Weird Kids, Wordles and Gifts for You! Woo Hoo!


Welcome to the Weekend! We are rockin’ our Wordle in honor of Shan’s Week-end Wordles! This is Shannon’s Wordle Launch Weekend so go and give her some linky love! She’s also known as Baby Roca’s Mama at My Last Shreds of Sanity! The kids and I had a bunch of fun making wordles this week! She’s ready to show you how to rock your wordle so get on over there when you’re all finished up here!

Weird Kids

I’m speaking of my weird kids, of course. Last night as we were tucking in for bed, I said to Miss Cat, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” An evil grin appears on her cherubic face and she says, “I’ll kill the bed bugs, put them in soup and use them in my chicken stir fry!” HUH? What the heck kind of crazy games does she play when I’m not around???? I’m kind of freaked out by this little angel!

This is the same weird kid that publicly humiliated our family at Olive Garden a few months ago during our delightful lunch outing. (She was five…) It went something like this…

Me: “Hey kids, I have a surprise for Daddy when we get home!”
(meaning: House is clean, laundry is done…weekend is free for family fun…trust me, that is a huge surprise…)

Cat: ” What’s the surprise, Mama? True Love’s Kiss? (long pause….) Sex?”

Me: Choking and spitting out my peach tea…”WHAT???!!!!”

Whoa nellie! Hello! Where the heck did she learn that word????? Did I mention that the waitress is standing at the table trying not to bust a gut? Tween Caveboy covers his face with a napkin and buries his head in the sand. Chilly, of course, finds this hilarious and wants to know more. NERDANDERTHAL! Doesn’t he know you can’t stop this runaway train once you climb on board?

Of course, she used her outdoor voice when asking me this question. Finally, after recovering from my shock and horror, I ask her what she thinks that means. “It means to hug someone, Mama!” she smiles while sipping down her Sprite. “Where did you hear that word?” I lean over to whisper. “Giselle said it in ‘Enchanted’, Mama.” again…with the outdoor voice! (And boo to you, Disney! Well, kind of boo…I really do love that movie…)

It’s really no big deal to her, you see…or is it? Do I see a hint of an evil grin appearing on that little mouth of hers? I’m pretty sure I did.

Tween Caveboy has his weird moments too. I am not at liberty to share them. He charges me too much money for his stories. I simply can’t afford him.


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p.s. For the record…I don’t remember Giselle saying that word in “Enchanted”…Cat is probably just trying to get Giselle in trouble…

Rodeo Runaway

We live in the Wild West….the frontier….the land of cactus, cowboys, coyotes, bright blue skies and wanted fugitives….

It seems that our beautiful Princess Catherine has decided to run away and join the rodeo. Looking back I can see that there were clues all week long…I can’t believe I didn’t put them all together until it was too late!

Clue #1 Catherine spent a lot of time twirling a long gray satin ribbon with a loop on one end while wearing her cowboy hat. “Whatcha’ twirlin’ there, girly?” I asked completely confused. “My lasso! I’m gonna be in the rodeo this week!” she said with a twang.

Clue #2 I found a pink handled revolver (huh?), pink holster (where did that come from?) and pink cowgirl hat laying on her bed…next to that were her brother’s old chaps and sheriff’s badge.

Clue #3 Witnessed her with her “trick pony” riding and ropin’ all over the house….(ok…she was on her stick unicorn, but the rodeo moves were there…I’m tellin’ ya…)

Clue #4 Saw her conspiring in whispered tones with Woody and Jessie from Toy Story in her room…I knew those two were rabble rousers…I’m sure they were filling her pretty little princess head with tales of singing cowboy songs around the campfire, riding ponies and other nonsense!

My suspicions were confirmed when she announced how happy she was that there would be no school later in the week because of Rodeo Days! That’s right folks! Here in the Wild West, school children are freed from writin’ and arithmetic for a few days in honor of the rodeo! Yee-haw! (That includes us homeschooler folks!)

So there you have it…our princess has tossed aside her crown and donned a cowgirl hat. She has put down her scepter and picked up a lasso. However, she’s stickin’ with her unicorn as her preferred method of transportation. She was last seen riding her unicorn toward the rodeo grounds.

