Did You Know Tuesday…Luck of the Irish Edition

Let’s get right to the Did You Know” fun, shall we?  


that I have been blessed by the luck of the Irish lately?  I have won 3 giveaways in the last two weeks!! Check me out!  I won an $80 gift card to CSN Stores from Otin...a $25 Gift Card to Krogers from Polka Dot Moon (who has a very cool etsy shop btw…) and this morning I won a $60 gift card to CSN Stores from Shannon over at It’s Trickey!   I‘m hoping this arrives any day now!


that this photo of Catherine (who looks psychotic here) and her dance teacher, Caitlin (whom she adores), was taken only an hour before Irish Dancer Girl came down with major illness and had to leave her dance competition?  She could only complete 3 out of 8 dances, poor girl!  We had to high tail it back to Tucson for recuperation asap!  She’s doing much better now, thank goodness!


that I HATE clowns?  (my evil sister sent me that magnet a while back…grrr…)  My sweet friend Meg shared this little goodie with me…

(amen to that!)  I was checking out Scope’s blog and discovered that the
that the first week in August is National Clown Week.  {{{shudder}}}  He shared this “lovely” clown dinner portrait with his dear readers.  What followed after that portrait has caused me nightmares for days! 

Go here to check it out…seriously…(well wait until you’re done with my post, then go there because I have an important announcement to make!)

Did You Know…

that today is Teen Caveboy’s 14th birthday!!!  Happy Birthday, Connor!!!!! You are the most amazing son in the entire universe! I love you!

(you know you’re probably getting that red velvet cheesecake…don’t you….)


Did You Know Tuesday…Enter at Your Own Risk Edition…

Back in the old days last year, I made up a bloggy thing called “Did You Know? Tuesday”…It was my very lame and lazy attempt to write a bunch of stuff and pass it off as a post…oops…did I type that out loud???  I meant to say that it was my brilliant way to creatively write snippets of thoughts into one tidy post.  So dear readers, today I bestow upon you the return of “Did You Know? Tuesday” in all it’s golden witty splendor….that’s right…prepared to be (bored silly and yawning in about 30 seconds…) DaZzLeD!….Ready…set…Go!  
that my 7 year old daughter received a job promotion today?  That’s right!  She was promoted from “Pack Mule” to “Roadie” for doing such a bang up job carrying her brother’s guitar gear to his lesson.  Bravo, Teen Caveboy for offering up such a worthy promotion! (and for promoting child labor…good on you!  High fives all around! That’s my boy!)

Did You Know…
that my home is about to become (hell on earth) a wee bit tense due to the appearance of this (starts with a “B” and ends with “itch”)  lovely creature…(I know…you’ve seen her here before)….All I can say is “Run for your lives, people of Tucson…Run as fast as you can!” (I’ll understand if you’re too afraid to read further….)
Attn: Chilly (the hubs)…if you even try to talk to me this morning, I promise this is what you’re gonna get…

Just back quietly out of the kitchen and run as fast as those swollen feet will let ya….The kids have already made their way into the fallout shelter…

Did You Know…
that I was terrified of Witch Hazel when I was a wee girl?
I also had nightmares about Bugs in this costume…I’m not kidding! Completely freaked me out! 
Did You Know…
that I’m absolutely crazy about hat boxes…especially vintage ones?
Did You Know…
that we have a Kissing Bug epidemic in Arizona? I know…sounds so cute, huh?  These evil creatures can bite you and then infect you with a disease that won’t show up until 10-20 years later!  A very bad “I can kill you” kind of disease! WHAT???  What the heck?  Aren’t rattlesnakes and scorpions enough torture for us in AZ?????  Welcome to our nightmare…
Did You Know…

that something amazing happened to me?  Well, smack my bottom and color me surprised!  I won a giveaway!!!  That’s right! I am the proud new owner of an $80 CSN gift certificate thanks to Mr. Fabulous himself…Otin…or more properly known as Wizard of Otin.  Not only is Otin a spinner of tales, he also has a very generous and kind heart.  Thank you, kind sir, for the winnings! Now get on over there and grace him with your presence!

Did You Know…
that I’m thrilled to be back to blogging and connecting with you all again!!???
Wishing you all a lovely day!


Did You Know Tuesday: Causes & Celebrations!

It’s Tuesday! At the Bee and Rose that means it’s time for “Did You Know?”…bits of this and that from my cluttered mind. (cluttered…not dirty…sorry, Chilly…)

And we’re off…(it’s short and sweet today!)

Did You Know…

that the ever fabulous DiPaola Momma over at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom has the chance to get her lovely face on a box of Honeynut Cheerios?? Isn’t that cool?! She has a fantastic opportunity to help fight hunger in our communities through an awesome campaign via ShopRite. ShopRite has created “Blog It Forward To Fight Hunger” to get people involved in the fight against hunger through blogging. All she needs is a bit of comment lovin’! How easy is that?! Go HERE for more exciting details!

Did You Know.that by visiting this awesome blogger…

you can help a family in need today? Just click on the picture and it will take you right over. I will be over there today bidding on items in a wonderful auction that Shannon has set up to help support the McCulley family. Shannon shares their story (very powerful and moving) over there as well. If you have a moment, I hope you can visit. I know what Kori McCulley is going through as our stories are very similar. Hope to see ya there!

Did you know….

that my little fairy has been dubbed “Fairy Princess of the Midsummer’s Night Dream Ball?! She was honored by Queen Bitty herself (and the darling Bear too!) to announce the Princesses of the ball and to share a special Fairy jig! We would be ever so delighted if you clicked on this magical portal to share in our special day over at A Duck In Her Pond!

(magic portal…click me!)

You will absolutely adore Duckie and her many tales of wonder! She is a spinner of tales and magical enchantments! (not to mention mouth~watering recipes!) Grab your fairy wands and wings and fly on over to the Ball!

Did You Know…

that Teen Caveboy was blown away by all the very kind birthday wishes? Did you know I was blown away that he removed his photo moratorium so I could actually post his photo on my blog? (Click here if you want to see the family photos with Teen Caveboy.) Did you also know that I can’t believe I am now the mother of a TEENAGER!?

Did You Know…

Happy Tuesday to you!


Did You Know Tuesday: Rock and Rule and True Love’s Kiss!

It’s time for another round of “Did You Know? Tuesday”! Today, we have some excitement around the Bee and Rose hive! Let’s get started!

Did You Know…..Oh yes, you do! Know why? Because of you, I am the proud new owner of this….

I am enormously grateful for your votes! Some of you even voted multiple times!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! “I Love You More” has very special meaning in our house so I’m delighted to win this!

A big THANKS goes out to Kristen at La Dolce Vita for having me as a Featured Reader and for sharing the opportunity to win this fabulous necklace! If you have a moment, please stop by Kristen’s blog and Etsy shop. She is simply amazing!

La Dolce Vita
(Pssst….She is featuring this lovable blogger this week…..YaYa! Go on over and give YaYa some comment vote lovin’ so she can win a bit of lovliness from Kristen too!)

Did You Know….that the very sweet Danielle at Brown Eyed Gal shared two fabulous awards with me?

I always enjoy visiting Danielle’s blog! I always leave with lots of inspiration and a big smile! I highly recommend ya’ll clickety on over to visit Ms. Danielle….you’ll be happy that you did! Thanks Danielle for thinking of me! You are (in the words of my friend, Nerdy Jess) “the AWESOMESAUCE!”

I am sharing these awards with everyone who stops by today! Please grab these lovelies and spread the bloggy love! I love all of you!

Did You Know…..that James Marsden is a FABULOUS singer? (And super freakin’ HOT!) Of course, you do!If you’ve seen “Enchanted” (which has played in my house 24/7 since it was released on dvd last year) then you’ve heard this hottie singing his Prince Edward heart out. Hint: If you want to torture your teen or almost teen son, belt out “True Love’s Kiss” in your best “on Broadway” voice in public….Wowza! The trauma that ensues is priceless…Just ask Almost Teen Caveboy….he knows from experience….hee hee hee…..

Here’s a fun snippet of James Marsden rehearsing for Enchanted…He is just yummy!

Trust me…the minute you hear him, you’ll be wanting a “True Love’s Kiss” from him too! If you haven’t seen “Enchanted” (gasp! you really haven’t seen it?), then you must rent it! It’s an absolute delight!

Well, I’m off to torture Almost Teen Caveboy with my version of “True Love’s Kiss”…Now that it’s in my head, I will probably be belting it out all day long….he’s so lucky….we’re going shopping at Target….the perfect place for a serenade!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Did You Know Tuesday….Fun and Frippery!

Welcome to another installment of “Did You Know Tuesday”! DYKT is my sneaky way of creating a post out of a bunch of jibberish because I’m unable string together more than a couple of coherent thoughts at any given time these days. (stupid perimenopause!)

ReAdY? SeT! GO!
DID YOU KNOW….that I won this gorgeous boucle scarf from Ally over at Laughadaisy?? I cannot wait to wear it this fall!!! Look how cute it’s packaged! I hope you’ll swing on by her Etsy shop for a visit! Lots of cute stuff over there! Thank you again, Ally! I LOVE IT!

(you can buy this here.…)

DID YOU KNOW….that it’s not very kind to be judgemental toward homeschooling families…especially if you own or work at an educational resource store? If I am shopping in your store for my home classroom, it’s very rude to physically push me aside (yes, I was physically brushed aside) to help (and this is a direct quote) the “real teachers.” I am a REAL teacher, dumbass, and because of your rudeness I spent my classroom dollars elsewhere. Oh, and by the way, rude store person….I know LOTS of public & private school educators in Tucson who will no longer frequent your establishment. Snap!

DID YOU KNOW….that I am more like Betty…

than Veronica…..How about you?? Are you a Betty or are you more of a Veronica?

DID YOU KNOW….I get all “verklempt” when I watch this movie trailer???


(We interrupt our regular posting for a bit of bribery and nagging….Please bear with us during our mental breakdown….)

(ooops! how did that get in here???)
Begging (and hypnosis) will now commence….

As I pleaded and groveled about yesterday, I am this week’s Featured Reader over at the fabulous blog, La Dolce Vita! Hooray!

La Dolce Vita

The begging and pleading via hypnotic mind control is for the votes I need from my lovely bloggy friends so that I may win this….

I really, really would love to win this!! I would be ever so grateful if you would clickety on over and vote for me! Here…I’ll make it easy peasy for ya….Just click HERE! I can receive votes daily on that post for up to 7 days! I offered up some bribes yesterday…scroll down for details….

Thank you to those who’ve voted already! It really means alot to me!

DID YOU KNOW….that I wish you a Happy Tuesday? