A Wee Drop of Irish (or Cloudy With a Chance of B*tchy Part 2)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
How about a wee stroll down memory lane?  Thank you to everyone who messaged me about sharing this blast from the past again this year:)  (yes, Maureen…I do read your emails too!)  Even though it was originally posted in 2009, not too much has changed (says Dawn in her “I can’t believe I have PMS every single year at this same time”  happy (think Pharrell singing “Happy”) voice.  So grab a cup of Irish coffee, Jameson whiskey, Guinness or whatever suits your fancy on this fine St. Patrick’s Day and let me share a tale of whimsy with you.  (and may the luck of the Irish be with you if you come my way today!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)   

Oops! What’s she doing here again? Wasn’t she just here a month ago? UGH! The nerve! We had so much “fun” last time she was here, didn’t we? 

Well, since I have a full day of Irish activities planned, I guess I better be gettin’ my Irish on….hmm…let’s see…maybe I’ll go drink some breakfast.

(That’s right, Mr. Bailey’s Irish Cream Cup…It is delicious!)  And while we’re at it, a traditional Irish breakfast sounds just lovely!  (what?? Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting isn’t Irish enough for you???  Did you see the duck at the top of this post???)

Ok! Time to get dressed for the day! (she says, wiping crumbs and frosting from her mouth)  What? Not appropriate attire for a mom?

Don’t get your shamrocks in a wad…I’ll probably really wear my yoga pants with this top….(Kim, I know you want one of these…)

Now that we’re dressed, we can freshen up a bit with our mouth spray just for this occasion!  

Ok family & friends..I know what you’re thinking right now…(for good reason!)

I guess ya’ll are lucky it’s Irish day and I may have a few quiet moments (unless that mouth spray really kicks in good…)

Time to get the kids and head out for some Irish fun activities that I don’t feel like doing because all I want to do is eat chocolate and watch rom-com chick flicks   (….not my fault…again, please refer to duck at the top of the post..)

(Is it hot in here?…cause I’m thinking it’s really hot in here…can someone turn on the *$%#! air conditioner?!)

(especially this one…)

Oh…sorry…hormones got carried away there for a second.  Oopsy!! …what I really mean is this…

A gorgeous British fellow stole my heart, you know…sorry Bono, gotta say good-bye this St. Patty’s Day…my heart belongs to my British guy:)  (insert bluebirds of happiness, romantic music and fluttering hearts here please)

Time to pack a lunch since we’ll be travelin’ to Irish dance performances and there’s no time to drink eat before we leave!

(Don’t worry….Nana’s driving…)

Oh! Can’t forget my gum! You know me…I stress chew when that stupid duck up there comes to visit…

Well, that’s about it! We are off for the last of our Irish dance performances! March Madness is coming to an end!  Let’s do a jig to celebrate!

Here’s a little St. Patty’s day sentiment from me to you…

Myspace Graphics

And from the bottom of my wee drop of Irish heart, I really mean that!  According to my dear Irish friend Pam, a “wee drop is all ya’ need!” Here’s to you, Pam! Happy St. Pats!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

p.s. No, family members, I have not taken up drinking as a new hobby. (Family members know I don’t drink…well, not very often anyway…hee hee hee..) Just having a little fun on St. Patty’s Day…cause that dumb duck is about to ruin my next week….which may actually force me into taking up drinking…who the heck knows? Quite frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t become a super lush after the week I’ve had! Love you all!

The Tragic Tale of the Irish Dancer & Her Incontinent Mother

March Madness has officially descended up on our world as we are just days away from St. Patrick’s Day.  Irish Dancer Girl will be shamrockin’ all over the city of Tucson (Irish Dance style) for the next week to spread leprechaun love amongst the citizens.  While going over the performance list this morning, my mind wandered back to a time in the not so distant past where my sweet girl gave me a lovely surprise just before her very first St. Patrick’s Day March Madness performance.  Thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane with ya’ll and give you some giggles.  Sit a spell while I weave a tragic tale of the six year old Irish dancer and her incontinent mother.

