BEE-fuddled and BEE-wildered! A Blessing and a Curse!

As you may know, I am experiencing some problems with Blogger…more specifically Google Friend Connect. Yesterday, my blog was removed by Blogger, and every blog that I follow lost me as a follower! I still have NO clue why this happened. Fortunately, I was alerted by the FaBuLoUs blueviolet that something was amiss…
Shortly after the heads up from blueviolet, I started receiving tons of worried emails from bloggy friends and family. Many were concerned that something (like death!) had happened to poor Chilly. Rest assured, Chilly is alive and well…(if he doesn’t start behaving, I don’t know how long that will last, but for now he has a pulse!) Shame on you, Google Friend Connect (close family relative to Blogger!) for causing such a panic for my loved ones!

The most amusing part of this nightmare is that once I realized what happened, I immediately tried to reconstruct my “blogilicious” list (blog roll). I’m still missing some, but am trying hard to figure it out. Once I had a good chunk of blogs, I went to each one and tried to re-follow. This is what I encountered….EVERY.STINKIN’.TIME…….(it doesn’t matter which browser I use…I’ve tried them all…)

In case you can’t read it, it says “We’re sorry, the site owner has blocked you from joining this site.”

Notice who I was trying to follow (just for grins and giggles) at that point…..Yeah, MYSELF! I couldn’t even join my own blog!
After hours of searching the interwebs for answers, all I could come up with is that Blogger / Google Friend Connect has been dealing with the issue over the last couple of months. (Remember the Great Lost Followers episode a few months back? Followers were droppin’ like flies from blogs all over Blog Land…that was all Blogger…)
I can’t seem to find any answers anywhere. Trust me…I spent HOURS in the help forum yesterday. If this has happened to any of you, I would be enormously grateful for any advice!

I tried to email as many bloggy friends as possible just to let them know I wasn’t jumping ship on their fabulous blogs! If I didn’t email you, it’s only because I had no contact information. If I follow your blog and it appears I’ve left, please know that I haven’t! I’m still here!!! I’m going to try over the weekend to spread my comment lovin’ to continue in my quest to leave no blog behind!

The blessing in all of this is the overwhelming outpouring of support and concern from everyone! Wow! I am truly humbled by all of the bloggy love sent my way over the last couple of days! I am so grateful and want to thank all of you for the kind words! Chilly says “thanks” too! It meant alot to him that so many were concerned for his well being.
In the words of Chilly “We ask that you bear with us during this transition…” (although he uses this strictly to get out of trouble…)

I will be out of the Land of Blog and visiting the Land of Nod today. I spent most of yesterday afternoon and a HUGE chunk of my night (till 4 am!) trying to sort this out. I am in need of a nap and a wee bloggy break. I will return over the weekend:)

Thanks again….you are all freakin’ fabulous!!



Not Me Monday: Can I Have Your Autograph, Kelly Clarkson?

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

I did NOT have my mini makeover this weekend. I did NOT return home from the hair salon looking like her….(seriously…my hair is NOT this streaky or these same colors…no offense, Kelly, this looks fabulous on you….for those of you new to this style of blog meme…this is exactly what my hair looks like right now but with more bleachy streaks…)

Chilly and the kids did NOT call me Kelly Clarkson all weekend. My stylist would NEVER do this to me especially when I told him this (see photo below) is what I wanted….I did NOT show him a photo of the color I wanted….My hair is NOT even more auburn than before with huge streaks of bleach blonde…(not that I didn’t enjoy my previously auburn colored hair, I just wanted to shake things up for summer…)

I did NOT make it extremely clear that I wanted all coppery red tones out of my hair. I did NOT say repeatedly I wanted soft ash blonde for summer. I did NOT say to him NO CHUNKY HIGHLIGHTS when I saw the bleach cream on the color stand. I did NOT repeatedly try to make sure he was very clear on the whole ash blonde idea. He apparently did NOT give a crap about what I (the customer) wanted. I am NOT sporting the exact hairstyle in the Kelly Clarkson photo at this moment. I do NOT look like a skunk with a lopsided stripe when I pull my hair back because my bangs are NOT a huge streak of bleach blonde hair on one side. It is NOT the worst color job I’ve ever had…EVER….

I did NOT contact the salon to correct this hair nightmare ASAP because I do NOT have a mini vacation coming this weekend while NOT attending my daughter’s Irish dance competiton in Scottsdale. I did NOT ride an emotional rollercoaster all weekend because of my hair. I wear big girl panties…I would NEVER act so silly over my hair…just ask my family who I did NOT drive crazy with my whining. I will NOT stop torturing you with my continued whining here…

I am NOT delirious with delight that it is JUNE!!!!! I am NOT hoping that all of this crazy black rain cloud of energy that has been around me for the last two months has gone bye bye! I am NOT focusing on lots of positive vibes today!

