrie on prom night in there! That was close! The nurse walked in and yanked the tape off of Chilly’s face that was holding the breathing tube in place. OUCH! She then yanked out all of the tubing that went way down inside him to parts unknown. More OUCH and that was disgusting! Chilly still has a scar where scary nurse from hell yanked the tape off. Next we are shown the ginormous scar and staples on his chest. Holy cow! It looked like a Frankenzipper. I didn’t have the heart (no pun intended) to tell him that it was slashed sideways across his chest and not straight down the middle. Looked like doc might’ve had a little tippy tippy from his flask before surgery. Time for our day to end. We shuffled family out the door and I took my place in the recliner. Off to sleep.

Day two started with the nurses trying to get Chilly up and walking. He wasn’t amused. I headed down to the cafeteria for some breakfast. I busted Chilly’s doctors (all 3 of them) eating a hearty breakfast of greasy bacon, huge breakfast burritos and sausage patties. HYPOCRITES! They nodded at me and turned away in shame when they saw my look of disapproval. (Actually, they were probably taking bets on how long Chilly would last…they were a shifty group…) I grabbed a bagel, banana and coffee. I hiked the 28 miles back to the cardio unit to learn through the desk nurse that my husband’s sister and brother had arrived for a visit. WHAT??? Chilly is an only child. This is disturbing! I tell this to the nurse who immediately alerts security. Now, let me explain why this is alarming to me…my husband is a skip tracer. He finds people who are delinquent on their loans for banks, credit unions, etc. He is very, very good at his job. (And there are also lots of people who don’t like to be found…you can see why this might frighten me.) I arrived in his room to find two bank clients chattin’ him up like they were at a tea party. Poor little Chilly was sitting there all doped up and incoherent in his hospital gown with his tushy hanging out. I breezed in and told those idiots to get the hell out, that they were compromising his health by being there. (Only family members were allowed and you had to scrub down before entering.) Clearly these two numbskulls had not done that. They had no idea I had security out there waiting to give them a friendly escort. After they left, I launched my mission to keep his identity a secret. (He was actually receiving tons of phone calls in ICU inquiring how long he would be off the job! These dumb clients only cared about how fast he would get back to their accounts! UGH!) The staff quickly agreed that this was not a good situation for Chilly. We did the paperwork and within 30 minutes, Chilly had a new name. His name was Tony Donanounce. (Don’t Announce…get it?) Hospitals have lots of these lovely monikers for people who need extra privacy.

By day’s end, Chilly was perking up and ready to watch American Idol. (I’ve told you before this man is nuts when it comes to this show.) While we were watching AI, I noticed a huge blood stain on his hospital gown on his right side. It was spreading rapidly. I ran for the nurse. He was losing lots of blood from the drainage tube site. A wonderful intern stood with his fingers on the wound for over 20 minutes to stop the bleeding. Thank you, Dr. H! They also forgot to feed him on 3 separate occasions. He would have starved if I hadn’t been there to get the nurses moving! There were more fun and games that night with a really crappy nurse who made me leave but I’ll save that for another day.

I arrived on Wednesday morning, March 5 at 6:00 am. It was Chilly’s 40th birthday. What a fantastic way to celebrate the big 4-0! Woo hoo…heart bypass…the gift that keeps on giving! Chilly was up pushing his wheelchair up and down the hallway. He had to walk many times that day. He hated that. He grew increasingly irritable as the day went on. At 4:30 pm, he asked me and his father to go home. He wanted to sleep and felt I should spend the night with our kids to make them feel more secure. I had a very strong tugging to stay put, but Chilly was insistent. We drove the 40 minutes back to our home. I had about 10 minutes to hug and kiss the kids before I was called back to the hospital. There had been an incident. No one would tell me what was going on. I raced back to the hospital to find the paddles hanging down from the crash cart and about 30 doctors (no kidding) and several nurses standing around as well as a chaplain. Yes, I said chaplain. My heart stopped. (thank God I was in a hospital!) I took a deep breath waltzed into the room. I saw that Chilly was sitting up with his eyes open. Whew! “What kind of trouble are you into now, Chilly?” I asked laughing nervously. He tried to talk to me but his voice was still very raspy from the breathing tube rip out. The doctors were all looking at him very intently. I knew something horrible had happened. No one would tell me anything. I even asked point blank, “Did he code?’ and got nothing. After about an hour of constant nagging, a young resident pulled me into the hallway and told me that 5 minutes after I left, Chilly coded. He was dead for a full five minutes. Right before they were going to “call” his time of death, he started to come out of it. Most people are brain damaged when this occurs. They were preparing to run all sorts of tests on him for the next few hours, he said. I was floored. I couldn’t believe it. I felt numb as I went back into his room. There were tears in Chilly’s eyes. He wanted to talk to me but not with all the people hanging around in his room. Once everyone cleared out, Chilly shared with me what happened while he was on the other side. I will keep that private for now, but I will tell you that Chilly is no longer afraid to die. It was a profound and moving experience for him.