Tween Caveboy (under duress) and I are hot on her trail and hope to catch up to her soon. Hopefully we can bribe her to return home with promises of Chips Ahoy cookies and apple juice. We hear the pull of rodeo life is mighty strong…wish us luck! We’ll need it with all that tasty cowboy grub tempting us to stay! (not to mention, Mama might spot a few handsome cowboys too!…just kiddin’, Chilly! Don’t get your knickers in a snit! I’m sure you’ll see saloon girls and madams wandering around there too! I promise I won’t tell Christine….)

The Glamorous…The Flouncy Flouncy

I fear my daughter is heading down this road…

Yesterday she came in my room telling me she was ready to go to Irish dance class. I did a double take because she was no longer wearing a shirt and leggings. She had changed into a long sleeve pink leotard and black boots. Oh, and she was wearing her black and white cat ears as a headband. Are ya feelin’ me? No pants, skirt, skort, shorts…just the pink leotard, headband…and boots…these boots…with the skull, crown and heart charms…

Trying to stifle a scream bubbling up from my “why is my daughter dressing that way” place, I cheerfully say, “Where’s your guitar and the Pussycats, Josie? Well, look at you! Aren’t you delightful?” “Yes, I am!” she says twirling around. “I want to show everyone my black boots!” I choke back a giggle and say, “Oh, they’ll see your boots all right! You’ll get chilly in just a leotard! How about a shirt and leggings?” “Mom, I want to wear my boots!” she insists. Hmmm…how to change her mind? I am just about to scoop her up and swing her around in a dastardly plan to disorient her. In her confusion, I will do a quick change of clothes and all will be well. Before I can begin, she says, “FINE!” and storms off to change. She returns wearing a t-shirt (from the dirty laundry), leggings (from the dirty laundry), a shiny gold threaded crocheted shrug(?), black boots….and LOTS of lipgloss. What’s with the glitzy showgirl vibe today? She gives me her “Cher” hair toss and stares at me. “Where are my ghillies?” she hisses at me.

I decide it’s time to grab hold of this bus before it goes through the bad part of town. “Oh looky what I found!” I lavishly present her with a pink princess thermal and skort. “This would look so cute with your ghillies! You can leap and twirl like an Irish princess in this!” She gives me a glare. I fear I may have just invoked a visit from Miss Hi-Yah (Cat’s sinister alter ego) {shudder}…But to my surprise, she blinks and says, “That’s a great idea!” She does a Clark Kent quick change behind the recliner and voila! Pink princess! Whew!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a big believer in expressing yourself and if you want to do that through your wardrobe…fabulous! Cat expresses herself all the time! See? I’ll prove it….

She even has a few of these hanging around for special occasions….

The wardrobe decisions of a 6 year old girl are not to be taken lightly! We have tiaras, boas, accessories galore! The kid has more shoes than Jimmy Choo! (Sigh….) The blessing in all of this is that costumes get more than your typical one time wearing at Halloween around here!

I try to let her dress herself most days (with a few gentle hints from me). I love to see what she chooses to show her style for the day. One of my most proud moments was this day….

She jumped right out of bed, brushed teeth, combed hair, got herself dressed to shoes all before I even realized she was awake! (and had no help from me in the wardrobe choice!) What a happy morning that was!

Being the fabulous girly girl that she is, most days find her wearing some sort of bling, her fingernails painted in a variety of colors and lips covered in gloss. (I should have named her Lola…) But what do you expect with parents like these?


Have a Fantastic Friday!

I Wanna Be A Woman and Have A Husband

My darling six year old shared this lovely tidbit with her father last night…her father, who has already had multiple heart attacks…literally. “I don’t even want to know this,” he says completely traumatized. Gee, Chilly, why not??? You are watching “The Bachelor” for goodness sakes! Aren’t you the romantic one? (No…you’re not mistaken…you do hear lots of sarcasm in that question…) What is surprising about this turn of events for you?? The fact that she’s 6 and already thinking about her nuptials, or the fact that she wants to be 25 already? At least she didn’t say, “I want to be like Barbie and dance around a pole for money!”

