Friday Fragments: The F Words: Funky Feet, Facebook Faux Pas & Friendship

Let’s start this freakin’ fabulous Friday with funky feet…

specifically Chilly’s funky feet…

Funky feet have landed him a fabulous four day stay (or longer) at the fantastic hospital! Can you give me a woot woot?!? That’s right,family & friends! Chilly is chillin’ at the hospital as we speak! Yesterday was a flippin’ fun day for me and the kiddos! We started our day out with friends at the zoo. I received a call from the Chillmeister that he was in the ER and was about to be admitted due to a blister that became a ridiculously large diabetic ulcer on the bottom of his foot. (Keep in mind he’s recovering from a broken leg too…) Apparently, the “ulcer” has created conditions that could cause him to lose his foot (or worse, his life! He can’t do anything without a little drama, you know…) So, just when I thought my life was returning to a bit of normalcy, BAM! Here we go again! The best part? He didn’t even feel this festering killer wound because of nerve damage. If I had a wound like that, I would be screaming in agony or trying to chew my foot off for relief…..A blessing and a curse… be continued….


Facebook Faux Pas

I have a confession….I do not Facebook, Text, Twitter, MySpace or any other techie type thing. The blog is all I can manage (and lately, I can’t even do that with any sort of success…) I do have Facebook and Twitter accounts that I set up in the early days of blogging because I was new to this techie world and wasn’t sure what it was all about. I am thinking of going over to the techie side here soon (maybe starting with Twitter.) If you have sent me a friend request for these accounts and I didn’t respond, please do not be offended. I didn’t really understand the whole “friend accepting” etiquette until yesterday when it was explained to me by a friend. I didn’t know I had to click some sort of “accept” link. I just thought I was getting emails telling me I had some cool people who wanted me to be their friend. Oops! So please accept my Facebook & Twitter apologies and know that I will be clickety clicking through these emails soon!


Family Fun

As I mentioned above, we went to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson yesterday. It is a delightful small zoo that is pretty easy to get around. (and cheap too!) With my recent frugality brought about by Chilly’s constant desire to come up with new and exciting medical dilemmas, I am all about the cheap! A beautiful white peacock lives at the zoo! Cat actually touched a few snakes too…{{{shudder}}} Overall, a fine day with friends until we received the phone call from Chilly….wah wah wah waaaaahhhhh……

(That brown blob in the middle of the photo is the snake…..)


Friends in Need

My dear Fellow Bloggy Friends….we have a few friends who need some kindness sent their way!

*While reading YaYa’s blog the other day, I was deeply moved by the story of Karen “Jo” Mosely. Jo (an amputee) drove herself to a hospital to have a radical mastectomy. She is all alone. I don’t know about you, but that just broke my heart. YaYa has written a “Spirit Jumping” post that gives all of the details on how to send a little sunshine Jo’s way. I know I am gonna do some Spirit Jumping today…how about you?

*Another bloggy buddy, Shannon from Last Shreds of Sanity, is
hosting a fundraiser to help out her brother who recently lost both of his jobs within a two week period. Yikes! For a mere three dollar donation, you will be entered in a contest to win a blog makeover from April Showers! Not only that, but April is offering two pre-made templates (made for this raffle) for anyone who donates $3! I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to have a custom template made by April! That girl rocks my socks off! Help a sister (and her brother!) out by clicking on over there!


Thank you again for the awesome support during my mini hiatus (aka nervous breakdown) recently. Although Chilly has had his ups and downs (and it appears we’re in for more good times with that!) I am back in the Land of Blog. I am truly grateful for all of your support! On to happier times!

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time! It’s one of my favorite posts to do!

Have a delightful weekend!

We All Fall Down…The Tale of Gimpy McGimpster

Ahhh…the bliss of the blog….I’ve missed Blogland and it’s lovely citizens…I realize it was only a few days in “real” life, but it certainly felt longer! I was lucky enough to post most days, but it’s no fun if you can’t stalk your fellow bloggers. When I add in all the time during April that I have been unable to blog because of the horrendous computer crash of April 7th, Chilly’s heart failure (in a scary..kind of repeat of last year way) the Sunday before my giveaway winners were announced, and now Chilly’s impending knee surgery due to his fabulous stunt moves on Sunday…it feels like I’ve been gone from Blog for years!

So what happened to turn Chilly into Gimpy McGimpster? A fall from plummeting blood pressure that resulted in a broken tibia, femur and knee cap! Chilly never does anything half-assed! No sir-ee! If he’s going to injure himself, it’s gonna be a big injury!

