Friday Fragments: The Insane and Mundane Edition

Mommy's Idea

Time for Friday Fragments brought to you by the fabulous Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin’ Time…show the world your bits and pieces!  (minds out of the gutters, please…)

*~Coffee…Just thought you’d want a heads up…..I won’t really kill you, but it might cross my mind…unless I have coffee then it’s all good….

*~H and M  (I know there’s an ampersand in between the letters…blogger won’t let me use it correctly..grrr.)….yesterday was the grand opening of the fabulosity that is H and M at the Tucson Mall.  A little birdie named Meg shared with me that the store was opening at noon and freebies were being given to the first 200 shoppers in line…freebies…like $50-$300 gift cards, t-shirts, and other swag.  I’m all about freebies so I scooted on over there about an hour prior opening.  There’s a lonely security guard at the store entrance.  I’m so smooth…I  got here early and am first in line….so I wait…the security guard finally (after 10 min) looks at me and smirks..then informs me that “ma’am, this is the exit today…the entrance is on level 2″…

No worries! Do I care that I stood there like a dorkopotamus for 10 mins?  Nope!  I‘ve still got 50 minutes! I take the elevator up to level 2…the doors open and BAM! It’s like the H and M Disco opened and not the clothing store!  There are employees dancing all over the place to Kesha’s “Tick Tock” song…the line (oh yes…there was a line…) was in the midst of a “domino wave”…and there was a lot of “whoop~whoop” and chanting of “H and M! H and M!” going on.

Did I mention the line?  There were already over 1500 shoppers in line!  No freebies for Bee!  I found out that the first lady in line actually arrived the night before at 9pm.  They had hundreds in line by 2:30am…thousands by store opening.  It was completely insane!  Needless to say, I left after the ribbon cutting and skee-daddled away from the shopper stampede.  

*~Facebook…Fine…I succumbed to the evil that is Facebook…I don’t mind sharing my family photos, chattin’ it up with family and friends…BUT DO NOT EVER ask me to send you crap for your farms, frontiers or join your Mafia family…Not happening…EVER…(Chilly is apparently “leveling up” so fast in Mafia Wars that all of Facebook lives in fear…pfsh…what~ev…)  Anyhoo…wanna be my friend???

*~Your Opinions…I would appreciate your kind assistance with a wee poll this fine Friday…any takers???
Free Blog Poll

Free Blog Poll

*~TGIF…For Catherine….
Tgif Powerpuff Girls

Have a wonderful weekend, ya’ll!


Friday Fragments: I’ve Got Nothin’ for a Title (but Stuff to Say!)

Mommy's Idea
I’m hanging with the fabulous Mrs. 4444 today and joining the Friday Fragments Fun!
Don’t be shy!  Clickety on over and join the party!
As you may have gathered from my lame title, my brain’s on fog alert this morning…hopefully you won’t think I’m completely mental by the end of this post! 

Fragment 1   Comment Confusion….

As you may know, I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a bit takin’ care of the hubster (aka Meat Sack, Chilly, Dude Who’d Better Bring Home Take-Out Tonight, etc…)

I’ve discovered a lot of weird stuff going on in the blog world upon my return.  For instance, what is up with the massive amounts of comment spam?  Holy word verification, Blog Man! And why are they all connected to penis enhancing products?  (note to spammers…no penis here…I can see how you might think there would be with all of the pink, roses and girlish~ness over here…move along please, you freaks…)  
I’ve seen lots of blogs with the new CommentLuv thing going on…If you have it, do you like it?  Does it help with the spam?  I’ve also noticed lots of bloggers have turned their word verifications back ON.  Is this helping too?  What are your thoughts about the new comment plug-ins that are out there?

Fragment 2:  Where Did Everyone Go???

Over this past week, I’ve tried to visit every blog I follow.  More than half of them are gone! POOF! Just like that!  Here no more!  I tracked some of them down on WordPress, but others have made like Elvis and apparently left the building!  Has blogging become…dare I say it…a bit of old news?  What do you think is happening in the blogging world??

Fragment 3:  CSN Store Reviews…

Ok…they found me…CSN cornered me last week and wants me to do a giveaway/ review…Is it worth it?  Have you done one?  Have you shopped at  Feedback is much appreciated on this!