One fine March day in 2009, Cat and I began our school morning cutting out shapes and chatting it up like two old ladies at bingo night. I had to (ahem) “use the little ladies room” for the 400th time in 20 minutes, and in the interest of safety, (because I’m one of those annoying over-protective “old” moms) I made Cat come with me…again. She hung out in her room across the hall until I had completed “my mission.” (Sorry, I’m trying to be delicate about this!) I complete “said mission” quickly (less than 3 minutes tops) and start across the hall to get Cat and resume our schoolwork. Her back is to me and she quickly calls out, “Don’t look in here, Mama! I have a surprise for you!” I sing out, “Yay, I love your surprises!” “Close your eyes!” she calls out excitedly!

After a few minutes, Cat meets me in the hall with her surprise. And yeah, to call it a surprise would be a mild understatement. My daughter is sporting some awesome Mia Farrow Frankenbangs! Did you catch that? Frankenbangs…Mia Farrow style…. This is Mia Farrow…
This is me upon seeing her “surprise.”

Typically, her surprises involve artistic drawings of me, maybe a tea party, or her wearing some shiny lipgloss, hooker style…not freshly cut Frankenbangs! 

Once I recovered from my shock and horror, (and made sure she still had her eyeballs,) I smiled and said “Wow! Look at you!” I clapped my hands (so I wouldn’t strangle myself) and grinned (while trying not to yank out my own hair)
, “How in the world did you manage that?” She holds up the blunt tip scissors we had been using earlier…the scissors that should still be in the classroom…the reason I made Cat come with me in the first place.

“I snuck the scissors with me!” She is so stinkin’ proud of herself. “I know you’re really busy and I wanted to help you so I cut my bangs!” Oh…now I remember…I had casually mentioned during breakfast that I needed to trim her bangs that afternoon so they would be out of her eyes for her dance performances the following day and this weekend.

Oh, did I forget to mention that my daughter has 4 IRISH DANCE PERFORMANCES OVER THE NEXT 6 DAYS ALONE!!!!! (sorry for the hysteria….) How the heck am I going to fix this little “franken-bump” in the road!!!!???

She must have watched me fast track it to the crazy train because her eyes started to fill with tears and her chin began quivering. “I’m sorry, Mama. I just wanted to surprise you.” Aw heck! How can I be upset with that? Her intention was clearly to “help a sister out.” She knew I was overwhelmed and wanted to ease my load. It was actually an act of kindness. I scooped her up and gave her a huge hug. “I love your bangs!” I smothered her with smoochies. ( I also did the whole “no scissors on your own hair, or anyone else’s hair either” lecture.)

What to do?  I didn’t have any “Grow” potion like Alice in Wonderland, and Edward Scissorhands wasn’t in the neighborhood for a fast fix. I spent the rest of my day (and I mean, the ENTIRE day) searching the city of Tucson for black and white headbands to fit her small head, and tiny bobby pins so Irish dancer girl could rock a new look at her performances.  Let me show what we were dealing with here…

BEFORE “do it yourself” bangs makeover….

AFTER…sporting her new look…

PERFORMANCE LOOK after “the makeover”

Yep, it’s a bit “pageant” hair in it’s look and her forehead looks like a watermelon, but she’s still adorable!  Oh, those were the days!  My wee dancer girl now looks like this…

Fortunately, she has steered clear of the scissors and lets a professional manage her hairstyle these days.  Now, I used to be one of those mom’s that would read something like this and think, “What the heck is wrong with that person! That would never happen in my house! Hmpf!”  Well, let me tell you, people, it DID happen and I’ve been forever humbled by the experience! I am no longer a Judgmental Janie! No way, no how!

I have decided to honor this occasion with an award…that I created myself…because I was a complete idiot  (Hugh, I know you are truly appreciating this…)

The Hall of Shame Parenting Award goes to……..Dawn, for her shameful parenting skills, her inability to keep track of a pair of blunt tip scissors, and for her lack of bladder control for more than 5 minutes at a time. You are the winner, Dawn! Congratulations on your award!