“You’re not getting married!” he says sternly. “Yes, I am” she says looking him dead in the eyes. “No boy stands a chance with you while I’m around,” he laughs in his “I’m gonna meet all your potential boyfriends with a high powered weapon” voice. “I’m getting married when I’m 14”, she says firmly. Uh…can anyone else hear the banjo music playing? “Yeah, about that, Cat,” I intervene carefully, (because I definitely do NOT want another visit from Miss Hi-Yah so soon,) “That’s kinda young. I’m thinking 36 is good!” “I say 50!” bellows Daddy with a hint of panic. Connor hears the fear rising in Daddy’s voice and comes running to his rescue. (ok, he probably really just wants to inflict verbal torture on Miss Kitty, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt..) “Your sister wants to be a woman and have a husband.” I tell him trying not to giggle. “You’re dumb”, our tween caveman grunts at her. “Nuh uh…Bobby is going to be my husband.” she smiles while narrowing her eyes at him. ( Bobby is her invisible friend…they spend hours “talking” on Cat’s “cell” phone.) “Bobby’s dumb,” grunts tween caveman. “You’re dumb,” smirks Catherine. “Any boy who shows up to date you will wish he was dumb,” says my husband. A scuffle breaks out between the tween caveman and the little “woman.” I figure Big Gun can flash his Daddy badge and restore law and order between these two hooligans. I take this as my cue to make hasty exit so I can hide this….

(please ignore the wrinkles…it was just delivered from the kingdom of Andalasia from Giselle…)
I am not a fan of banjo music at a wedding, and this would definitely send Daddy back to the ER with another heart attack! Sorry Bobby! Time and place, my invisible friend…time and place!

p.s. I realize that what I’m about to write will make most of you say, “Big Whoop..Who Gives A Crud?” But it’s such a rare event that it deserves a special mention…IT SNOWED IN TUCSON LAST NIGHT! People actually had to scrape ice and snow from their windshields! There is actually accumulation of the powdery white stuff! Is it possible that there could be a Snuggie in my future? Thanks, Mother Nature! (oh, yeah, Mother Nature? Can you make it go away by 2:00? I have to drive to Tucson for dance today…Not a fan of black ice or dumb “I can’t drive in a quarter inch of snow” drivers…I remember how fun it is to drive in it from the “old days” living in Ohio…It would really be swell if you could just warm it back up some…Air Kiss!)

Miss Hi-Yah Returns and Brings Her Madness With Her

Happy Monday! As I sat down last evening to do my list of “how am I going to get everything done” for the week, I noticed that this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. Well, actually I noticed that Friday was the 13th before realizing love day was Saturday, but I have no big plans for 13th, so “we’re gold, Jerry..we’re gold.” (obscure Seinfeld reference) I thought “How lovely! I should do a post about our Cupid’s Tea Party!” I could delight my family and friends with recipes and party ideas! (not to mention, this would make for an easy post and who doesn’t want that on a Monday?)

So off I go to gather recipes, charming snippets of Valentine lore, and photos to share in my post. I skipped through my home with a song of joy in my heart…la la lalala! Suddenly I was overcome with the heebie jeebies. The air was crackling and the happy woodland creatures (unicorns included) were scurrying off to parts unknown. Uh-oh…I recognized this vibe…this always signaled the arrival of a most unwelcome visitor to our home. (no, not the javelinas…something far worse…) I hid behind the sofa to wait. I was hoping I was wrong as I rocked back and forth sucking my thumb trying to calm my nerves. All at once I heard a crash and screams of pain coming from the hallway. Darn it! It seems that our visitor had arrived.

Cautiously, I crept toward the hallway. My son had our visitor in a headlock in a bear hug obviously ready to feed her to the javelinas delighted to see her. “Well hello!” I say in my cheery “please don’t hurt me” voice. “How are you today, Miss Hi-Yah?” (For those of you unfamiliar with Miss Hi-Yah, allow me to introduce her… )

(Please note…this photo is about 3 years old…Miss Hi-Yah has gotten very good at avoiding cameras…not to mention I am afraid to photograph her as she is bigger and stronger now…eek!) Many moons ago, I posted about this wondrous creature…if you are brave enough to read it…go here…{shudder, shudder}

What on earth would make Miss Hi-Yah return on such a cold rainy night? Was it the warm coziness of our humble abode? Was it the scent of vanilla candles wafting gently from room to room? Nothing quite so simple, I’m afraid. No, it seems my son conjured up this witch of doom charming guest with his desire for control. (which seems to be getting “out of control” since he started playing Civilization Revloution on XB360…I mean how many times does he need to conquer the Romans to feel fulfillment?) Apparently, Cat (I mean Miss Hi-Yah) simply wanted to go in her brother’s room to steal stuff spend some quality time with him. I guess Connor wasn’t on board with her plan.