Fragment 4:  Cupcake Overload

Ok..I’m just gonna come right out and say it…I bake a mean cupcake. I’m a cupcake baker extraordinaire!  I can’t boil water or make toast, but dagnabit, I can bake fabulous cupcakes.  This is my daughter’s new favorite thing…

We are going to rock the ginormous cupcake action this weekend while we catch up on DC Cupcake and Cupcake Wars.  We are totally hooked on these shows….and Man Vs Food…and anything with Paula Deen and Sandra Lee…I gotta stop now…my tummy is growling…

Fragment 5:  Secret Language of the Smith Family

We have confused many a guest at our home with our secret language.  Heck, we even confuse our kids, cashiers, bank tellers, Chilly’s doctors….just about everybody.  Chilly and I have developed our own language…It happens in marriage…Our language just happens to be in movie quote speak. We’ve actually offended people who don’t “get” what we’re saying!  

Right now we are over-using “it’s the @$%#-ing Catalina Wine Mixer, Dude!”  (please note that I insert the actual word “bleeping” in front of Catalina Wine Mixer…unlike my nerdanderthal husband…)  We also say ‘Effin’ A- Cotton…Effin’ A….” ALOT…But the one I use waaaay too much is “That’s gold, Jerry…Gold!”….that drives my entire family insane!  

Do you have a secret family language or code???  Wanna share?

(anyone guess where those quotes up there come from???)

Fragment 6:  TTFN

Well, it’s TTFN!  (also another quote from a very loved cartoon character…any guesses?)  Gotta’ split! ( I just typed spit…like 8x while trying to type that!)  We’ve completed all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which was fabulous, btw…I love me some Spike…oh yes, I do….) and are off to find a new series to finish off our summer vac-ay…any suggestions???

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday Fragments, Feng Shui, So and So and Whatnot!

Hooray! It’s Friday! Time for Fragments Fun and a Dear So and So bonanza!

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

Also, join the ever delightful Kat, over at “3 Bedroom Bungalow!” for more Dear So and So” fun!

Dear So and So...

Dear Future Groom of Irish Dancer Girl,

My prayers are with you…just sayin’….

Wishing you tons of patience and hoping your bank account is LARGE,

Your loving future M-I-L…


Dear Chilly,

For you….courtesy of the Ministry of Homeland Security…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you,

The Woman Who Will Go Kung Fu on Your Booty if She Doesn’t Have Some Chocolate


Dear Blood Pressure,

Thank you for being 117/72 this morning. My heart is grateful. I know yoga and happy thoughts are keeping you this way.

I love you,

Your biggest fan


***Cat wanders by the computer while I’m googling info on the Perseid meteor shower. She asks me what I’m doing…I tell her I want to know where to find shooting stars….She looks at me (with her “you are such a moron” look) and sighs..”Duh, just go on” Well, of course! Why didn’t I think of that!? I guess I really am a moron!

***I am LOVING these shows right now…

Adorable couple! I love this show!

Smart and funny….fantastic writing….love it!

The costumes and set design alone make this show worth watching!

(and I can’t stop watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime…totally Chilly’s fault…)

***My Guilty Pleasure…I can’t get enough of these two yummies together….

***Friday Feng Shui

Rev up your Fame and Reputation area with some red and fire! This area is found in the back center of your home. Add red or warm colors, candles or pointy objects to get some good energy going with your fame and reputation!

I found this fabulous Bagua map HERE….

Check out for fabulous Feng Shui information! I like this bagua for it’s simplicity. The website is filled with wonderful tips and info!

***Friday Fairytale

Check out this fairy jig! I caught this wee fairy dancing around outside!

Happy Friday!



Friday Frags with a bit of So and So….

If ever there was a day for a “Fragments” post, today is THAT day!

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time! You’ll be very glad you did! It’s a great way to clear “the static from the attic!”

I also have a few Dear So and So’s to write….“Dear So and So” is presented by the always wonderful Kat, over at “3 Bedroom Bungalow!”

Dear So and So...

**Remember my nifty thrifty post from yesterday…the one where I share my white vinegar fabric softener tip? Many of you emailed me to ask how much to use…I’m such a ding-a-ling that I forgot to include that little tidbit! Here’s what I use….I usually use about 1/2 cup to 1 cup depending on my mood…some folks (like me) just use it straight, pouring it right into my rinse dispenser….others (adding it to their rinse dispenser) will dilute it with water. Occasionally, I add some drops of essential oil to the gallon jug of vinegar. You can use it without essential oil as well. The laundry won’t have a vinegar smell. It has saved me LOADS of money! My daughter is chemically sensitive so it’s been great for her clothing! (perfect if you are on a septic system too!)