I am even going to create another award here! The Snip-Snip, Oopsy! Clip Award!  This is awarded for haircuts gone bad, self inflicted bang trauma, etc.  I graciously accept this one too. 

The above hack job was committed on this doll by yours truly when I was young and innocent. Sorry, Mom! At least I didn’t cut my sister’s hair!

Now…I need some moral support here. It would really give me a lift if you can share a really good hair hacking story with me. Or even a really embarrassing parenting moment! That would work too! I’ll take anything…I’m desperate to see I’m not the only fool in town!

Fingers crossed that March Madness this year will be filled with Irish fun and no horrible hair trauma.  (at least until it’s time to put on the curly wig…don’t even get me started…that’s a horror story in itself…Irish dance moms will totally feel the pain of that one…)  Hope you can get out to enjoy the Irish fun in your neighborhood!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Old Moms Open a Can of Whoop A** at the Park

Hi…I know you may be a bit frightened by the title of this post.  Not to worry!  While I can put my “bad-a$$” panties on for certain occasions, most of the time I’m a pretty docile creature:)  However, there is a skeleton in my closet that a friend of mine reminded me about recently and insisted that I share it with the world…more specifically, the old moms of the world.   Now when I say old, I mean old like me…(I was turning 43 at the time)…not elderly…although since hitting my 40’s, I feel elderly when I get up in the morning, but that’s another post!  It happened a few years back when I ran into a close friend who had recently turned 39.  Looking back, it is actually pretty funny!  So let’s get cozy and ready for my ramble…or maybe I should say rumble (wink!)

My friend and I took our kids out to a local park one fine fall day. We were dressed in typical “old” mom attire…jeans, cute t-shirts, banana clips and shades. (Yes, I wear my Marcia Brady stick straight hair in a banana clip on outings to the park. I don’t enjoy eating my hair every time I open my mouth to speak when the wind blows, so banana clip it is.)

There was a “young” mom (mid 20’s) with her kids that found her way over to us. She sat down and began to chat. There was another group of moms across the way at some picnic tables setting up for a party. My friend and I knew the other group of moms and had said our hellos upon arriving at the park. Young Mom was not familiar with them. Young Mom pipes up in her squeaky Valley Girl voice, “Don’cha just hate to see old moms with really young kids? I mean, like, do they think kids are the new fountain of youth or something? Look at those ladies over there! I mean, all the kids here are under 5! Unless maybe it’s Grandparent’s Day!” She laughs hysterically.  Now, I happen to know that every one of those mothers over there is at least 10 years younger than me. Yes, Young Mom was fooled by my fabulous genes. I win the age game at every carnival or amusement park we go to. My husband loved to outwit the carnies whenever possible. The funny thing is that Smitty was 3 years younger than me (go ahead…call me a cougar or a cradle robber, take your pick), but once a waitress asked him if he had his Senior Citizen discount card! LOL!

Young Mom continues her old mom bashing. “Why would any kid want an old wrinkled hag for a mom? Old moms are so annoying with their know-it-all attitudes and their really bad fashion.” (Wow…obviously, she can’t hear my brain exploding or at least smell the smoke from the fire of my brain exploding over here..bad fashion?? Seriously?  I worked really hard to pull out just the right t-shirt to hide all food stains that I might incur while I was gracing the public with my presence.  Bad fashion…humpf!)

I am not a happy camper. I am silently observing Young Mom trying to determine my next move. Do I want to let her in on my little secret or do I just want to see how far she’ll go before I go ninja on her perfectly coiffed little head in the parking lot. (oops…did I type that out loud?) (and yeah, she was NOT wearing a banana clip…now who’s got bad fashion?  Yep, Young Mom, that’s who…)

My friend, who knows what lengths I will go to in order to protect the innocent, is watching me carefully. She pipes up, “How about we get the kids and hit the walk trail?” She raises her eyebrows at me. I nod and gather up the wee girl and the stroller.  Young Mom says, “That sounds good! That’s a good energy boost! At least we don’t have to figure out how to push a stroller while shuffling along with our walker too! Snorty snort snort!”

