And the Mother of the Year, Decade, Millenium Goes to…..(also Bee’s Halloween Giveaway Final Day!)

So, I am now officially “Mother of the Year!”  Wanna see how I won this prestigious title?  Take a look…

Meet Connor (aka Teen Caveboy)…he’s hanging out with Shim, lead singer of Sick Puppies!  You may know Sick Puppies from this very famous video….

(Why not go ahead and watch it again? It will brighten your day and chase away those Monday blues...)

Connor and I headed out to a Sick Puppies concert yesterday.  It was FANTASTIC!  They are amazing entertainers and the band was very kind in the autograph line.  (Connor was first in line, of course!)  So how exactly does all of this make me Mother of the Year?  Sit a spell and I’ll tell ya!

Sick Puppies management made it VERY clear that NO photos were allowed to be taken with any band member personally.  They would allow photos of the autograph signing, but no “one on one” photos with any band member PERIOD.  Not Gonna Happen…Don’t Bother Asking…Just get your autograph and go. Totally understandable since there were over 500 people (seriously, no joke) in line for autographs.  Well, being the rebel that I am, I saw an opportunity after they were done doing autographs and just went for it.  I wanted to make this special for Connor. I found a staff member who seemed open to my request and thought the worst that could happen was that he would say no.  No big….But…he said YES!  So off we went to meet Shim!  He couldn’t have been nicer…this guy absolutely rocks!  He was very, very kind to Connor.  It was truly one of the highlights of Teen Caveboy’s life!

Some highlights of the show….

So there you have it!  Mother of the Year!  Who’s your Mommy now?!  (Thanks Chilly, again, for my awesome camera! I’ve had the best year in picture taking EVER!)

***BEE ALERT!***

Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter Bee’s Spook~tacular Giveaway! Winner will be chosen via Random Generator tomorrow.  Entries will be accepted until midnight Mountain Time tonight. (Monday)

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New Additions to Bee’s Spook~tacular Halloween Giveaway! Deadline Extended to Monday!

Happy Saturday!  Just thought I’d throw in a few new additions to the Spook~tacular Giveaway!  Who knows what else might end up in this freakishly fab giveaway!?

These little beauties are hot sellers for Black Crow Boo~tique!  I know you’ll love them too! 

If you haven’t seen what’s in the entire giveaway, just click HERE…or scroll down to the post below!  It’s filled with all sorts of tricks and treats for your haunted home!

Today is BONUS entry day!  Once you’ve done the mandatory entry on the original giveaway post, come back here and leave a comment about your favorite Halloween costume or memory!  That’s it!  

Here’s a reminder on how to enter!

*MANDATORY entry ~  Just leave a comment on the original giveaway post about which item is your favorite in the ginormous Halloween giveaway!
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*Originally, giveaway was ending on Sunday 10/24 at midnight.  Due to popular demand, I’m extending the deadline to Monday 10/25 at midnight!  
Open to US and Canadian bloggers.  Thanks!
For those who’ve inquired about Black Crow Boo~tique….As many of you know, I own a boutique Halloween business, Black Crow Boo~tique.  The last couple of years we have had to limit our business to local operations due to my husband’s mulitple terminal illnesses.  We appreciate all of the amazing support we’ve received…it’s overwhelming!  As a result, we will re-open BCB on the world wide web come next spring.  (Yep, spring…believe it or not, people start shopping then!)  We’ll have a new website up and will still continue our local parties, sales, and party consulting.  Thank you so much for your continued support!  Big smoochies to all of you!
Now go enter this AWESOME giveaway!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Fiends….

All right…She’s not really a fiend, but she sure is cute!  Miss Irish Dancer Girl performing at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival…caught in mid-air! back to my original plan for this post….I love October!  I adore Autumn, Halloween and we have Irish dance performances at various festivals to enjoy.  We’ve been busy putting our spookalicious touches around the house to celebrate the season!  Thought I’d share a bit of the boo with you!