**Friday Feng Shui Tip: Add lots of yellow to your health area to promote wellness! The health area is found in the very center of your home. My kitchen is in the center of my home so I have lots sunflowers there! You can also apply this to each individual room by placing something yellow in the center.

**To celebrate Almost Teen Caveboy’s birthday on Monday (when he will be henceforth known as (yikes!) TEEN Caveboy), we are giving him an extreme room makover. (I will be a painting fool for the rest of today and probably throughout the weekend.)

**Friday Fairytale….Irish dancer girl loves this photo of the “real” Snow White! (It’s actress, Rachel Weisz…taken by Annie Leibovitz…)

~~~~~~~~~~~~Let’s rock a few “Dear So and So’s”~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Blogger,

While I’m grateful that you have “allowed” me to join NEW blogs, I would really like it if you could restore me to my “OLD” previously followed blogs. You are a big, fat liar when you pop-up the “Site Owner is blocking you” message. I know this because of research, Blogger, and because my bloggy friends told me they weren’t blocking me. I also know it’s a “cache” problem…Just fix it already!!!! A month of this crap is enough!

Annoyed and Wanting to Spit on You…


Dear Javelinas,

STOP coming into my yard at night and wreaking havoc! If you don’t, you will find yourself on the receiving end of a sharp arrow in your very hairy behind!

Ready to Shoot You,


Dear Idiot Lady at the Lowes Paint Counter,

You are one of the rudest people I’ve ever met. I find it hilarious that you tried to scam me out of an extra $10 per gallon of paint. I wasn’t born yesterday, sistah….Your customer service skills SUCK. By the way, my father has been a custom home builder for over 35 years. I KNOW what I’m doing, you horribly disrespectful person! Your condescending tone only made me laugh at your pitiful attempts to try to bully me into buying more items than I needed.

Wake Up and Take Some Etiquette Classes,


Dear Chilly,

STAY IN YOUR OFFICE TODAY! You don’t want to have any more “ectomies”, do you? I am busy renovating the Almost Teen’s room today and don’t have time for ER trips with you. Got it?

Your Loving Wife,


Dear Bloggy Friends and Family,

Have a restful, joy filled weekend!


Friday Fragments: Confessions & Questions Edition

It’s short and sweet today! I can hear your hallelujahs to the heavens already! lol!

Just a few fragments this fabulous Friday! Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

Let’s rock this thing….

No More Name Calling…

My kids have finally threatened me with torture if I don’t stop calling them “Children of the Corn”… (they don’t know what the movie is about….they just think I’ve completely lost my marbles and made it up…)

The Perfect Red Dress

I gasped out loud when I saw Cate Blanchett wearing this dress in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” It’s lovely, isn’t it?

Confessions of a Book-aholic

I am about to admit something that might cause a few of you to fall right off your chairs, weep in sadness for me or maybe you’ll think I should be committed to the local mental institution…

I watched the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” yesterday…and wait for it…here comes the “shazam”….I liked the movie better than the book…..

Hello??? Are you still reading this??? You didn’t run away in horror and disgust, did you??

I know, I know….I am a HUGE fan of Sophie Kinsella…I’ve read every one of her books and LOVE them all. Also, I NEVER like a movie treatment over a book edition….EVER….so this was quite a shock to me too. Have you seen it? What do you think?

Who Says?

Is he really the most interesting man in the world??

Let’s review the evidence…

Apparently his blood smells like cologne(wouldn’t this only really matter to a vampire?)

He is left-handed. And right-handed…(doesn’t that just make him “handy” around the house?)

Even if he forgets to put postage on his mail, it gets there…(this actually gets my attention…this could be very useful in my world…)

You can see his charisma from space…(not impressed because you can see mine from space too…)

When he orders a salad, he gets the dressing right there on top of the salad, where it belongs…where there is no turning back….(this actually impresses Chilly who is a “dressing on the side” guy…it doesn’t impress me because I’m a salad dressing rebel and just drench my veggies in bleu cheese dressing at every opportunity…)

He doesn’t believe in using oven mitts, nor potholders…(ok…now he might really have my attention…)

When it is raining, it is because he is sad…(and why is he sad? I’ll tell you why, because he can’t have me…the most interesting girl in the world, that’s why…)

Here…clickety on this and see what you think? Is he really the most interesting man in the world???

Stay Thirsty, my friends….

Do you think this Alice…

gets her fashion inspiration from this Alice?