Now. It’s. On. I can no longer hide the fact that I’m wearing my bad-a$$ panties today.  “Why do you have such a negative attitude about older mothers?” I ask gritting my teeth into a very fake smile. She smirks, “They’re just irritating. They always have their stupid first aid kits in a baggy, juice boxes strapped to their hips. I just think they over do it.” Steam is pouring out of my ears. The juice boxes on my hips are beginning to vibrate. She’s about to find out how lucky she is that I happen to have my first aid kit in a baggy handy because I’ll be using it to mop up her blood about 30 seconds after I sock her in the mouth!

My adorable and very peace loving friend goes to gather up the young’uns. She’s been at this rodeo before and knows the bull is on the loose. Young Mom laughs and points at one of my “old” mom friends as she is struggling with some of the party decor. “See what I mean?”  She continues to laugh and point.  I whirl around to unleash my fury when Young Mom in her fit of laughter trips, falls and busts her lip on the sidewalk. She starts bawling like a big old baby. She touches her lip and finds it’s very bloody. “My foof is foose!” she cries. “Oh frap! My foof is fawing out!” What a pitiful creature she is, that Young Mom. “Here, let me help you.” I reach down and yank her to her feet. “Ouf!” she huffs. “Fat huwt!” Her lips are the size of Cincinnati. I really want to crack a collagen joke at this point, but bite my own lips instead.

I reach into my bag and whip out some handi wipes. (ok..I know these are going to burn her lips like fire, but it’s all I have and Karma is a b*tch!) I help her dab the loose pebbles and blood away from her mouth. My friend jogs over with an unopened bottle of water to help wash away the rest. We get her patched up and feeling better. She realizes something is weird. I notice her checking out my First Aid in a Baggy. She humbly thanks us and goes to gather her kiddos. My friend asks me if I shared my secret with her. I shook my head. “I didn’t have a chance because she did a face plant before I could say anything.” We laughed. “Those crazy young moms!” my friend giggles. We notice that Young Mom is heading back from the parking lot toward us. Oh yuck…

“Just wanted to say thanks for helping me. That was so embarrassing!” She flutters her hands all around. We just smile at her and move on. One of my other friends from the party yells over to me, “Happy Birthday, Dawn!” I smile and wave. Young Mom says, “Oh, it’s your birthday?” I nod. “It’s actually next week.” We continue shuffling the kids toward the car. “That’s so cool! How old are you going to be?” she says with her big busted lip smile. I stop and turn toward her. “I will be 43.” The look on her face was all the justice I needed. She just turned and walked away with her head down. “That’s right! I’m an OLD MOM!!!!” I yelled after her. “Bet you’re glad this old mom had her first aid in a baggy, aren’t ya!” (Juvenile, I completely agree, not even remotely one of my best parenting moments, but darn it, it sure did feel good!) My friend (who is normally very shy and not verbally aggressive on any level) yells out, “Yeah, old moms kick butt! Don’t you ever forget it!” We high-fived and laughed like hyenas all the way to our mini-vans.  Last we heard, Young Mom was still struggling to get her stroller into her BMW.

A final note…I have lots of friends that are young moms! Lots of them! They are all fantastic mothers and friends! Please know that I am not bashing young moms with this post. Just sharing a story about a young mom bashing old moms! I love all my young mom friends!!!!

Thanks for listening to my ramble and remember, Old Moms need love too!

Brunch, Gypsies and Goofballs….

Just returned from a brunch outing courtesy of Chilly….(which was delicious, thank you very much,..although it was a wee bit disgusting when you returned to the table with breakfast fare and a SALAD, Chilly….GACK! I realize after 14 years, I should be used to this, but not so much!)

Had some interesting brunch conversation….

Mommy: “Almost Teen Caveboy, I can totally picture you rockin’ the surgeon scrubs and saving lives. That’s very cool!”