Oh, did I mention how delighted I am to be driving Gimpy McGimpster to work every morning? It’s a charming 40 miles one way…at 6:00 am because he is THAT dedicated to his job. Yes, I know…he should be home resting until surgery, but Mr. Type A has to work because it will literally kill him if he doesn’t. (ahem…that’s swell, Chilly…thanks for stomping all over my primo 6:00 am blog time…you know, when the kids are still asleep..oops..that was mean…you only have one working leg…I meant hopping all over my blog time…)

Heavy sigh….Anyhoo…let’s move on to more cheerful topics!

I was recently tagged by the ever delightful, Sassypants Wifey over at the fabulous blog, Sassy Secrets of a True Blue Desperate Housewife for this fun 8’s meme….I am using a wee bit of creative license and tweaking it a bit in honor of my post today. You are supposed to list things in groups of 8’s. I am going to share a list of 8 things that made me feel happy this month. (I know…this month has sucked, but I’m trying to turn this train to Craptown around and head back to Happyville!)

Happy #1 – Awards from Jodi at Jodibee Designs and Sue from Gossamer Creations! Both of these lovely ladies are fantastic artists! I was tickled pink to receive these charming awards! I am sharing them with all of you! I can’t possibly choose, so if you don’t have them, please enjoy them! Thanks Jodi and Sue!

Happy #2 – Extremely patient healthcare professionals who have put up with my husband’s weird sense of humor while administering top quality care for him….admin staff….not so happy with you folks, but we’ll save your screw ups for another day!

Happy #3 – The renewal of the NBC series “Chuck”! I loved this line from Monday’s season finale…”Chuck Me!” I will be annoying my entire family with that line for years to come….Thanks, script writers! (thanks, Boob Nazi for the heads up! I think I was thinking “What the Chuck?!” while I was watching it! lol!)

Happy #4 – Winning my “purchase” at a local bookstore the other day! Woo hoo! My luck is definitely improving! Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Happy #5 – I always find that when life hands you lemons (or health impaired husbands), you should always listen to fantastic music, read a great book and watch “Love Actually” to set things right. Oh, and looking at the photo below…that definitely will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step! (yes, I know I just had his photo on a recent post, but hot tamales! I just can’t help myself! He just so happens to be a central character in the book I read yesterday…) Happy to say, my world is brighter today because I did just those things yesterday!

Happy #6 – Handyman Hotties…for example, Carter Oosterhouse….man candy that can fix stuff….oh yeah….(be quiet, Gimpy….I’m your primary caregiver…don’t turn me into a Nurse Ratched…)

Happy #7Nate Berkus, Peter Ishkhans (Peter Perfect), Paula Deen ya’ll, Sandra Lee, Clean House Team, and Dr. Oz…all who are going to come and do my lifestyle makeover….right? I’m the perfect candidate..seriously! Come do me! (well, not in “that” kind of way….sheesh!)
I saved the best for last…
Happy #8Tween Caveboy and Irish Dancer Girl…….They have been real troopers through all of this turmoil. They still smile and laugh even though it’s hard to see Daddy having such a hard time. To Tween Caveboy..way to jump in there when Gimpy was struggling…You dragged him across the room to safety like a soldier dragging his buddy from the battlefield. Good for you!

Irish Dancer Girl, awesome job of running for your doctors kit to bandage up the Gimp! You are simply the sweetest doctor around! You two are rockstars! Mama LOVES YOU!

Feel free to join in the crazy 8’s meme fun! Check out Sassypants Wifey’s post for the original 8’s or feel free to take this tweaked version!

Well now, that feels much better! What makes you happy this fine Thursday?

p.s. I would like to thank “Chinzie” (sp?) for sharing the moniker “Gimpy McGimpster” with Chilly….you have no idea how much fun I will have torturing him with this…mwwoooohhahahaha! (also, thank you, Chinzie…for helping Gimpy up and down the stairs at the office and for making sure he arrives safely to our vehicle! You rock!

Not Me Monday! I Am NOT Adding More Prizes to My Monster Giveaway..or am I???

NOT ME Monday is brought to you by the fabulous MckMama over at My Charming Kids. Please send your well wishes for her wee Stellan. He needs our love and prayers. Thanks!

I did NOT curl up and rock back and forth sucking my thumb in a dark corner for hours last week because of the stupid surge that sent my laptop to the Geek Squad hospital during my MONSTER giveaway. I would NOT act like such a baby. Also, I did NOT cry so hard on Tuesday (and Wednesday) that my right eye was actually swollen shut for a while. I would NOT be so emotional over a computer. My son did NOT tell me I was EMO because I did NOT wear black all week and act depressed.