Wishing you all a delightful weekend filled with many blessings (and lots of good times!)


Friday Fragments: The Non-Sense Edition

Are you ready to descend into the Friday Fragment madness with me?


A heartfelt thank you goes to the adorable Michelle from Flirty Bird for sharing this lovely award with me!

Michelle creates fabulous hair accessories! Her designs are awesome! I highly recommend a visit to her shop! She is also selling Trash Ties hair accessories which I absolutely have to buy! Here’s a little sample of what they can do!

Another warm thanks goes out to the very sweet LT from A Day With Two for sharing this wonderful award with me!

LT is one of the kindest bloggy ladies you’ll meet! I love her “Take Me Back Tuesday” posts! If you have a moment, please stop by and say hi to these lovely ladies! And as always at B&R feel free to grab these awards for yourself!

~I Like Mike~

I like guys named Michael McDonald….Granted, I only know two, but I like them both so I’m kind of assuming it’s the name I’m attracted to….

I like this one….You probably know his music…he’s been around for years…..

But I am in love with this one….

Ok…I know this is Stuart Larkin and his mother….but Stuart’s alter ego is Michael McDonald….

There’s nothing sexier about a guy than a sense of humor….and great abs….and a fat wallet…I digress…I think this Michael McDonald (who is 6’3″ by the way..) is one of the funniest men on the planet….so that makes him a super hottie in my book….

~Tan Plan~

Ok, I am a very fair skinned girl living in the pits of hell (aka AZ). I would love a little bit of golden color so the locals don’t mistake me for some tourist. I’m looking for a really good self tanning cream. I’ve not had great luck with these in the past. Here’s a photo of my last encounter with a self tanner....

I’m the one just to the right of Willy Wonka’s hat…(ahh…those were good times….) Again, I digress….Got any suggestions??? I don’t want to be oompa loompa orange (been there, done that) and I want my palms to remain their natural color….Thanks in advance for any help!

~Confession: I have a crack problem….~

I never thought I would have the courage to come forward and say this to anyone…not to mention broadcasting it over the entire interwebs….but there’s so much awesome support on the blogs, that I felt I could finally come clean…Deep breath….here goes…

Over the last couple of months, I have developed deep cracks in my heels. (Before you commence gagging, hear me out…) As a desert dweller, I am in flip flops 90% of my day. I haven’t had time to treat myself to regular pedicures (although now I’m just too ashamed to step “foot” (snort) into a nail salon for rehab. (Yes, I’m one of those people who do my nails before going to get manicure, etc…) So what to do??? I don’t want to waste my money on heel crack creams if they don’t work. I do actually take the time to slap a coat of polish on my toenails and keep my feet looking decent for the most part…My Pedi-egg just isn’t cutting the mustard here. The cracks get smoothed away for a few days, then BAM! they reappear…Any advice would be most welcome!

~Here Comes The Judge~

Another confession…I am a movie snob….Case in point…When Disney Pixar’s WALL-e came out, I told the kids there was no way we were going to see it…it looked dumb…(yes, they called me out and pointed out that I was being judgemental…) I stuck to my movie snob guns and we didn’t see it. I refused to spend my $5 on the dvd rental when we saw it at Blockbuster a few months later. However, Catherine found it at the library the other day (can you say “FREE”?) so I succumbed.

Guess what? I WAS WRONG! It is a fantastic film! Catherine loved it and so did I! I especially love the “Hello Dolly” music they weaved into the movie. I have been humbled by a stinkin’ cute robot. No longer will I judge a movie with my snobbery. Thank you, Wall-e!

~Frozen Candy Bars~

Summer is not complete for me unless I chow down on some frozen candy bars. This habit started for me back in the 70’s at our local pool. I would spend the day at the pool and hit the snack bar for a frozen Charleston Chew at lunch time. Everytime I eat a frozen candy bar, it takes me back to those awesome summer days, and I can still smell the chlorine, the snack bar goodies and feel the warmth of the sun on my very sunburned skin. Got any favorite summer candy memories? (I also love frozen Snickers and Milky Way bars too…yummmmmy….)

Speaking of frozen treats, these make me wax nostalgic for summers past as well…they are deadly creatures, however….I can’t eat just one…..

Well, that about wraps it up for this edition of Friday Fragments at the Bee and Rose today! I know you are exhausted (and probably ready for a sugary treat) now that you’re all done here!

Have a fantabulous weekend and don’t forget to join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!


Friday Fragments: The F Words: Funky Feet, Facebook Faux Pas & Friendship

Let’s start this freakin’ fabulous Friday with funky feet…

specifically Chilly’s funky feet…

Funky feet have landed him a fabulous four day stay (or longer) at the fantastic hospital! Can you give me a woot woot?!? That’s right,family & friends! Chilly is chillin’ at the hospital as we speak! Yesterday was a flippin’ fun day for me and the kiddos! We started our day out with friends at the zoo. I received a call from the Chillmeister that he was in the ER and was about to be admitted due to a blister that became a ridiculously large diabetic ulcer on the bottom of his foot. (Keep in mind he’s recovering from a broken leg too…) Apparently, the “ulcer” has created conditions that could cause him to lose his foot (or worse, his life! He can’t do anything without a little drama, you know…) So, just when I thought my life was returning to a bit of normalcy, BAM! Here we go again! The best part? He didn’t even feel this festering killer wound because of nerve damage. If I had a wound like that, I would be screaming in agony or trying to chew my foot off for relief…..A blessing and a curse… be continued….


Facebook Faux Pas

I have a confession….I do not Facebook, Text, Twitter, MySpace or any other techie type thing. The blog is all I can manage (and lately, I can’t even do that with any sort of success…) I do have Facebook and Twitter accounts that I set up in the early days of blogging because I was new to this techie world and wasn’t sure what it was all about. I am thinking of going over to the techie side here soon (maybe starting with Twitter.) If you have sent me a friend request for these accounts and I didn’t respond, please do not be offended. I didn’t really understand the whole “friend accepting” etiquette until yesterday when it was explained to me by a friend. I didn’t know I had to click some sort of “accept” link. I just thought I was getting emails telling me I had some cool people who wanted me to be their friend. Oops! So please accept my Facebook & Twitter apologies and know that I will be clickety clicking through these emails soon!


Family Fun

As I mentioned above, we went to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson yesterday. It is a delightful small zoo that is pretty easy to get around. (and cheap too!) With my recent frugality brought about by Chilly’s constant desire to come up with new and exciting medical dilemmas, I am all about the cheap! A beautiful white peacock lives at the zoo! Cat actually touched a few snakes too…{{{shudder}}} Overall, a fine day with friends until we received the phone call from Chilly….wah wah wah waaaaahhhhh……

(That brown blob in the middle of the photo is the snake…..)


Friends in Need

My dear Fellow Bloggy Friends….we have a few friends who need some kindness sent their way!

*While reading YaYa’s blog the other day, I was deeply moved by the story of Karen “Jo” Mosely. Jo (an amputee) drove herself to a hospital to have a radical mastectomy. She is all alone. I don’t know about you, but that just broke my heart. YaYa has written a “Spirit Jumping” post that gives all of the details on how to send a little sunshine Jo’s way. I know I am gonna do some Spirit Jumping today…how about you?

*Another bloggy buddy, Shannon from Last Shreds of Sanity, is
hosting a fundraiser to help out her brother who recently lost both of his jobs within a two week period. Yikes! For a mere three dollar donation, you will be entered in a contest to win a blog makeover from April Showers! Not only that, but April is offering two pre-made templates (made for this raffle) for anyone who donates $3! I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to have a custom template made by April! That girl rocks my socks off! Help a sister (and her brother!) out by clicking on over there!


Thank you again for the awesome support during my mini hiatus (aka nervous breakdown) recently. Although Chilly has had his ups and downs (and it appears we’re in for more good times with that!) I am back in the Land of Blog. I am truly grateful for all of your support! On to happier times!

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time! It’s one of my favorite posts to do!

Have a delightful weekend!

Friday Fragments: Frolic, Fun and WTF????? (What the FLIP, I’m G-rated over here…)

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

Hi….My name is Dawn, and I have NSPMS…Non-Stop PMS….That’s right, folks…you are taking your chances hanging out around here today! My kids are now calling me Plankton because everytime they ask me to do something fun with them this week, I sing this song to them…Plankton’s part….(go ahead…play it….you’ll get a much clearer picture of who I am this week…)

Yep….I like Plankton….now that you are as annoyed as I am, let’s move on…


Good Summer Reading…..

I am too grumpy to tell you what it’s about so just read it…got it? grrrrr…