Irish Dancer Girl: “And I can totally see me using my princess camera to take a picture of you in the nurses room.”

(WHAT???) Almost Teen Caveboy chokes on his beverage and wants to offer up his sister for sale….”Can you list her on ebay this week?”


Fast forward to parking lot…Mommy…busy buckling in the Irish dancer girl…Almost Teen Caveboy…prepping his iPod for the trip home….a normal All American family moment…or is it???

Suddenly, Chilly yells out from the driver’s seat: “Do not-ta shrink me, gypsy!” in his Borat voice….

We all stop and stare at him….is his heart medication messing with him or has he just completely lost his marbles?

He continues (very, very LOUDLY)…”I-ya look upon your treasures, gypsy..Is this the previous owner, gypsy? Perhaps, one that you shrunk-a?” (Chilly holds up one of Irish dancer girl’s dolls…)

Irish dancer girl (in her best gypsy voice): “I’m-a gonna shrink you if you don’t start driving! I’ve got princess exercises to do! I’ve got wand lifting, twirling and tea parties to plan! Now drive!”

And scene!

Anyone care to join us on our next brunch outing???

Say WHAT?! Wednesday…Sneak Out Edition

The following conversation is real…only the names have been changed to protect the NOT so innocent…

Irish Dancer Girl: I like boys, Daddy.

(this topic of conversation seems to come up A LOT lately….)

Chilly: No boys are allowed to come here to date you EVER….

Irish Dancer Girl (narrowing her eyes and grimacing): Yes, they are!

Chilly: NO! NOT EVER! (He makes menacing fist to palm punching motions to make his point…)
(Mommy intervenes…)

Chilly and Almost Teen Caveboy glare and make grunting noises…

Irish Dancer Girl: FINE! Then I’ll just take my flashlight…climb out my window….climb over the fence and use Mom’s cell phone and call my boyfriend….then I’ll take Mom’s car and he will tell me where to meet him…and then I will go meet him…and then I’ll come home…and climb back in my window…

Chilly: (stunned silence…he’s got nothin’….)
WELL SNAP! How old are you, Irish Dancer Girl??? Did you say 6???? Looks like I’ve got my hands full with this one! I was already concerned about the enormous amounts of sparkly lip gloss that she slathers on every day…looks like she’s already had her 16th birthday and didn’t invite me to the party!

I do have this to console me for now….it’s a sign that hangs outside Catherine’s bedroom door….although it’s probably just meant for Chilly and Almost Teen Caveboy…I’ll just hope for the best…. (it says “I (eye) Love (heart) You (u) at the top and bottom…at least she’s polite!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


"Did You Know?" Tuesday: Stranger than Fiction Edition

I am back with another self created edition of “Did You Know? Tuesday!” I know…I can feel your pity delight all the way over here! Off we go!

Did You Know….

**that I am an awesome baton twirler? (Chilly, I know you are blown away by this confession, but it’s true!)

**that I have a panini press and I’m not afraid to use it? If it can be smashed into a grilled sandwich, watch out!

**that these are my favorite flip flops (Skechers Skullys) on the planet?…and that mine (shown below the nice crisp clean one) are tattered from tons of wear but I refuse to stop wearing them???…see?…super nasty, but I can’t stop wearing them!…and yes…I have lots of really “nice” shoes too…(Thank you, blueviolet, for giving me the courage to come clean…or not!)

Did You Know….

**that I want to wear this very cool glow in the dark stick figure princess costume for Halloween?

**that I hung out with this kooky bunch as a kid?

**that I think he’s adorable and could listen to him chitty chat all day long?? (Check him out in Becoming Jane, Atonement, Wanted, and The Last King of Scotland…Jame McAvoy…you are yummy!)

**that this book is wonderful inspiration for aspiring writers?

**that while I love the scarf trend, I won’t be wearing one of these…

**that I thank you from the bottom of my bloggy heart for sharing your bloggy love with Chaka yesterday! (He’s up to 90 followers now! Scooty on over and let’s see if we can get him to 100 today!!!)
Happy Tuesday!

