New Additions to Bee’s Spook~tacular Halloween Giveaway! Deadline Extended to Monday!

Happy Saturday!  Just thought I’d throw in a few new additions to the Spook~tacular Giveaway!  Who knows what else might end up in this freakishly fab giveaway!?

These little beauties are hot sellers for Black Crow Boo~tique!  I know you’ll love them too! 

If you haven’t seen what’s in the entire giveaway, just click HERE…or scroll down to the post below!  It’s filled with all sorts of tricks and treats for your haunted home!

Today is BONUS entry day!  Once you’ve done the mandatory entry on the original giveaway post, come back here and leave a comment about your favorite Halloween costume or memory!  That’s it!  

Here’s a reminder on how to enter!

*MANDATORY entry ~  Just leave a comment on the original giveaway post about which item is your favorite in the ginormous Halloween giveaway!
Want some extra chances to win?  All righty, then!
*Follow my blog = 1 entry

*Become a Facebook Friend = 1 entry  (You can also Twitter about giveaway if you choose not to do FB..just send me a link to it!)

*Blog about my giveaway = 1 entry  (send me a link please)
Please leave a separate comment for each entry. This increases your chances to win!  Also, if you already follow my blog or FB, just leave a comment telling me that:) 
*Originally, giveaway was ending on Sunday 10/24 at midnight.  Due to popular demand, I’m extending the deadline to Monday 10/25 at midnight!  
Open to US and Canadian bloggers.  Thanks!
For those who’ve inquired about Black Crow Boo~tique….As many of you know, I own a boutique Halloween business, Black Crow Boo~tique.  The last couple of years we have had to limit our business to local operations due to my husband’s mulitple terminal illnesses.  We appreciate all of the amazing support we’ve received…it’s overwhelming!  As a result, we will re-open BCB on the world wide web come next spring.  (Yep, spring…believe it or not, people start shopping then!)  We’ll have a new website up and will still continue our local parties, sales, and party consulting.  Thank you so much for your continued support!  Big smoochies to all of you!
Now go enter this AWESOME giveaway!

My Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Today’s post was originally going to begin with a fabulous Wordle I tried to create to honor one of my favorite movies, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” However, my computer is not cooperating with me right now so just pretend you that what you see up there is a real Wordle and not this fake thingy I’m trying to pass off as one. If you have a moment, why not visit Shannon’s Wordle Weekends at Last Shreds of Sanity to join the Wordle fun?! (I love making Wordles…not sure why “my precious” (aka computer) is being so persnickety this morning…..)

Back to my Breakfast at Tiffany’s….

If I were having breakfast at Tiffany’s this morning, this is what I would order off of the “menu”…

I’d start with some gorgeous key pendants….I love keys…I have them all over my home in all shapes and sizes…

Then I’ll have this….and I should probably order these off the “menu” too….
and then I should have some dessert….
I will have to buy some souvenirs to commemorate this very special breakfast….I think these little beauties are just the ticket….Holly Golightly shades and a Tiffany “blue box” charm….

Yummmmmy….that is the most pleasurable breakfast I’ve ever had!

Audrey Hepburn was a shining light during her life, and her life is an inspiration to me. She was an amazing humanitarian, a classic beauty and lived her life with great integrity. I loved her style…she made wearing capris, a button down shirt and flats an iconic fashion statement…I love this look still….absolutely timeless…and of course, who could forget that gorgeous black dress and pearls….sigh…….

She would often quote her favorite poem by Sam Levenson….you may be familiar with it…It is the perfect meaning of real beauty…I love it too…

Time Tested Beauty Tips….

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; Never throw out anybody.

Remember, If you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows. “


I am off to grab a real Holly Golightly inspired breakfast of croissants and coffee…then I am going to curl up and watch the movie…It’s time to dump the frump and get my girly on! I think I’ll throw my hair up in a Holly Golightly French Twist while I’m at it!

Wishing you a very Happy Sunday!

One last thing! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!! We can’t wait to see you next week!!!! Love and miss you!


P.S. Yes, Chilly, there is a Tiffany’s store in Tucson…and how nice of me to give you the 411 on exactly what I need!