Friday Feng Shui: Read this too…..It’s a great book about Feng Shui and really humorous as well! It’s my favorite book on Feng Shui and offers up really easy tips to bring prosperity and harmony into your little sanctuary…(oops…I didn’t just sound upbeat…you are mistaken….here…I’ll throw in another growl….grrrr….)


A fair warning kind word to a select few employees at Subway…if a parent orders a cheese sandwich for their child, that usually means you should put more than one tiny triangle of cheese on the sandwich. I realize this type of sandwich does not provide you, the Sandwich Artist, with much of a creative challenge. I’m sure I probably offended your Sandwich Artist sensibilities with such a simple request. However, a six inch sub with one tiny cheese triangle would offend my 6 year old. You’re darn lucky I pointed out your cheap ass ways unintentional error before she could unleash her fury on you. You’re welcome….


Tomorrow, I begin my Mommy Makeover. Since I couldn’t do my spa day last weekend as originally planned…(more details in a moment)….I will be launching Mommy Makeover 2009 tomorrow. I am getting my hair all dolled up with a new cut and color! No more old MOM hair for me!

So this is why last weekend was a bust….I made an appointment with an upscale salon in Tucson….I received a “courtesy” call two days after I scheduled the appointment from the salon informing me that the price they quoted me for my spa day was incorrect. It was actually more than double what they shared with me originally….oh, and by the way (informed the snooty receptionist) they figure your “30%!!!!” gratuity into your final price as a convenience for you. LOL!!! THIRTY PERCENT CONVENIENCE! I asked what would happen if I didn’t feel the stylist was worth the 30%….Snooty replied “Then I guess you’ll go somewhere else next time…” WHAT? I told her I was saving myself the trouble and going somewhere else this time…Please tell me, friends…last time I checked a 20-25% tip was more than fair at a salon…right???


Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet bloggy friends! I hope to back in strong bloggy action next week! I miss you all, and can’t wait to catch up on what’s been happening around here! (Sorry I’ve been a poor bloggy buddy…haven’t had much computer time lately!)


Friday Fragments: Rain, Red Envelopes and Organs for Sale

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

It’s going to be a happy day here at Bee and Rose….wanna know why??? RAIN…I love a chilly rainy day! We don’t have many rainy days in the desert so when we get them it’s cause for celebration! Yesterday, the kids and I just splashed around puddles and got drenched for fun. (we’re easily amused here…) It’s only going to be 77 degrees here today which is actually long sleeve weather! Heck, it might as well be winter! Hooray! Rainy days are good reading days and great for playing board games too….

The Fablehaven series for kids makes for great summer reading! We love this story set on a preserve to protect magical creatures. So far there are 4 books in the series. I highly recommend them!

I know Cat will hold me hostage until I play at least 30 games of “Sleeping Queens” with her. She LOVES this game. It was invented by a 6 yr old girl! We also like the Tea Party game.


I can’t stop singing Green Day’s new song “Know Your Enemy.” I’m even driving myself crazy not to mention I’ve totally ruined the joy of Tween Caveboy listening to his new Green Day cd. Further proof that I am the most annoying mother on the planet…I can’t stop imitating the statue (from the new “Night at the Museum” movie trailer) that says “Fire Power.” He says it like this…Fi-yah Pow-wah….Sometimes, if I really want to tweek Tween Caveboy, I’ll pull the “freeze” move that the Abe Lincoln statue (from the same movie) does too.


I am getting very excited as the “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” movie gets closer to opening day! I realize that I will probably have to take advantage of my makeover to pimp myself out for the money for movie tickets. It’s ridiculous what it costs a family of four to go to the movies. We seldom go anymore because we can’t afford to sell our organs. Chilly might need a transplant (or two, maybe three) and I just can’t look him in the eye and say..”Dude, I would love to give you a kidney, but remember, we took the kids to see “Transformers 2″? Remember, I sold my kidney in exchange for tickets and concessions?” At our theaters, they search your handbags, etc. for stowaway popcorn, candy, etc. Greedy jerks!

What summer movies are you going to check out?


FRIDAY FENG SHUI TIP: Write down your wishes on paper and place them in a red envelope. Red envelopes are considered good fortune! I’ve done this several times and it works! (I cannot explain how it works, it just did for me.)


Hot flashes suck. Why do I mention this? Because it’s not even 6:00 am and I’m having one. Stupid hormones….