Even Snow White joins the Halloween fun at our house!

That’s just a wee bit of the Halloween mojo we have going on!  Because I love this holiday so much, I’m hosting a Halloween ~ Autumn themed giveaway this week!  Check back in a day or two to see what freakishly fabulous goodies I have in store for you!  Also, a Perricone giveaway is coming soon too!

Happy Autumn!

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Again, I return to the land of Blog after a long absence….Cross your fingers that I can stick around this time! I’ve been living in a house of ill repute for the last week. (no…I’m not taking up prostitution just yet, although with the cost of Chilly’s medical bills, medicines and the price of apples, I am seriously considering it…more on how apples nearly caused my own heart attack in a moment….)

My house of ill repute is literally filled with the sick and infirm. All I can say is that it seriously sucks to care for your sick family when you are sick yourself. My son has the flu, (NOT H1N1, thank God!), Irish Dancer Girl has allergy and sinus issues, and Chilly is having some serious upper respiratory issues which are dangerous for him. Hopefully, he will not have to be hospitalized. I’m having some mild asthma and sinus issues myself and would really just like to NOT pee my panties every time I cough. All I can say is that I am not too proud to start wearing Depends at this point if it means I don’t have to change clothes every 30 seconds! (I know…TMI…sorry….I’m delirious….and don’t laugh, younger friends….you’ll be 40+ someday too!) Fortunately, after days of despair, we are on the mend and on to healthier times.

Back to the apples…
Chilly and I stopped at our local grocery store last week for a few items. Chilly picked up four Gala apples. We paid for our items and it occurs to me that our tab is a bit higher than I calculated. (Yes, I am that kind of shopper…I watch those receipts like a hawk.) I spot the crime immediately.

4 apples = $5.29.……Did ya catch that?

What the heck are these freakin’ apples made of? Some kind of edible gold? I actually started shrieking in the store (much to Chilly’s horror…) “ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? FIVE DOLLARS FOR FOUR APPLES??? THAT IS JUST PLAIN THIEVERY!!”

Poor Chilly scuttles to the exit as fast as he can because he knows I’m just getting started. I march back to the apple stand where I KNOW the sign for Gala apples said $1 per pound and sure enough, they are just that. Chilly insists that he purchased Galas. Upon closer inspection, I discover the problem. Chilly has purchased 4 Honeycrisp apples. Honeycrisps are the “shee-shee~pooh~pooh” Prada style apples of the apple world. They are $3 per pound!!

I can plainly see how Chilly was hoodwinked. Galas and Honeycrisp look almost identical. The day before when Chilly purchased his Gala apples he found them easily. The day of the crime, he went back to where he originally picked up the Galas. HOWEVER, the Galas had been moved to the opposite side of the aisle and were replaced with the Honeycrisp. SHAZAM! It was a bait and switch! Those produce managers are diabolical! Chilly does not have the shopping savvy that I possess so he was completely suckered in by that rotten trick.

I have a feeling that Snow White probably bit into a Honeycrisp and passed out when she found out how expensive they were. That’s probably the E True Hollywood version of her story. So, BUYER BEWARE!!! Watch out for the Honeycrisp Bait and Switch at your local market! And, is it just me or has the price of apple cider just gone completely sky high too?! Oy!

Well, my mad nursing skills are being summoned from various parts of my kingdom. More Halloween fun coming tomorrow!


Pink-a-Boo! Let the Magic Begin!

Happy October 1st!

As some of you may know, I operate a Halloween boutique called “Black Crow Boutique.” This year we are putting operations on hold so that we can spend lots of quality family time with Chilly. I still have loads of spooktacular ideas for you, and will be sharing them throughout the month!

Chilly has finally returned to work. (Thank Heavens…oops! I mean, Hooray!) I drive him as it will be a few more months before he can manage that on his own. The important thing is that he is back in the office and feeling productive. He is using a cane to help him get around, but overall seems to be doing much better. I hope that now I can get back to blogstalking! I have missed visiting all of you!! I honestly can’t believe it’s already October 1! It seems like Chilly just came home from the hospital!

Recently, Irish Dancer Girl spotted this little goody at Target. She completely went bonkers and decided her Halloween was going to be a pink one!

I’m always open to creative ideas, so off we went in search of pink Halloween goodies. Here’s a bit of what we found….

A pink skelly….

Pink treats…..



(these make terrific vampire fangs!

We even found some pink-a-ween treats for your bath!

(Chilly and I think these pink brain soaps are a riot! I know…we are twisted people considering he just had a stroke..We are buying them for our bathroom!)

Halloween isn’t complete without a few ghouls and goblins!

Some wicked wearables….

I am also putting up Irish Dancer Girl’s small white Christmas tree, adding black and pink polka dot bows, black crows, black cats and other assorted pink & black ornaments. We’re going to paint a few craft pumpkins pink and glitter them up too!

(Don’t worry…I’m still sticking with the traditional orange and black in the rest of the house! lol!)

And while we’re on the subject of a pink October, don’t forget to check your BOO-bies! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Wishing you a delightful October!


ps…Please email me if you want the info on any of these items:) I didn’t have enough time to do all of the linky stuff…I’d be happy to link you up with the vendors!

Cloudy with a Chance of Chilly

Hello…?…? (peeks head in..)…Is anyone here??….

I’ve missed you all so much! I’ve been busy dragging Chilly to physical therapy multiple times per week (trying to get him up walking again) as well as going to lots of follow-up doctor appointments trying to keep him among the living. His doctors are 45 minutes away. As a matter of fact, my day usually begins with Willie Nelson whispering “On the Road Again” in my ear… it’s kind of like that movie “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray wakes up every day to “I’ve Got You, Babe”. Thanks, Chilly…the good times just keep coming with you!

So, Chilly and I took Catherine out to see “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.” It was a FABULOUS day! First of all, there was no pink bucket tagging along…….What? What does a pink bucket have to do with taking your wee girl to a movie? Pink Bucket hasn’t left Chilly’s side since he was in the hospital. I’m sure you can use your imagination to figure out what might end up in the pink bucket…let’s just say it starts with “v and ends with “t” all thanks to the swelling in Chilly’s cerebellum..niiiice..We haven’t been able to take Chilly anywhere because, let’s face it, no one wants to hang out with a guy who’s tossing up his cookies every five minutes. (no, that is not a gross exaggeration…well, it’s gross, but not an exaggeration…) Plus, for some bizarre reason, Chilly gives it everything he’s got…like he’s trying out for some disgusting world record on who can do this the loudest. Gackety gack and more gack…Anyhoo….

I decided to treat Irish Dancer Girl to a movie (after I confirmed the sale of my kidney to pay for the tickets) to bring a smile to her face. Chilly wanted to go along….uh~oh…Irish Dancer Girl was pretty clear that Pink Bucket would not be welcome. In her words, “Dad, the movie isn’t called Cloudy With a Chance of V…”(well, you get the idea…) So, Chilly ventured out without PB. Thank Goodness! It was a successful trip…hallelujah!

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was FANTASTIC! We loved it! Definitely worth the kidney sacrifice! I highly recommend it! We will be purchasing the DVD when it comes out. It was absolutely delightful!

It was the first time that Chilly has ever been able (due to his many health complications) to go to a movie with Irish Dancer Girl at a movie theater. It was a very special day. Chilly was pretty overwhelmed with the reality that we may not have many of these special outings ahead of us and that we really need to soak it all in while we do. It was a day filled with many emotions, but much joy. (Looking forward to more outings without the pink bucket!)


Haunt Your Home!

I found a few goodies to help you celebrate Halloween! You can get these from! Lots of fun stuff over there (including the Broomba!)

Spooky Wall Mount Hands!

Monster Wanted Posters!

Happy Haunting!