Friday Fragments: Confessions & Questions Edition

It’s short and sweet today! I can hear your hallelujahs to the heavens already! lol!

Just a few fragments this fabulous Friday! Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

Let’s rock this thing….

No More Name Calling…

My kids have finally threatened me with torture if I don’t stop calling them “Children of the Corn”… (they don’t know what the movie is about….they just think I’ve completely lost my marbles and made it up…)

The Perfect Red Dress

I gasped out loud when I saw Cate Blanchett wearing this dress in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” It’s lovely, isn’t it?

Confessions of a Book-aholic

I am about to admit something that might cause a few of you to fall right off your chairs, weep in sadness for me or maybe you’ll think I should be committed to the local mental institution…

I watched the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” yesterday…and wait for it…here comes the “shazam”….I liked the movie better than the book…..

Hello??? Are you still reading this??? You didn’t run away in horror and disgust, did you??

I know, I know….I am a HUGE fan of Sophie Kinsella…I’ve read every one of her books and LOVE them all. Also, I NEVER like a movie treatment over a book edition….EVER….so this was quite a shock to me too. Have you seen it? What do you think?

Who Says?

Is he really the most interesting man in the world??

Let’s review the evidence…

Apparently his blood smells like cologne(wouldn’t this only really matter to a vampire?)

He is left-handed. And right-handed…(doesn’t that just make him “handy” around the house?)

Even if he forgets to put postage on his mail, it gets there…(this actually gets my attention…this could be very useful in my world…)

You can see his charisma from space…(not impressed because you can see mine from space too…)

When he orders a salad, he gets the dressing right there on top of the salad, where it belongs…where there is no turning back….(this actually impresses Chilly who is a “dressing on the side” guy…it doesn’t impress me because I’m a salad dressing rebel and just drench my veggies in bleu cheese dressing at every opportunity…)

He doesn’t believe in using oven mitts, nor potholders…(ok…now he might really have my attention…)

When it is raining, it is because he is sad…(and why is he sad? I’ll tell you why, because he can’t have me…the most interesting girl in the world, that’s why…)

Here…clickety on this and see what you think? Is he really the most interesting man in the world???

Stay Thirsty, my friends….

Do you think this Alice…

gets her fashion inspiration from this Alice?


Wishing you all a delightful weekend filled with many blessings (and lots of good times!)


Random Tuesday Thoughts : Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…


Hi ya’ll! I’ve got some random for you today! (This is probably best since I can’t seem to string two coherent thoughts together with any success….)

We had a fantastic time on Sunday celebrating Father’s Day (especially since the hospital wanted to get rid of Chilly a day early! Hooray!) Chilly loved his cards and gifts! Wait…what’s that? You say Father’s Day isn’t until June 21? Seriously? This is entirely Chilly’s fault. He kept insisting that Father’s Day was last Sunday. Sorry, Dad (my dad) for making you think I had completely lost my marbles by sending your card a week early…..


Have you heard the fabulous news???? Blueviolet is back!! Get on over there and give her a big neighborly welcome!!!!


I was tagged by the most amazing Kristen from La Dolce Vita last week to share with you six unimportant things that make me happy. This is super easy for me because pretty much everything makes me happy…except for the salon of doom, snakes, clowns, rude people, and public restrooms with no a$$ gaskets….

Here we go…

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy!

1. Cherry Coke (or Cherry Pepsi) and Kettle Corn – Sweet, salty, crunchy kettle corn with a nice cold Cherry Coke especially with crushed ice. Nothing perks me up like that!

2. Thrift Store Shopping and Garage Sales – I love to search for treasure! I love the thrill of the hunt! I could do this every day of the week….it’s a sickness, really….

3. Organizational Storage and my Label Maker: I love storage containers. LOVE THEM. (another sickness….) Right now, I am loving clear containers with white lids. I love to label everything too. If there is a non-labeled surface anywhere in my house, it won’t stay that way for long! This affliction has been with me for years. I also love white hangers. I only “allow” white hangers in my house. (the only exception is for Tween Caveboy…he has red, black and gray….)