Fast forward to home…We had many fun things to look forward to now. Staple removal was by far the best! They use giant pliers to pull those puppies out one at a time. (Yet another reason, I want the healthiest damn heart around!) Yowza! Chilly took it like a big boy, but I probably would have left them in and turned them into some kind of permanent fashion accessory. He also passes out at night if he’s up to potty, get some water, etc. Sometimes there are seizures involved. Cat actually walked in one night when I was trying to rouse him back to the living. That wasn’t fun. I told her Daddy fell asleep on the floor. She knew better because she started calling him “Pass Out Boy” shortly after!

Chilly hasn’t done as well as the doctors had hoped. They are watching his pancreas now hoping it doesn’t rear it’s ugly head. His sternum never fully fused properly so he’s just held together with steel wires. It’s sad for him because he will never be able to pick up the kids and swing them around again. I wake up every morning and cup my hand over his mouth and nose to check for breathing. So far so good!

It’s been a long road of recovery for our family. We are a family who loves the funny and try to use humor to deal with our emotions. We were told with the degree of damage from the diabetes, Chilly’s heart would probably hold out for 10 years. He will most likely be blind at that point. We understand that time may be short. (especially if we can’t keep that dumb pancreas behaving like a good little organ.) Another reason I need a fabulous camera…life goes by in a blur…I just don’t want to photograph it that way!

So, Happy Heartaversary, Chilly! Woo hoo! We made it through a year!

We love you!

p.s. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read our story. It means the world to me that you hung in there!

Gettin’ My Poster Geek On

At the risk of exposing my true geekness,

I pose this question to you….

Who did you have hanging on your wall “back in the day?”

Here’s who I had…it was the 70’s and I was a tween…
Don’t laugh!

Oh, all right…laugh!
But don’t laugh at my dear sweet David Cassidy!

Bay City Rollers

Rex Smith

I’ll even admit to having these too!
I’m gonna let my geek flag fly!

Tony DeFranco (and Family)

Donny Osmond

(In my defense, as a teen, I had
Bono & U2 hanging on my wall.)

This is who Chilly had hanging on his wall…
(Chilly is sitting at his desk right now drooling…
I know you are, Chilly…)

Jacqueline Smith

This is who Chilly has on his wall now…

(Chilly has a man crush on The Rock)

This is who I have hanging on my wall now…

(Long stringy hair…from mythical lands…
lovin’ their swords….hmmm)

Now it’s your turn to let your poster geek flag fly!

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. Jillene reminded me of Shaun Cassidy! Does anyone remember Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods? What about The Hudson Brothers? How could I forget KISS, Peter Frampton, Andy Gibb? (I’m old and forget things…that’s how! lol! Thank you, Raven for reminding me!)

p.s.s. Did anyone read Tiger Beat and 16???? What about Teen?

Cloudy With a Chance of B*tchy

Don’t be afraid….It says cloudy with a chance of b*tchy.

Oops! How did that pop in here? Don’t worry…I’m not growling yet…

Although, last night I was sharing my frustration over my new facial hair with Chilly, brought on, no doubt, by perimenopause. I will now share with you his words of comfort…

“If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly, right?”

Oh no he di’nt! Nerdanderthal! Growling will now commence…

I knew I was in for a hormonal rough patch this morning when I went in for a morning soak in the tub and found that my cute rubber duckie…

had turned into this….

Time to call in the reinforcements! I grabbed my special soap used only for this occasion…

There! That feels better….NOT! Ugh! I knew it was time to get the tools to help me deal with the gathering storm.

I grabbed these…(because it’s really best if I don’t talk…because I probably won’t be nice…)

(the blue one is for emergencies only…)

I got some chapstick because my lips get really dry (from “pursing” them in my desperate attempt not to say something horrible to loved ones…that’s why the sign paddles up there are “good things.”)

I grabbed some chewing gum to chew my stress away so I wouldn’t yank every hair out of my head from pms anxiety…(otherwise I’d be bald with facial hair and look like this guy…)

This is my gum of choice today…

This is what I will be eating today…




I’ll probably drink this wine all day… (and bear in mind…I’m not a drinker…but this seems appropriate…)

(Kids, don’t even think about hiding your Valentine’s candy from me…)

Family and friends…don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Oh! and since my hormones are about to take a ride on a rollercoaster, my post would not be complete without some happy news!

I was the lucky winner of a very cute giveaway over at Stampin’ Mom! Jamie has the cutest Etsy shop! Please go visit! I love my magnet…pink umbrellas are very special to me so I was very happy to win this!

And finally, the very sweet (and funny) Jenners at Life With a Little One and More and Find Your Next Book Here shared the Friends Award with me!
Thank you, Jenners!

I would like to share this with a new bloggy buddy who is new to the land of Blog! Stephenie at Just A Little Bit Pink…this is for you! Go give her some welcome comment love!

And now to further continue this hormonal hot rod ride, I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you! I had 41 comments yesterday and that was my biggest yet! Sniffle, sniffle, plop, plop…happy tears! I am still a baby blogger (just a bit over a month old) and my heart was filled with happiness from all the kind words!

Ok…I’ll release you from captivity now to go read other blogs….Off you go!