Thankful Thursday: A Gentle Reminder (or a brick upside the head…)

Today we are a wee bit sensitive at the Bee and Rose….you can all send your thanks to Chilly for that….(for those of you just joining our regularly scheduled programming, Chilly would be my hubster…)

You see, Tuesday evening, the Chillmeister decided to interrupt my practically perfect pity party with news that he was bringing home the DVD “Seven Pounds” starring Will Smith. As he delivered this bombshell, I was in the midst of a series of “Why Me’s”, “What Do You Want From Me’s” and other assorted mental suckage issues with God. I find it ironic that shortly after I issued my invite to the Heavens to my pity party, Chilly calls about the DVD. Mind you, he is really proud of himself because he feels he has “listened” to me during casual conversation where I mentioned once that I would like to see that movie. So he calls, and says “I have a surprise for you…yada, yada, yada” and I reply “Whatev” and get back to the pity party. (I think God used Chilly as His messenger to me, because not only did he bring home the movie, but picked up dinner too! Now I am totally suspicious…I feel an emotional conspiracy going on here….)

Fast forward to after the movie….I now understand why this movie is titled “Seven Pounds”….because you need seven pounds of Kleenex while watching it!

Will Smith is absolutely outstanding in this movie! As we are a family potentially dealing with the same issues shown in the film, we were deeply moved by this inspiring (albeit very emotionally charged) story. I don’t want to give any plot details away, but I will say it is a film that will sit with you emotionally long after you’ve seen it.

It is a heartfelt, and at times, soul wrenching story that touched my soul in so many ways. Ironically, it completely shifted my mental attitude from the sadness and overwhelm I feel about Chilly’s situation, etc. to a much more hopeful place. It reminded me of my abundance and good fortune (and I don’t mean that in the material sense.)

I couldn’t have watched it at a better time in my life. Thank you, Chilly, for listening….Thank you, God, for your impeccable timing (as usual!)

Not Me Monday: Milk Duds, Medals and Bringing Back My Mojo

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

I did NOT have a lovely weekend with my family in Scottsdale while enjoying Catherine’s Irish dance competition. I did NOT enjoy my huge turkey salad at Shogun on Friday. Chilly does NOT force us to eat at Shogun everytime we visit Scottsdale. He did NOT talk non-stop about their stupid famous turkey salad from the minute he found out we were going to Scottsdale. I did NOT want to shove the ginormous salad down his throat the minute it was served just to shut him up already about the turkey salad. (I am NOT admitting to the public that I love this turkey salad as much as Chilly does.)

I did NOT find out all sorts of interesting things about Chilly from his best friend who joined us for lunch at Shogun that I can use in the future blackmailing of my husband. There are NOT photos involved in these sordid tales to prove these stories are NOT true.

I am NOT ridiculously proud of this adorable Irish dancer girl…

She did NOT win 4 medals and did NOT move up a level in 3 of her dances in her second competition ever. She is NOT a natural born Irish dancer…NOT this cutie pie!

The kids and I did NOT think we were hallucinating in the Fry’s grocery store parking lot last Thursday afternoon because we did NOT see a HORSE “parked” in a parking space. We do NOT love living in AZ because this is NOT normal behavior for the wild west. I did NOT say out loud that I was bummed that I didn’t have my camera with me because I did NOT want to take a photo of it for my blog. Tween Caveboy did NOT roll his eyes at me when I mentioned my blog.

I did NOT feel like “Big Brother” was watching us everywhere we went on our trip to Scottsdale / Phoenix over the weekend. I did NOT notice the millions of photo radar cameras that are posted every mile or so on practically every street. I did NOT notice the gazillions of highway patrol on I-10 either. I did NOT leave the Valley of the Sun feeling extremely paranoid.

I did NOT go on a Milk Dud binge last week while making gift baskets for a fundraising raffle. I did NOT have to replace three boxes of Milk Duds for the raffle baskets because I did NOT eat the ones purchased for them. I also did NOT eat the package of Red Vines intended for said raffle baskets either. I do NOT eat candy when I feel stress because it’s bad for me.

