A Wee Drop of Irish (or Cloudy With a Chance of B*tchy Part 2)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
How about a wee stroll down memory lane?  Thank you to everyone who messaged me about sharing this blast from the past again this year:)  (yes, Maureen…I do read your emails too!)  Even though it was originally posted in 2009, not too much has changed (says Dawn in her “I can’t believe I have PMS every single year at this same time”  happy (think Pharrell singing “Happy”) voice.  So grab a cup of Irish coffee, Jameson whiskey, Guinness or whatever suits your fancy on this fine St. Patrick’s Day and let me share a tale of whimsy with you.  (and may the luck of the Irish be with you if you come my way today!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)   

Oops! What’s she doing here again? Wasn’t she just here a month ago? UGH! The nerve! We had so much “fun” last time she was here, didn’t we? 

Well, since I have a full day of Irish activities planned, I guess I better be gettin’ my Irish on….hmm…let’s see…maybe I’ll go drink some breakfast.

(That’s right, Mr. Bailey’s Irish Cream Cup…It is delicious!)  And while we’re at it, a traditional Irish breakfast sounds just lovely!  (what?? Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting isn’t Irish enough for you???  Did you see the duck at the top of this post???)

Ok! Time to get dressed for the day! (she says, wiping crumbs and frosting from her mouth)  What? Not appropriate attire for a mom?

Don’t get your shamrocks in a wad…I’ll probably really wear my yoga pants with this top….(Kim, I know you want one of these…)

Now that we’re dressed, we can freshen up a bit with our mouth spray just for this occasion!  

Ok family & friends..I know what you’re thinking right now…(for good reason!)

I guess ya’ll are lucky it’s Irish day and I may have a few quiet moments (unless that mouth spray really kicks in good…)

Time to get the kids and head out for some Irish fun activities that I don’t feel like doing because all I want to do is eat chocolate and watch rom-com chick flicks   (….not my fault…again, please refer to duck at the top of the post..)

(Is it hot in here?…cause I’m thinking it’s really hot in here…can someone turn on the *$%#! air conditioner?!)

(especially this one…)

Oh…sorry…hormones got carried away there for a second.  Oopsy!! …what I really mean is this…

A gorgeous British fellow stole my heart, you know…sorry Bono, gotta say good-bye this St. Patty’s Day…my heart belongs to my British guy:)  (insert bluebirds of happiness, romantic music and fluttering hearts here please)

Time to pack a lunch since we’ll be travelin’ to Irish dance performances and there’s no time to drink eat before we leave!

(Don’t worry….Nana’s driving…)

Oh! Can’t forget my gum! You know me…I stress chew when that stupid duck up there comes to visit…

Well, that’s about it! We are off for the last of our Irish dance performances! March Madness is coming to an end!  Let’s do a jig to celebrate!

Here’s a little St. Patty’s day sentiment from me to you…

Myspace Graphics

And from the bottom of my wee drop of Irish heart, I really mean that!  According to my dear Irish friend Pam, a “wee drop is all ya’ need!” Here’s to you, Pam! Happy St. Pats!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

p.s. No, family members, I have not taken up drinking as a new hobby. (Family members know I don’t drink…well, not very often anyway…hee hee hee..) Just having a little fun on St. Patty’s Day…cause that dumb duck is about to ruin my next week….which may actually force me into taking up drinking…who the heck knows? Quite frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t become a super lush after the week I’ve had! Love you all!

Dear So and So…Braid, Birds and BoobTube Edition

Dear So and So...
Dear Katniss Everdeen Diagonal Braid;

Wow!  You’ve just made my life easier!  Thank you for inspiring my daughter to actually let me brush her hair without a major freak out attack.  My Cat~niss has been wearing French braids, Dutch braids and Fishbone braids for days now all thanks to you.  Cat no longer runs and hides at the sight of a comb and brush.  She actually welcomes them with open arms.  Hopefully, my dear Katniss Braid, you can convince your friend, Irish Dance Curly Wig to do the same.  Maybe you can bring Curly Wig for a play-date soon?  That would be awesome!