Friday Confessional: I am a masticator….I have to chew stuff when I am stressed…usually this will manifest in the very loud chewing and snapping of my gum. If I want Chilly to leave me alone, I just pop in a wad of gum and start snapping. I can snap my gum so loud that if Tween Caveboy is around, he will fall to the ground like he’s been shot. I am currently chewing on a strawberry Twizzler. I would like to be chewing on a Cinnabon but no such luck. Fingernails are not excluded from my stress induced mastication. I have not chewed on furniture, writing implements, or pet toys however.


Hope your Friday is fantastic and filled with fabulosity!


Friday Fragments: Flush, Feis and Fabulosity

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We are busy bees here today prepping for Catherine’s big day at her first feis (pronounced fesh) tomorrow! (A feis is an Irish dance competition.) After going over the list of stuff I have to take, moonlighting as a stripper is actually looking more like a real job opportunity! I do want to say a HUGE thank you to my friends, Lisa and Una, who came to my rescue with the skirt and curly wig bun cover!


Friday Feng Shui Tip: KEEP THE LIDS DOWN! On your toilets, that is! Don’t let your good energy go down the drains either! By keeping toilets and drains closed, you prevent your money and good vibes from being washed away. For a little extra umpf, tie red ribbon or use red tape around your water pipes (under sinks, behind toilets, etc.) This also stops the good vibes from being washed down the drain! It also helps increase your prosperity!

And while we are on the subject of toilets, why is it that Target, one of the most profitable businesses in the world, can’t afford to put “a$$ gaskets” (aka paper seat covers) in their bathrooms? Come on, Target! You can do this! I hate having to do the whole “laying down the strips of toilet paper on the seat” thing. It just makes me irritated then I don’t want to spend as much money in your store, Target. Wait…maybe you sell a$$ gaskets and this is your dastardly plan to get me to purchase them. Well, I am afflicted with a condition called “Mommy Brain” and by the time I leave the bathroom, I have forgotten about the a$$ gaskets….I’m still super irritated though…I just don’t remember why at that point…so that’s a big FAIL on your plan, Target.

Guess who sent me an email?? McDonald’s! Yep, they sure did! They read my fancy McDonald’s post! Jen (the McD’s emailer) wanted to give me the heads up on a fabulous contest they are having to celebrate the McCafe! There’s a chance to win a $50,000 Visa Gift Card and a $500 Arch Card! All you have to do to enter is submit a story on the link above about why you or someone you love deserves to win! There are 2 grand prize winners! I know you’re going to rush right over there and write about how you & I should be the winners, right!? The contest ends on June 21 and you don’t have to purchase anything to enter. Though I must tell you, you really should go have an Iced Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate (so yummy!) Check it out! $50,000 buys lots of coffee and I’m LOVIN’ that!

Here are a couple of great summer reading titles for you and the kiddos!
For your teen vampire readers, this series is pretty darn cool! It’s the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and her daughter, Kristen. It’s set in a finishing school for Vampires that are high school age. I’ve read the series, and the teens I’ve talked to that have read it love it too! “Marked” is book one. I read all 5 last week! The website has some great interactive tools too!

If you haven’t read “The Lightning Thief” yet, what the heck are you waiting for??? It’s the first book in an AWESOME series called “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.” It’s about a boy who discovers he is a Greek demi-god. He ends up at Camp Half-blood (camp to train demi-gods) and ends up on many adventures. My kids LOVE this series! It’s filled with lots of Greek mythology. My son ended up having a real love for Greek history and mythology after reading them. There are 5 books in the series. Book five “The Last Olympian” was just released last week. I HIGHLY recommend this series! I loved it as much as Harry Potter!

The movie is being released by Disney in Feb 2010. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Uma Thurman just to name a few! It will be a huge blockbuster! Go read the books now so you’re in the loop when all the hoopla comes out!

And all I can say is WOW about American Idol! That was a big surprise! The nerdanderthal (aka Chilly aka my husband) almost blew a gasket!

Finally, I would like to send very Happy Birthday wishes to my fabulous friend, Kim! She is a yoga teacher, awesome mother and a lovely soul! I love ya, Kim! Hope your day is delightful!

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!!!