I was NOT surprised that the salon of doom reimbursed the money for my botched color job. I did NOT want to say “I TOLD YOU SO” to the receptionist when he saw how badly the “stylist” had messed it up. He did NOT look horrified and hurriedly hand me my money so that I would leave quickly. He was NOT worried that other customers might notice the HORRENDOUS job that their salon did on my hair. I have NOT decided to embrace my Kelly Clarkson look temporarily because 3 salon professionals have told me that it would seriously damage my hair further to try to correct it at this stage. These same professionals did NOT look at me with their eyes filled with pity upon seeing the gaps and streaks in my hair. I will NOT be posting photos of this hair nightmare later this week.

I do NOT wish that you all have a joyful week ahead of you filled with lots of laughter and good times! I certainly do NOT want you to have fun this fine month of June!


Friday Fragments: No More Voodoo For You!

Friday Fragments?

Join more Friday Fragments Fun over at Half-Past Kissin’ Time!

I’d like to begin with some eye candy…He is one of my new favorite vampire hotties…

Alexander Skarsgard….(he plays Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood series based on the Sookie Stackhouse books)…H-O-T-T-I-E……Come bite me, Eric Northman…I won’t tell Chilly…


I turned Irish Dancer Girl into a piece of toast….

You can become a piece of toast too! Just go here and read all about it! It’s for a worthy cause too! (Thanks to Ann at Ann Again….And Again for sharing this!)

CANDY BAR PIE….yep, I said CANDY BAR PIE….yuuummmmmyyy….

Let me just say that I actually salivated while reading the recipe for this…You can find it here at A Duck in Her Pond. If you haven’t visited the Blonde Duck, you must do so immediately! She has pie recipes that are out of this world! She has a collection of short stories that she teases us with (she is the queen of the cliffhanger!) and lots more fun over there!


Dear Idiot Who Put the Voodoo on My Life For The Entire Month of April…

I don’t know you, but apparently you think you can ruin my life by crashing my computer, wrecking my daughter’s knee right before her first Irish Dance competition, and by almost killing Chilly again…(apparently, Freaky Voodoo Person, you don’t read my blog….Chilly is indestructible…for you newbies, Chilly is my husband:) Trying to take him down while I’m in the midst of a Monster Giveaway was a stinkin’ cheap shot there, dude. Not cool at all. I know you did that because you thought it would make me all crazy and want to jump off a cliff, but you don’t know me! You can’t get me down! The Grim Reaper has come many times for Chilly these last two years and he still can’t catch him.

I have gathered a few voodoo tools myself! If you don’t stop with your nonsense, I will be forced to eat you.
My Angel voodoo girl hereby banishes you to wherever bad Voodoo do-ers go. Buh-bye! No more Voodoo for YOU!


We have a fancy new McDonalds in our small town. It has a sports bar with flat screen tv, a coffee bar, fancy interior design called “fast food chic” (no, I am not kidding…that’s really what they call it..), a wi-fi lounge and a play place (don’t even get me started on those germ infested nightmares!) It’s actually decorated in soothing neutral tones…completely opposite of the old decor you find in other McD’s where they bombard you with bad 80’s paintings and mauve with teal interior colors. No, this McD’s has a very…dare I say it?….Pottery Barn vibe. The seating is completely hip and funky. I’ll try to get some photos…You have to see it to believe it!


Talking about McDonalds reminded me that I saw Leaky Poo Pants again…this time at Walmart (remember that horror story?) Poor Poo Pants was still looking pretty bedraggled. Still only wearing a very dirty t-shirt and diaper (no, it didn’t appear this one was on overload, thank heavens..) He was anxiously chewing on something that I can only hope was meant for a human. It was pretty bedraggled looking too. And guess what his mom was doing….again….standing about 6 feet away, back turned toward him, talking on her stupid phone! I just had to leave before I had a nervous breakdown.