Hope you are NOT having a great start to the month of June!


Kinda Wordless Wednesday….Psychic Edition

You may have noticed that I have been a wee bit pre-occupied with my “other” life lately. Poor Chilly had some pretty big hurdles to jump these past few months. The “behind the scenes of it all” has been pretty overwhelming. Kind thoughts and prayers are always most welcome here!

It seems that my astrological chart is completely out of whack and the planets won’t be lining up in my favor until about May 30. I’ve decided to hire some experts to come in and help me turn “the beat around.” Especially before this weekend….Catherine is dancing in her very first Irish dance competition and we need all the good vibes we can get! (not to mention tons of!)

At first I visited a gypsy for a tarot card reading….here’s what happened….The first card I chose was to represent me….

oooohhhh….that’s pretty good…..and true! I am a big fool who’s always losing junk out of her handbag!

The second card represents my recent past….

Crap! Well that explains alot! Dumb devil’s food cake lady has been putting hexing hijinxs on me!

The third card represents my near future…

Uh…can I have my money back, gypsy lady????

I left the gypsy and headed to the voodoo lady who handed me some chicken claws, incense and told me to bury a pork bone with crushed roses in the backyard. Hmmmm……

I tried the witch doctor, but couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me…Scooby kept trying to unmask him…. Any other ideas, friends????

Sigh…I guess I’ll have to resort to some serious blogstalking to yank me out of my funk.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



A Moment of Silence aka Suckfest 2009

Hello, my sweet friends….

Things are very sad at the Bee and Rose today….

We had a disaster of EPIC proportions here yesterday (Tuesday) and I am still trying to recover!

At approx. 3:00 pm MST, my precious laptop, my son’s best friend XB360, and my husband’s mistress, Big Flat Screen TV were all critically injured in a malicious power surge.

Yep, you heard me….MY COMPUTER CRASHED, XB360 BIT IT AND THE FLAT SCREEN TV DIED!!! Apparently, my new friend, Migraine, was just the beginning of my huge SUCKFEST!

I immediately got these out and started waving them around…
Some of you may remember these little friends of mine…

Fortunately, the AWESOME folks at Microsoft helped us to bring XB360 back to life…THANK GOD! Tween Caveboy nearly had a stroke at age 12!

The jury is still out on my husband’s mistress, Flat Screen TV. We are searching for a specialist to help her. I know he’s ready to ditch her for a new, younger (larger) model, but tough cookies, Chilly!

The worst news of all….My precious….the laptop….is in critical condition at the intensive care unit with these folks….

Those poor fellows felt so darn sorry for me that they promised to help her recover in 3 days. I cried, “well, that’s like 30 years in blog years!” They said, “that’s the best we can do, ma’am.” Heavy sigh….and ugly crying…..”You don’t understand! I am having a MONSTER giveaway on my blog!” They just stared at me with pity and nodded. I’m sure they were whispering about me when I left…. So I left my sweet laptop with Milt and George who promised to try and recover my 5486 photos (no joke) and all of my iTunes downloads by Friday.

(My daughter’s 6th birthday photos and Irish dance photos were on there and not backed up…I know..I know…I just hadn’t gotten to the store to get a flash drive….Believe me…I have learned my lesson! I mentally beat the crap out of myself all day today!)

Needless to say, I will not be able to comment or visit blogs very much at all for the next few days…..I AM SO SORRY!!!! I hope you will still come by and join in the giveaway fun! I am going to try and check in via my husband’s phone and use my parent’s computer when I can. Please know that I am just SICK over this and really do want to spread my comment love around blogland.

I am going to schedule a few posts while I’m here at my parent’s house so just pretend I’m still here! I love, loVE, LOVE all of you and really feel awful about this whole nightmare!

Thank you all for your very kind understanding and support!

You can still enter the giveaway if you haven’t had a chance! Go here…to enter!

You can have an additional entry if you go here…

Know I’ll be watching longingly from afar! See you all on Saturday!

Big Giant Hugs!

Dawn (see I couldn’t even do my fancy signature…sniffle sniffle plop plop….)

p.s. There will be more entry opportunities on upcoming posts!!!!

p.s.s. FYI…my TV and XB360 were plugged into a surge protector…I found out today from the Geek Squad that they are not 100% foolproof…just so ya know…..