Miss Hi-Yah is putting up quite a struggle. “Tell Miss Hi-Yah she can’t come in my room,” the dictator (that once was my son) demands. Using my heavy sigh, “can this be happening to me” voice, I say, “Sheesh, dude, she’s 6 yrs. old…do you seriously need to put her in a headlock bear hug?” Miss Hi-Yah takes advantage of the dictator’s confusion and breaks free. She then promptly punches him in the stomach and then uses me as a human shield. The dictator lunges and a “round the human shield” pursuit begins. Time for the big guns…”DADDY!!”

The dictator immediately turns, runs for his bunker and slams the door. Miss Hi-Yah is not fazed one bit. She starts beating on the door. The Big Gun is ignoring us. He’s been on this runaway train before and doesn’t want another trip. Miss Hi-Yah turns and senses opportunity knocking. She takes a deep breath and pools of tears fill her evil red orbs shooting out daggers beautiful blue eyes. “Connor’s being mean to me, Mama” she sniffles. She rubs her eyes and reaches for me. I lift her up and hug her. (This girl knows how to work a crowd…) I head to the family room to sit down. I catch a glimpse of her in the mirror and see a smirk. I start my “don’t hit your brother cause he won’t let you steal from him” lecture. She just snuggles up closer to me and says sweetly through the tears, “I’m sorry, Mommy. I just wanted to play with him.” (I can just hear her saying “I would like to thank the Academy…”) I continue with the lecture. Miss Hi-Yah rears her angry head and says, “FINE! I’m leavin’! THAT’S IT!” She storms out of the room. “Hey! Just where do you think you’re going, young lady!?” Crazy Mama has bubbled up out of me now. “I’m running away and I’m taking my madness with me!” What? Her madness? Geez, that’s great…she’s angry and nuts! I hope her kind of madness isn’t contagious! (especially since we’re dealing with colds, the fat virus, other assorted seasonal maladies…) And then…wait for it…SLAM! Whew…that must mean she’s packing her stuff having a self imposed time out.

Fast forward one hour…ah…do ya feel it? Peace and harmony restored. Miss Hi-Yah has returned to parts unknown. Our darling Catherine is back, playing happily in her room. I sit down at the computer and this is what greets me…

Our old gray rubber chicken guy has been “hanged” out back at the storage shed! Is this some kind of ominous warning from Miss Hi-Yah?? (I mean she did bury a monster in our backyard…remember this? (You can read about the Monster Homicide here…)

I slept with the lights on and one eye open all night….just sayin’…

p.s. All characters in this story are based on actual people and the names have not been changed to protect the innocent. That being said…my sweetie pie, Catherine, wanted me to let you all know that she is a really, really good, kind soul. She doesn’t want you to think she’s a meanie. She’s just ornery on occasion:) (I’m still sleeping with the lights on….)

p.s.s. Miss Hi-Yah is completely from the mind of Catherine. I’m thinking it’s her name from some scary past life incarnation as a mean nanny or opera diva.

My Ghillie Girl

Hi Folks! Miss Kitty was a bit worried when she saw the Miss Hi-Yah blog photo that you would think she was mean all the time. Let me set the record straight. She is an absolute cherub (with a bit mischief) and the most delicate, lovely creature around. She chose the picture for this post to show you how nice she is. (I think she just wants to show off her ghillies…irish dance shoes…hee hee) So, Cat is a sweet, darling child who always has a smile! (and anyway, Nana says “she’s more important than dirt, Papa!”)….better not let Miss Hi-Yah hear that, Nana or she’ll be knocking on your door….loud….very loud….


The Return of Miss Hi-Yah

Let me begin by saying if I seem a bit hyper this morning, it’s because I actually slept until 5:30!!! (Thanks, Liam…it was a fabulous evening…wink, wink…)

Last night we had a visitor. She hasn’t been to our home in a few days. (I try to block out the previous visits when I can…it may have been only hours…you’ll see why in a moment…) Our visitor’s name is Miss Hi-Yah (pronounced “hi-yaw”.) She is a pretty little creature. She usually shows up with a smile and her “aw shucks” attitude. Sometimes there is eye fluttering involved. The visit usually begins pleasantly enough until (and you never know what will trigger this) her eyes narrow, she develops a deep “man” voice, and something gets thrown in your direction. Then you know for sure, Miss Hi-Yah has arrived.