There is nothing better to beat the blues than to see a sweet friend that you’ve missed! I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friend, Kim yesterday at Cat’s Irish dance class. Kim, if you are reading this today…THANK YOU for making me smile and giggle! It really turned me around! I had a fabulous time chattin’ it up with you! I missed you and was so very happy we had the chance to catch up yesterday afternoon. Big HUGS to you! I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Finally, for Chilly…Keep hanging in there! I know it’s been a challenging time, but there’s no one else who can make me laugh the way you do! (Chilly’s personality is alot like Doug from King of Queens…alot….lol!) We all love you and are here for you!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

p.s. Winners of the giveaway..Prizes are on their way! Woo hoo! Thanks again for playing!

UPDATED! Tuesday’s Tribute: Here’s Your Sign (aka Prizes, Anyone?)

UPDATE! Two more prizes just added to the 4 already listed!(1:00 pm mst!)

My Tuesday Tribute is dedicated to…and you may have already guessed this…the GEEK Squad!

Oops! I just had a geekasm! My precious laptop has returned home! Hooray! Let the confetti rain down on my geek parade!

It was exactly one week ago today that my laptop suffered a mind-swipe due to what seemed to be a power surge, but what I believe was a really well disguised alien abduction.

Once the dust cleared and I realized something horrible had happened, I raced precious to Best Buy General Hospital. While driving at ambulance level rates of speed, I prayed for a sign that all would be well. For Heaven’s sake, I had just launched a monster size giveaway on Monday! Upon arriving at the “hospital”, a man nearly knocked me down trying to get into the store ahead of me. I almost tried to trip him until I noticed the back of his shirt. It read “I’m Always Here to Lend a Helping Hand.” Whoa! Nice work, Jesus! That’s a pretty clear sign!

I get to the Intensive Care Unit at the Geek Squad where the Geek Docs are waiting to help. (I was sad to see all the other laptops all lined up on life support on the counter.) I knew what their families were feeling.

This is where sign #2 showed up.

The names of the two FANTASTIC Geek Docs that assisted me were Milt and George. That is a HUGE sign for me…here’s why…

My dad’s name is Milt and we have a close family friend named George. Dad and George always work well together and can fix just about anything they work on. I knew immediately that God was letting me know all was not lost! I left my trusty laptop with these fellows and hoped for the best.

On Saturday, I checked in on my precious. A very helpful Geekster named Tom listened patiently to my blathering on about this and that. He offered up comforting words and reassurances that they were doing everything they could to save my precious. He’s a great guy, that Tom!

Yesterday morning, I called for an update and another kind Geekster named Omar said it was time for my laptop to come home. However, she had amnesia and there was no way to restore her memory. She had become a vegetable. I will no longer be able to stroll down memory lane with her and look at photos or listen to my iTunes downloads…sniffle..sniffle…(For the record, I’m stickin’ with the alien mindswipe theory…;)

So this tribute is for you, Geek Squad at the Best Buy on Calle Santa Cruz in Tucson, AZ! You guys are rockin’ GeekStars! Your customer service was top quality! You all deserve a bonus!

Here is precious with her doctors, Omar and Tom. (Cat’s Frankenbangs are growing out nicely, aren’t they?)

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post the five extra prizes yesterday. I spent the entire day out and about trying to gather the things needed for my precious laptop’s continued recovery. It also took several hours to get it loaded into the computer. I’m still not done! I hope to be fully functional by this evening.

Here are four of the five (maybe more!) prizes being added to the MONSTER giveaway!
I will add the others later today (if I can get some time on the parent’s computer if my precious is still not fully up.) Can I just say…they are flippin’ awesome?!

Prize #21 (Pirate’s Booty)

Set of 2 Accoutrements Pirate Finger Puppets

Prize #22 (An Evening with Jane)

Mug reads “For what do we live, but to make sport for our
our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn.”

Prize #23 Ice Bat Uglydoll
Prize #24 OUCH Voodoo Toothpick Holder

Prize #25 Cupcake Kitchen! Jessie Steele Cupcake Apron & Cuisinart Pink Kitchen Brush!

Prize #26 Boss Lady Loot! (compact mirror, coin purse, cinnamon gum!)

If you haven’t already entered the giveaway, go here.

If you’d like additional entries, go here and here.

Stay tuned for one more opportunity to enter in Thursday’s post!

And finally, THANK YOU for sticking with me, my dear friends in Blogland! I will be spending the next several days visiting my new friends, catching up with old friends and spreading the comment love like wild fire! I will also catch up on all of my email…(let’s just say it’s in the triple digits! Crikey!)


Coming to You Live From Chilly’s Office!

Hi! Comments are now closed for this post so we can prepare them for the drawing in the Monster Giveaway! Thank you for participating!

If I had a Wordle this weekend, it would be here! But alas, my hubster’s office computer doesn’t have any fancy software for me to use, so just pretend you see my Wordle here!)

It’s Saturday and that means Shannon over at Last Shreds of Sanity is hosting Weekend Wordles! Clickety on over and check out the fun!

Also, please excuse any drooling you may encounter on your visit here today. Chilly was watching the Food Network before we left and it was all about BBQ ribs….all I can think about now are BBQ ribs…..

We’ve had quite a week here at Bee and Rose! Let’s recap, shall we?

We started by kicking off the MONSTER Giveaway to celebrate my 100th post! There are 20 fabulous prizes up for grabs with still more opportunities to win! (We’ll get to all that fun in a minute!)

We had a malicious power surge that took down “My Precious” (I always say that like that creepy Golem dude from Lord of the Rings) aka my laptop, our flat screen tv and my son’s XB360. Thankfully, the XB360 was repaired with the help of Microsoft within minutes of the tragedy. Of course, the priority was the XB360 because a tween without his gaming console is a horrible thing to witness. Then my laptop was whisked off to the intensive care unit at the Geek Squad hospital where she is currently being treated. She may not be released until (and I’m going to try to say this without crying….) NEXT WEDNESDAY! So I am skulking around stealing time on my parent’s computer until my precious laptop is returned. (horrors!) I am actually writing this to you today from my husband’s office computer which is 40 miles from my home!

My sweet Chilly offered up his office computer so I could catch up on my blogstalking and comment love spreading today! (Do you hear the hallelujahs??!!) He has a big old 22″ monitor and a big cushy chair so I’m feeling spoiled.

So….do you want two more opportunities to enter the giveaway? You do? Well, here’s what you need to do….

*For Saturday’s entry, go on over to visit my friend Claire at Laurora (her adorable Etsy shop). Claire is the designer of those “suh-weet” fabric fortune cookies in the giveaway! Come on back here and tell me what you liked over there. Voila! There’s an entry for ya!

*For Sunday’s entry, please head on over to Raven’s Etsy shop, Dirty Pretty Things and once again, return here to comment about what you like there. Raven is the creator of the fabulous silhouettes in the giveaway!

FINE PRINT…You must visit these shops on the specified days for your entries to count!

Now for the BIG Giveaway News!!!!

Because you all have been so incredibly supportive and understanding of my lack of commenting and communication due to my computer issues, I am adding….hold on….wait for it….FIVE additional prizes to the giveaway!

That’s right! I said FIVE!!!!!! I will announce them on Monday so be sure to come back over for a visit! Make sure that if you are entering the original Giveaway for the first time that each entry requirement is left as a separate comment.

For Example….

Comment on the original Monster Giveaway Post = One Entry

Add Yourself as a Follower = One Entry

If you already follow, tell me that you do in a separate comment = One Entry

Blog about the Giveaway and comment that you did with a link = One Entry

I am using to choose the winners so entries must be made separately in order for you to have multiple chances to win!

You can also go to additional posts here and here for other entry opportunities!

Don’t forget to come on back by Monday so you can see the new prizes added!!!! I know you will be tickled silly when you see them!

And again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for understanding my plight. I’m not trying to be rude by not commenting or visiting your blogs. I’m actually quite the stalker /commenter when my computer is up and running! I am going to try to get around as much as time allows here at Chilly’s office today and say hello!

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter!


Schoolgirl Shamus Hottie Has Giveaway Hints!

(There are giveaway hints throughout the post! Just scroll on down if you want to get to the good stuff first!)

I’m a lover of books. I am a huge book nerd! I loved to read girl detective stories when I was a young girl. I still do! I loved Nancy Drew, but the series that I couldn’t get enough of was Trixie Belden, the schoolgirl shamus.

70’s version current version

Do you have any childhood books that hold special memories for you?

In other news, I have been awarded the Sisterhood Award by my sweet bloggy friend, Robyn over at One of the Jones! I love visiting Robyn’s blog! She is a funny lady and an amazing Mama! It’s a happy place! Go give her some comment lovin’! You’ll love her too!

Also, Cammie, another sweet bloggy friend, shared the Hottie Award with me! Wow! (She’s probably been hittin’ the wine bottle again…) Go read her blog Life in the House of No Sleep! She makes me laugh so hard that I have to put on the Depends before heading over to her blog! (Take my advice and wear some when you head over there! lol!)

I’m sharing these awards with my real life sister…Aunt Oooo…She’s always there for me, and I just want to give her a little shout out to say I love her! She lives on the other side of the country now, and I miss her every day. (sniffle sniffle plop plop…tears falling…) She is a super hottie and I want her to wear this loud and proud!!! Sizzle! Sizzle! Oooo…you are HOT!

I know, I know…I alluded to a giveaway hint in my post title…

Are you ready?

Here’s a little “something-something” included in the giveaway….

Ooohhh! I am so excited!!! I will be sharing some of my favorite things with you in my giveway! I love owls and I LOVE Kristen’s jewelry! LOVE IT! I know you will love it too! Why not head over to her Etsy shop and check out all the beauties over there!? Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

So let’s see…detective friends…what are the clues so far….

We have Kristen’s GORGEOUS necklace shown above….

We have some of this….

That’s right, my friends! A full size bottle of Philosophy’s “Amazing Grace” 3 in 1 shampoo, body wash and bubble bath!

And there’s LOTS MORE!!!! I told you it will be HUGE!!! I’ll be throwing out hints for the next week or two because I am getting close to my 100th post day!!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

p.s. Still not ignoring you all with the comment love! Just trying to recuperate from the last week of craziness!

Grumpy (and Grateful)

What is it about being in your 40’s that makes your body suddenly feel the need to wake up long before the crack of dawn? (do NOT laugh at that, family members…you know what I mean…) I just can’t sleep past 4:30 am anymore. I try my darndest, believe me. There’s nothing I enjoy more than cuddling up under warm blankets and having sweet dreams (especially if they involve Jared Leto or Liam Neeson…oops! I mean my husband…sorry honey, just feeling ornery today…) Once I’m up, that’s it. I have this weird burst of energy that lasts until about 2:00 pm then my balloon loses all air. That is, of course, the time my kids are on full power. It’s a crazy life!

How do you like the new look? Just experimenting right now as I am very, very new to the blogworld. I thought it my brighten up my mood today. I love that it’s wintery, cheery, a bit calm. I live in the desert southwest and it feels like spring here in the winter. (Although this morning, it actually feels like Minnesota in mid-winter!) I miss the midwest seasonal changes so I fake them here. Hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?

You may notice my blog title is Grumpy (and Grateful.) I woke up “in a temper” as they say in the south. (Probably because I couldn’t keep dreaming about Liam Neeson…) I just felt really irritable. My Christmas decorations are still up, toys are littered throughout our humble home and I didn’t do the dinner dishes last night. Yuck….I just stood there taking it all in and decided “heck with it”…time to check my email. I mean, who wants to clean house at 4:30 am? Now we get to the “grateful” part of this post…

I was pleasantly surprised (ok..I was really jumping up and down with glee) to find many emails from new friends who have been reading my family blog! There were so many kind words and compliments that my grumpiness all but vanished. Gratitude wrapped around me like a cozy blanket and warmed me right up. I actually felt my eyes getting droopy…there was yawning….Wait…is that contentment I was feeling?….more yawning…wow, I felt so relaxed….time to crawl back into bed…I think I hear Liam calling….(darn it! I mean William..)

(Post Script…Thank you so kindly everyone for your amazing support and encouragement. I set out to create a family blog to keep our loved ones updated on what’s happening in our world. I am truly grateful to have made so many new friends so quickly! Welcome!)