(oops….how did that get in here????)

4. My Daily Planner & Tote – I could not survive without my portable home office. I have a medium size scrapbooking tote that carries my day planner, scissors, tape, stamps, post-its, envelopes, pens paper and even crayons! It goes with me everywhere! I highly recommend using one of these!

5. All things Harry Potter – I have loved Harry Potter since I read the first book back in the 90’s. I wish I had attended Hogwarts. I know I would be a fabulous witch. (no rude comments, Chilly or I will step on your bad foot….) I also love Fairies, Mermaids, and all other magical creatures too…

6. Scrapbook Paper – I know I have mentioned this before…but it bears repeating….I LOVE FANCY PAPER. I cannot help it. I love digital scrapbooking too, but there’s just something about scrapbook paper that I can’t resist! (I really love making stuff with my fancy paper in my Cricut machine…oooohhh…..I am a huge paper crafting nerd! lol!)

If you would like to grab this tag and run with it, please be my guest! I like this tag!


Confession: I am a cheater….it only happened once…..don’t worry, Chilly was present at the time…he knows all about it….in fact, he was really happy I cheated. I can’t take the guilt any longer, so I am going to bleed it all out here….

It started innocently enough…I was sucked in by the fun, the excitement of it all….but after two very looooonnnnngggg hours, I couldn’t take it anymore and succumbed to the dark side. I cheated at UNO with Chilly and Catherine to make the game come to an end. I laid down multiple cards that appeared to be one card every turn so I could wrap it up and win. I couldn’t take one more minute of the game that never seemed like it would end. So I cheated. And yes, I would do it again…and again….I will be imposing a time limit on all UNO games going forward. Chilly and I were rolling around in despair because Cat is a world class UNO player. That kid can take down a professional with no problem. Just when we thought we were close to the end, BAM! She would play a +4 and drag us back into the pits of UNO hell. I am still recovering from it this morning.


So there it is….all of my randomness for the day! I’m sure you are probably banging your head on your desk by now or at the very least, celebrating with a cocktail now that this post is over!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!


p.s. go on over to The Un Mom for more random fun!

Friday Fragments: The F Words: Funky Feet, Facebook Faux Pas & Friendship

Let’s start this freakin’ fabulous Friday with funky feet…

specifically Chilly’s funky feet…

Funky feet have landed him a fabulous four day stay (or longer) at the fantastic hospital! Can you give me a woot woot?!? That’s right,family & friends! Chilly is chillin’ at the hospital as we speak! Yesterday was a flippin’ fun day for me and the kiddos! We started our day out with friends at the zoo. I received a call from the Chillmeister that he was in the ER and was about to be admitted due to a blister that became a ridiculously large diabetic ulcer on the bottom of his foot. (Keep in mind he’s recovering from a broken leg too…) Apparently, the “ulcer” has created conditions that could cause him to lose his foot (or worse, his life! He can’t do anything without a little drama, you know…) So, just when I thought my life was returning to a bit of normalcy, BAM! Here we go again! The best part? He didn’t even feel this festering killer wound because of nerve damage. If I had a wound like that, I would be screaming in agony or trying to chew my foot off for relief…..A blessing and a curse…..to be continued….


Facebook Faux Pas

I have a confession….I do not Facebook, Text, Twitter, MySpace or any other techie type thing. The blog is all I can manage (and lately, I can’t even do that with any sort of success…) I do have Facebook and Twitter accounts that I set up in the early days of blogging because I was new to this techie world and wasn’t sure what it was all about. I am thinking of going over to the techie side here soon (maybe starting with Twitter.) If you have sent me a friend request for these accounts and I didn’t respond, please do not be offended. I didn’t really understand the whole “friend accepting” etiquette until yesterday when it was explained to me by a friend. I didn’t know I had to click some sort of “accept” link. I just thought I was getting emails telling me I had some cool people who wanted me to be their friend. Oops! So please accept my Facebook & Twitter apologies and know that I will be clickety clicking through these emails soon!