Miss Hi-Yah first started coming around about 3 years ago…Here’s a picture of one of her early visits…


Lovely, isn’t she? Over the years we have devoloped kind of a warning system that alerts us when she is about to make an appearance. For example, yesterday…she walks into the kitchen and smiles, “Hi Mama!” (so far, so good) I reply, “Hi Lovie, what’s up?” “I’m hungry” she says in her most girly voice. She opens the refrigerator door. “How about a banana?” I say reaching for one. She turns and gives me a look…crikey…her eyes become slits (and…wait for it…here it comes…), her voice deepens. “Well, I guess that’s fine since someone didn’t feed me today.” The fridge door gets slammed…and we’re off…Miss Hi-Yah has arrived.

“Excuuuusssseee meeee, Miss Hi-Yah, but may I remind you that you finished off 3/4 of a DiGiorno pizza all by your little lonesome about 2 hours ago!” I try using my sarcastic tween voice that I am learning from Connor. “Uh, yeah, that was 2 hours ago, Mom,” (ooooo…looks like Miss Hi-Yah is learning the voice too…) Miss Hi-Yah is looking at me with steel daggers shooting out her eye sockets. Connor enters the room and seeing that Miss Hi-Yah has arrived, quickly turns and heads for the sanctuary (and bunker-like quality) of his room. He’s no dummy…he hits the bricks faster than lightning. I have to face this crazy lady all by myself.

I realize I am holding out the banana to her like a peace offering. It suddenly occurs to me that it has a missile-like quality to it and could very possibly be used against me. “Banana or no banana?” I ask trying to remain calm in the face of this impending crisis. Heavy sigh….she shrugs and says (with a bit of whine), “ok, banana, but I’m still hungry.” Being the smart woman that I am, I peel the banana, break it in half and put it in a bowl. I have deconstructed the missile. Whew! Dodged a bullet that time! No projectiles this visit…whoo hooo! She turns to head out the door. “You’re the best mommy ever” she squeaks in her mouse voice. “Awww, I love you too, Kitty.” I smile. Miss Kitty has returned. She holds her bowl up and that’s when I realize a bowl is gonna hurt alot more than a banana…maybe I’m not as brilliant as I thought I was. I start looking wildly around the kitchen for a place to duck and cover. No dice…I am out in the open caught like a deer in headlights. “Enjoy your banana,” I say in my super nice, “you are the best little girl in the world” voice. She stares me at me intently, bowl still in the air. The bowl lowers back to the carry position. “I will, Mama” she gives me a squinty smile and off she trots. Wow! That was close. I could feel disaster just on the horizon that time. The crackle of electricity in the air is calming down…the forest creatures are slowly coming out from their hiding places…and I am breathing normally again. Miss Hi-Yah is off to parts unknown for a bit. Ahhh…feel that? Serenity….

I decide after a few moments of calming myself to go check on my lovely child. (She is eating a banana, after all.) I peek in her room…Wait! Where’s the banana? Her bowl is empty and she is playing contentedly with her dolls. I step cautiously in her room. “Hey darling girl, where’s the banana?” “All gone” she says wiping her hands together. “Yummy in my tummy.” Man, that kid eats fast! (My mind fast forwards to the future to watching Cat win the “who can eat the most bananas in 30 seconds” contest at the county fair…I can actually see her holding a trophy….) “Ok….well, gonna go back to the kitchen now…” I creep slowly back out of the room. “The kitchen?” her head snaps up. “No, I meant laundry room…gotta wash some towels.” I am in a full tilt run now to the laundry room. She’s right on my heels…”the laundry room…is right next to…the kitchen,” she huffs trying to keep up. Busted….

I am happy to report that another banana and some goldfish crackers filled up Miss Hi-Yah’s tummy. We waved good-bye to her and Miss Kitty returned for the rest of the evening.

It’s very early in the morning here, and Miss Kitty is still sleeping. Off I go to the kitchen to get stuff ready for breakfast. I think I’ll make pancakes today…and better add some waffles…maybe some hash browns…bananas, yep, definitely better have the bananas….Miss Hi-Yah has the appetite the size of Cincinnati…a girl can’t be too careful….