Dear St. Patrick’s Day Parade Mini Hat;

We did it!  We fooled EVERYONE at the parade! HAHA!  No one ever guessed that you were a glittery black soda can cozy and some sequin scrap!  And, by the luck of the Irish, you stayed firmly on Miss Cat’s head throughout the entire parade with winds in excess of 100 mph!  (ok…so maybe a few gusts of 20 mph winds, but it felt like 100 mph…)

I’m so wearing you in next year’s parade,

Dear Ginormous Peregrine Falcons That Are Hanging Out In My Tree…

I appreciate your beauty and am in awe of your mighty talons that I know can rip my scalp off (or possibly carry off my daughter to unknown lands)…However, must you hiss at our family every time we pass under the tree?  Is it really necessary to swoop and screech at us every time we walk through our courtyard?  I realize we look like a tasty bunch and you are trying to figure out which delicious morsel you want to rip apart first.  That being said, your bird bullying needs to stop, or I will introduce you to our friends at the Game and Fish Department.  They will gladly remove you from our lovely home. (or you may remember those wacky bobcats that like to hang out on our roof?  They owe us a favor…just sayin….)

Holding Out the Olive Branch,

Dear Pinterest;

I LOVE YOU…enough said.

Dear Once Upon a Time, The River, Dance Moms and Big Bang Theory;

Thank you for bringing me back to the boob-tube. It no longer sits in the family room sad and lonely…begging for attention.  Thanks to you, I actually know what day of the week it is now.  (and how can anyone resist Mr. Gold???)

Nice to see you again, my friendly boob-tube…

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!  

ps…Cat’s parade photo was taken by Mike Stirrat.  Thanks, Mike!

Shakin’ Our Shamrocks

Look at that awesome toe point on Irish dancer girl!  We are finally finished with what we lovingly refer to in Irish dance as “March Madness”! Whew!  As you might imagine, Irish dancers are pretty popular come March.  We’ve just completed our two week tour of performances all over Tucson.  We wrapped up the season yesterday with a viewing of the movie “Lord of the Dance 3D”. 
Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been doing!

Cat with Brandon Mull, author of the fabulous “Fablehaven” series of books! We met him after her performance at the Festival of Books! What a nice guy! (and if you haven’t read this series, do it!  It’s fantastic!)

Parade Prep on the firetruck for the St. Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade…

Taking a bow at Pima College’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration…

And here’s a little video of Irish dancer girl in action!  The stage floor was super slippery, but she still managed to knock out some great dancing! 

Have a wonderful week!

The Good, The Sad and the Ugly…

The Good…

Road Trip!  We are off this week to Sacramento, CA so that Miss Irish Dancer Girl can compete in the Western Region Oireachtas (pronounced O-Rock-tus)! This is a regional competition that requires an invitation from your dance instructor to qualify for attending!  All good luck wishes welcome here!

The Sad… 

Chilly lost his health insurance without any warning on Thursday.  As you might imagine this is seriously devastating to our family.  For those of you not familiar with my blog, Chilly (my husband) is terminally ill.  Without insurance, his health care needs are extremely expensive.  He needs very expensive medications and multiple monthly doctor visits (that are only affordable through insurance) to survive…literally. (and I’m not talking only “long term”…he needs it for his short term survival.) I can’t really say much more without sobbing all over my computer monitor.  

The Ugly…

All I can say here is that when you are going to directly change the quality or length of someone’s life by a choice that you are making, it’s nice (not to mention the “right thing to do”) to give them a head’s up prior to making this decision so that they can have an opportunity to save themselves…While I realize this economy seriously sucks, good old fashioned open communication is always appreciated…”here endeth the lesson…”

(sorry to be so cryptic here…someday I will explain in more detail…)

Gone Feis~in’

We’re off to Phoenix today!  Irish Dancer Girl has a feis (pronounced “fesh”…it’s an Irish dance competition) up there on Saturday.  

Jazz hands are not just for jazz dancin’!

Any good luck you can send her way is most appreciated!  

I plan on hitting Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn Kids, Rainforest Cafe and maybe Ikea while we’re up in the Valley of the Sun.  Teen Caveboy wants to check out the Heart Attack Grill…for the sandwiches…..yeah….right….you tell me if you think it’s all about the burger…

                           I know…you can’t take your eyes off those ginormous burgers…

Sorry to destroy your dreams, Teen Caveboy…if you’re really nice though, I’ll take you to Burger King and get you a paper crown to wear while you’re having your lunch:)

Wishing you all a terrific weekend!!!  See you Monday!  Got some great giveaways brewing for next week too!  


Limbo and Leprechauns

I’ve really been a blogging slacker lately….It seems that my days just fly by so quickly with running Chilly all over the place, home~schooling the kiddos, and now it appears that Chilly has probably suffered a couple of mini~strokes. I’ve received tons of emails inquiring about my bloggy absence and Chilly’s health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind concern.  I’m overwhelmed by your kind thoughts and prayers!  Here’s a quick update on the Chillmeister….

Even though he realizes he has suffered some form of stroke (or most probable…multiple mini~strokes) Chilly is being stubborn and refusing medical treatment.  He feels it won’t stop the inevitable and may even make things worse. It is enormously frustrating.  It just feels like we are always in limbo…waiting for something to improve or decline.  In addition to all of this, my son’s friend lost his mother to cancer last weekend. We attended her funeral this past week. Overall, it’s been a difficult time for all of us.

Valentine’s Day was difficult.  We tried to enjoy the day, but in the back of our minds we knew it was probably our last together.  He has lost consciousness on 3 occasions in the last week.  He is definitely dealing with new neurological impairments over the last couple of weeks. His speech is seemingly more affected, his voice is becoming very raspy (this is actually stroke related)….his mobility has taken a turn for the worse.  I cannot imagine what he must be feeling….his kidneys are so damaged…his eyesight is worsening…he’s dealing with congestive heart failure…and now more stroke issues…His legs are so thin that I can’t figure out how they continue to hold him upright. Every morning I wake up, I reach over to check his breathing.  So far…so good….I have a newfound respect for caregivers, especially since becoming Chilly’s caregiver.  It’s an enormous job physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is diabetes at it’s worst…I pray for a cure for this wretched disease every single day.

Enough with the pity party….Let’s move on to brighter chit~chat….

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner!  That means lots of Irish dance performances and parades around here!  Last Tuesday, Irish Dancer Girl had a class with Michael Patrick Gallagher.  (world renowned Riverdance lead!)

It was an amazing experience for her!  He is simply the world’s best Irish dancer, and our school is lucky to have him!  I’ll try for some video when he returns in a few weeks!

I asked her today if she would like to have a Leprechaun Luncheon to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  She rolled her eyes and said, “Mom, don’t you know that leprechauns are “burnin” legends?”  (I think she meant “urban” legends…hee hee hee…)  Now, I’m on a mission to make her believe in leprechauns!  

Thanks for your patience with me…I promise to be visiting your blogs over the next week.  I’ve just been in a vulnerable place lately as well as never seeming to have 5 free minutes to sit down! I miss every single one of you!


Irish Dancer Girl Rockin’ the Feis!

What a weekend! Four medals out of 5 competitions! She freakin’ rocks my poodle socks off! (FYI..poodle socks are what the Irish dancers wear…)
She won first place for this dance!(sorry for the poor video quality…I had to sneak it…didn’t have time to prep the camera for lighting and people kept bumping into me..yada yada yada…)
I am one VERY proud Mama!
(Join the weekend Wordle fun over at Last Shreds of Sanity! Wordles are the bomb!)

Dear So and So…Maiden Voyage….

Dear So and So...
TGIF! Today at the Bee and Rose, we are participating in “Dear So and So…” presented by the fabulous Kat, over at “3 Bedroom Bungalow!” I love reading her posts and “Dear So and So…” is always a riot!

Off we go…

Dear Hermione Granger….

May I please borrow your Time Turner?

I’m running around like a crazy woman trying to accomplish many tasks, but getting nothing done. I know how much this lovely magical gadget helped you during your third year at Hogwarts. I’m hoping it will help me to get caught up on all of my projects and tasks around here. Would you please put in a kind word for me with Professor McGonagall about borrowing it?

Eternally Grateful…
Dear Trader Joes,
I am truly enjoying your Spicy Hummus dip this summer! I also can’t get enough of your Chocolate Covered English Toffee, Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame Beans or your Irish Breakfast Tea (especially yummy with a splash of heavy cream…heavenly!) Your Cedar and Sage Multipurpose Cleaner is making my kitchen countertops all shiny and clean too! I love you, Trader Joes! You’re definitely worth the 40 minute drive!

Your Very Satisfied Customer,
Dear Blogger,

You have made me a very sad little bee recently. You kidnapped my blog for reasons still unknown…returned it (thank you…), but removed me from all of the blogs I followed! That was just plain mean, Blogger. So many bloggy friends thought I stopped following them and it hurt their feelings. That was a stinkin’ dirty trick to play on us. The worst part is that you won’t help me fix this issue and I still can’t re-join their blogs! You suck, Blogger! Why do you tease me with leaving all my followed blogs in my Reader, but not let me re-follow my friends on their blog sites??? I know other friendly bloggers that you are torturing with this mess too…I know I’m not alone…I have two words for you, Blogger….WORDPRESS and TYPEPAD….

So wanting to kick your booty,
Dear Irish Dancer Girl,

Wishing you lots of luck this weekend at the feis! (an Irish dance competition pronounced “fesh”..) I know you will dance just beautifully and have lots of fun with your friends! I am so proud to be your mama!

With all my love,
Dear Bloggy Friends and Family,

Thank you for sharing your votes with me over at my Featured Reader Post at La Dolce Vita! I am still able to receive votes through Sunday! (For those who’ve asked, yes, I can receive multiple votes…one per person per day…) I really, really, really want to win this….

I am still in the begging and pleading state of being…my kids just shake their heads in pity at me when they walk by and see me at the computer whispering sweet nothings to this beautiful necklace….please, for my children’s sake, clickety HERE to vote for me…my children would love to see me stop groveling over wear this necklace!

With extreme gratitude,
We are off to Phoenix for the feis this weekend! See ya’ll on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Not Me Monday: Milk Duds, Medals and Bringing Back My Mojo

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

I did NOT have a lovely weekend with my family in Scottsdale while enjoying Catherine’s Irish dance competition. I did NOT enjoy my huge turkey salad at Shogun on Friday. Chilly does NOT force us to eat at Shogun everytime we visit Scottsdale. He did NOT talk non-stop about their stupid famous turkey salad from the minute he found out we were going to Scottsdale. I did NOT want to shove the ginormous salad down his throat the minute it was served just to shut him up already about the turkey salad. (I am NOT admitting to the public that I love this turkey salad as much as Chilly does.)

I did NOT find out all sorts of interesting things about Chilly from his best friend who joined us for lunch at Shogun that I can use in the future blackmailing of my husband. There are NOT photos involved in these sordid tales to prove these stories are NOT true.

I am NOT ridiculously proud of this adorable Irish dancer girl…

She did NOT win 4 medals and did NOT move up a level in 3 of her dances in her second competition ever. She is NOT a natural born Irish dancer…NOT this cutie pie!

The kids and I did NOT think we were hallucinating in the Fry’s grocery store parking lot last Thursday afternoon because we did NOT see a HORSE “parked” in a parking space. We do NOT love living in AZ because this is NOT normal behavior for the wild west. I did NOT say out loud that I was bummed that I didn’t have my camera with me because I did NOT want to take a photo of it for my blog. Tween Caveboy did NOT roll his eyes at me when I mentioned my blog.