Family Fun

As I mentioned above, we went to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson yesterday. It is a delightful small zoo that is pretty easy to get around. (and cheap too!) With my recent frugality brought about by Chilly’s constant desire to come up with new and exciting medical dilemmas, I am all about the cheap! A beautiful white peacock lives at the zoo! Cat actually touched a few snakes too…{{{shudder}}} Overall, a fine day with friends until we received the phone call from Chilly….wah wah wah waaaaahhhhh……

(That brown blob in the middle of the photo is the snake…..)


Friends in Need

My dear Fellow Bloggy Friends….we have a few friends who need some kindness sent their way!

*While reading YaYa’s blog the other day, I was deeply moved by the story of Karen “Jo” Mosely. Jo (an amputee) drove herself to a hospital to have a radical mastectomy. She is all alone. I don’t know about you, but that just broke my heart. YaYa has written a “Spirit Jumping” post that gives all of the details on how to send a little sunshine Jo’s way. I know I am gonna do some Spirit Jumping today…how about you?

*Another bloggy buddy, Shannon from Last Shreds of Sanity, is
hosting a fundraiser to help out her brother who recently lost both of his jobs within a two week period. Yikes! For a mere three dollar donation, you will be entered in a contest to win a blog makeover from April Showers! Not only that, but April is offering two pre-made templates (made for this raffle) for anyone who donates $3! I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to have a custom template made by April! That girl rocks my socks off! Help a sister (and her brother!) out by clicking on over there!


Thank you again for the awesome support during my mini hiatus (aka nervous breakdown) recently. Although Chilly has had his ups and downs (and it appears we’re in for more good times with that!) I am back in the Land of Blog. I am truly grateful for all of your support! On to happier times!

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time! It’s one of my favorite posts to do!

Have a delightful weekend!

Not Me Monday: Can I Have Your Autograph, Kelly Clarkson?

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

I did NOT have my mini makeover this weekend. I did NOT return home from the hair salon looking like her….(seriously…my hair is NOT this streaky or these same colors…no offense, Kelly, this looks fabulous on you….for those of you new to this style of blog meme…this is exactly what my hair looks like right now but with more bleachy streaks…)

Chilly and the kids did NOT call me Kelly Clarkson all weekend. My stylist would NEVER do this to me especially when I told him this (see photo below) is what I wanted….I did NOT show him a photo of the color I wanted….My hair is NOT even more auburn than before with huge streaks of bleach blonde…(not that I didn’t enjoy my previously auburn colored hair, I just wanted to shake things up for summer…)

I did NOT make it extremely clear that I wanted all coppery red tones out of my hair. I did NOT say repeatedly I wanted soft ash blonde for summer. I did NOT say to him NO CHUNKY HIGHLIGHTS when I saw the bleach cream on the color stand. I did NOT repeatedly try to make sure he was very clear on the whole ash blonde idea. He apparently did NOT give a crap about what I (the customer) wanted. I am NOT sporting the exact hairstyle in the Kelly Clarkson photo at this moment. I do NOT look like a skunk with a lopsided stripe when I pull my hair back because my bangs are NOT a huge streak of bleach blonde hair on one side. It is NOT the worst color job I’ve ever had…EVER….

I did NOT contact the salon to correct this hair nightmare ASAP because I do NOT have a mini vacation coming this weekend while NOT attending my daughter’s Irish dance competiton in Scottsdale. I did NOT ride an emotional rollercoaster all weekend because of my hair. I wear big girl panties…I would NEVER act so silly over my hair…just ask my family who I did NOT drive crazy with my whining. I will NOT stop torturing you with my continued whining here…

I am NOT delirious with delight that it is JUNE!!!!! I am NOT hoping that all of this crazy black rain cloud of energy that has been around me for the last two months has gone bye bye! I am NOT focusing on lots of positive vibes today!

Hope you are NOT having a great start to the month of June!