I did NOT stand in the middle of my yard shaking my fist to the heavens and yell (in my Scarlett O’Hara voice) “As God as my witness, I will never be laptop free again!”

I also did NOT roll around in agony in my yard screaming..”WHY? WHY? WHY is this crap happening to me!!!!???? Why this week????””

I did NOT feel HORRIBLE because I was unable to comment, say hi to my new bloggy friends and visit blogs due to my lack of computer access all week. My family did NOT tell me to seek therapy for this. I did NOT tell them to shove their therapy talk where the sun doesn’t shine.

I did NOT gasp out loud when passing by this magazine at Borders. I am a grown woman and that would NOT be appropriate. Also, I did NOT whistle when I looked inside this magazine that I did NOT pick up and flip through. People did NOT stare at me and shake their heads in pity.

I did NOT receive a terse note from the Easter Bunny reminding me that as of 6:30 pm on Saturday evening I still had no egg dye or candy for the kids. He did NOT sign the note “Smooth Move, Exlax.” The Easter Bunny is NOT that rude.

Chilly did NOT ask me what I got him for Easter. After pausing for several seconds, I did NOT say, “uh…that would be a big nada.” He did NOT then reply…”Wait you just did…You just gave me 3 minutes of silence.” Chilly is NOT that big of a NeRdAnDeRtHaL!

Catherine did NOT freak out over how the Easter Bunny was going to enter our home. She did NOT go into a begging spasm at Hallmark when she found this. I did NOT buy this because I do NOT give in to tantrums. (you can totally tell I’m lying, can’t you….you know this freakin’ key is hanging on my door…don’t you…)

I did NOT have a FABULOUS time making Easter dinner with Cat (age 6) for the first time. We did NOT make this feast while dancing around the kitchen in rabbit ears and singing songs from “iCarly.” I would NEVER behave like such a whack job in front of my child.

I am NOT happily adding FIVE more prizes to the giveaway because I am NOT grateful for all of your kind understanding and support during my laptop’s illness. I would NOT be so desperate for you all to like me. NO, NOT ME….

And I am NOT adding a few more days for the giveaway to give you plenty of time to enter! I would NOT be so helpful.

I will NOT accept entries until Friday, April 17. (ok…so maybe I will…) I will NOT announce the winners on Monday, April 20. (ok…so maybe I’ll do that too… Be sure to check back on Monday!)

(I will be announcing the additional prizes in a post later today! I still have a few things I may want to add…(yep…it may even be more than 5!) I’m still kicking a few nifty prize ideas around. If you check back for that post and leave a comment, it will count as another entry! I know…I am a crazy woman!
Hugs and smoochies to you all!!!!

p.s. I tried to do some stalking from Chilly’s office over the weekend, but only had a short time to do so….Miss Kitty became ill and we needed to scoot back home to get her all better for the Easter Bunny’s visit! I PROMISE you I will be back to commenting as soon as my laptop is repaired! I PROMISE! Hope you don’t give up on me! I love to comment…I do! This whole thing has been a nightmare for me! lol!

Friday Fragments aka Did You Just Shank Me?

Friday Fragments brought to you by Half Past Kissin’ Time!

I told Chilly last night that it was time for me to get my hair done. He just stared at me. I say it once more with feeling. More staring. Then I understand what is going through his pea-size brain. He is trying to figure out how he can get a new mistress, Flat Screen TV 2 to move in here! (in case you missed it, a power surge took out our flat screen, laptop and XB360 on Tuesday.)

After more staring, he finally says “We ask that you bear with us during this difficult transition.” WHAT? He’s using his “skip tracer/ banker” talk on me! Then I realize he’s making a desperate attempt to plea for his new mistress, Flat Screen 2. I laugh like a maniac because I control the finances. “NO FLAT SCREEN FOR YOU!” I yell in my Soup Nazi voice. He hides under the covers. Maniacal laughing continues….(Don’t worry, hair…I won’t let that stupid Flat Screen chick get in here before you are drenched in lovely carmel tones…)

Overheard yesterday afternoon…

“Did you just shank me? You just SHANKED ME!” Tween Caveboy yells.

I rush into the family room hoping not to find a re-enactment from some bad prison flick. I find Tween Caveboy holding a pen away from 6 yr old Irish Dancer Girl who is looking mighty angry.

“Did you just shank your brother?” (I ask this while trying not to laugh hysterically at the fact that I am actually using the word “shank” with my kids.)

She glares at both of us. “Well, yeah, I did…” She looks at me like I’m stupid.

“How do you even know what shank means?” I ask obviously very disturbed. She points at Tween Caveboy. It figures. So now begs the question…why would my 6 yr old try to pull prison moves on her big bro?

“What happened?” I say using my “Mean Marge the Prison Guard” voice.

“He beat me at Tic Tac Toe.” she crosses her arms and huffs.

Yeah, remind me never to play that game (or any game that involves things that can be “shank-i-fied”) with her again!

(What? Didn’t you know I was really Martha Stewart?)

Catherine informed me today that she will be hosting her own web show on my blog as soon as I purchase a new web cam. She said the Geeksters (that’s what she calls them) better get the laptop fixed and fast because she has to do it. I don’t think this show had any influence on her at all.

I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but my sister shared it with me yesterday. I cried my eyes out….again…I’ve done a lot of crying this week! I know it’s been all over the place for months, but in case you missed it….Seriously, it is completely AMAZING! I’m not “lion”! You may want to grab tons of tissue first! It really made me miss “Born Free!”

You can still enter the giveaway if you haven’t done so! Go here!

Thank you all again for your very kind understanding about my inability to blogstalk and spread my comment love. I am extremely limited and have resorted to computer hijacking until my laptop is repaired. (cross your fingers for a speedy recovery!) I only get a few minutes here and there to get online over at the parent’s house. As mentioned previously, I will be back to annoying all of you very soon! Hugs and smoochies!

(I will be starting Warm Fuzzy Friday next week…hopefully! Keep your fingers crossed!)

Dawn (I know…so boring when it’s not in my fancy writing…soon, my friends..soon..)

A Moment of Silence aka Suckfest 2009

Hello, my sweet friends….

Things are very sad at the Bee and Rose today….

We had a disaster of EPIC proportions here yesterday (Tuesday) and I am still trying to recover!

At approx. 3:00 pm MST, my precious laptop, my son’s best friend XB360, and my husband’s mistress, Big Flat Screen TV were all critically injured in a malicious power surge.

Yep, you heard me….MY COMPUTER CRASHED, XB360 BIT IT AND THE FLAT SCREEN TV DIED!!! Apparently, my new friend, Migraine, was just the beginning of my huge SUCKFEST!

I immediately got these out and started waving them around…
Some of you may remember these little friends of mine…

Fortunately, the AWESOME folks at Microsoft helped us to bring XB360 back to life…THANK GOD! Tween Caveboy nearly had a stroke at age 12!

The jury is still out on my husband’s mistress, Flat Screen TV. We are searching for a specialist to help her. I know he’s ready to ditch her for a new, younger (larger) model, but tough cookies, Chilly!

The worst news of all….My precious….the laptop….is in critical condition at the intensive care unit with these folks….

Those poor fellows felt so darn sorry for me that they promised to help her recover in 3 days. I cried, “well, that’s like 30 years in blog years!” They said, “that’s the best we can do, ma’am.” Heavy sigh….and ugly crying…..”You don’t understand! I am having a MONSTER giveaway on my blog!” They just stared at me with pity and nodded. I’m sure they were whispering about me when I left…. So I left my sweet laptop with Milt and George who promised to try and recover my 5486 photos (no joke) and all of my iTunes downloads by Friday.

(My daughter’s 6th birthday photos and Irish dance photos were on there and not backed up…I know..I know…I just hadn’t gotten to the store to get a flash drive….Believe me…I have learned my lesson! I mentally beat the crap out of myself all day today!)

Needless to say, I will not be able to comment or visit blogs very much at all for the next few days…..I AM SO SORRY!!!! I hope you will still come by and join in the giveaway fun! I am going to try and check in via my husband’s phone and use my parent’s computer when I can. Please know that I am just SICK over this and really do want to spread my comment love around blogland.

I am going to schedule a few posts while I’m here at my parent’s house so just pretend I’m still here! I love, loVE, LOVE all of you and really feel awful about this whole nightmare!

Thank you all for your very kind understanding and support!

You can still enter the giveaway if you haven’t had a chance! Go here…to enter!

You can have an additional entry if you go here…

Know I’ll be watching longingly from afar! See you all on Saturday!

Big Giant Hugs!

Dawn (see I couldn’t even do my fancy signature…sniffle sniffle plop plop….)

p.s. There will be more entry opportunities on upcoming posts!!!!

p.s.s. FYI…my TV and XB360 were plugged into a surge protector…I found out today from the Geek Squad that they are not 100% foolproof…just so ya know…..