I did NOT feel like “Big Brother” was watching us everywhere we went on our trip to Scottsdale / Phoenix over the weekend. I did NOT notice the millions of photo radar cameras that are posted every mile or so on practically every street. I did NOT notice the gazillions of highway patrol on I-10 either. I did NOT leave the Valley of the Sun feeling extremely paranoid.

I did NOT go on a Milk Dud binge last week while making gift baskets for a fundraising raffle. I did NOT have to replace three boxes of Milk Duds for the raffle baskets because I did NOT eat the ones purchased for them. I also did NOT eat the package of Red Vines intended for said raffle baskets either. I do NOT eat candy when I feel stress because it’s bad for me.

I was NOT surprised that the salon of doom reimbursed the money for my botched color job. I did NOT want to say “I TOLD YOU SO” to the receptionist when he saw how badly the “stylist” had messed it up. He did NOT look horrified and hurriedly hand me my money so that I would leave quickly. He was NOT worried that other customers might notice the HORRENDOUS job that their salon did on my hair. I have NOT decided to embrace my Kelly Clarkson look temporarily because 3 salon professionals have told me that it would seriously damage my hair further to try to correct it at this stage. These same professionals did NOT look at me with their eyes filled with pity upon seeing the gaps and streaks in my hair. I will NOT be posting photos of this hair nightmare later this week.

I do NOT wish that you all have a joyful week ahead of you filled with lots of laughter and good times! I certainly do NOT want you to have fun this fine month of June!


Not Me Monday: Luck of the Irish Cop Ditching Edition

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

I did NOT cry tears of happy happy joy joy upon seeing this on Saturday! I was NOT a very PROUD and DELIGHTED Mommy!

I was NOT tickled to pieces seeing my sweet Catherine standing on the FIRST place podium for dancing her Irish reel! (I did NOT get really stinkin’ mad that my dinosaur camera took a really bad photo of the event. I did NOT want to pitch the camera in the trash for having that stupid delay because it’s sooo dang old. I do NOT want Chilly to buy me the new Canon Rebel that I went to see at Best Buy after the feis because I was NOT sad about my horible photos from our special day.)

I did NOT think Catherine looked super adorable in her curly wig showing off her medals either.

I did NOT get busted by the feis people for trying to take photos during the dancing part of the competition. They did NOT announce very loudly NO PHOTOGRAPHY OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED the minute my flash popped. I would NEVER try to break the rules to get a photo of my daughter dancing in her first feis. I do NOT think Cat looks like she has the eyes of an alien in the picture that I did NOT take during her dancing.

Catherine did NOT announce to me last night that I was letting her suffer. When I inquired as to how I was contributing to said suffering, she did NOT tell me she was thirsty and I needed to bring her a glass of water. My 6 yr old daughter is NOT a spoiled rotten diva.

The same 6 yr old did NOT keep crawling under the table at the restaurant during breakfast on Sunday. When asked why she was doing this, she did NOT reply, “Katie (Cat’s invisible friend..fyi..) is hiding from the cops.” She did NOT then point to the two police officers enjoying their breakfast a few tables away. We did NOT think our daughter was weird or wonder what kind of invisible friends she was hanging out with lately. Upon further questioning, it did NOT appear that the show “iCarly” had anything to do with this particular behavior. I am NOT having a meeting with the invisible friends today to tell them to knock it off.

I am NOT thinking Barbie needs a week (or ten) at the Canyon Ranch Spa in Tuscon. I will NOT be joining her because I do NOT look like this lately either. Barbie did NOT gain all of this weight by blogging…DON”T let the computer in her lap and the Chinese takeout next to her fool you…

I am NOT grateful for all of my AWESOME bloggy friends who have stuck with me during my two months of hell on earth. I will NOT be a blogstalking fool this week. I will NOT be annoying everyone with my comments on their blogs. I did NOT discover that I am now following almost 300 blogs. I am NOT in awe of Kristina P and her amazing blogstalking abilities! She is so NOT my bloggy hero.

I do NOT want you all to have a delightful week ahead of you. NO I do NOT!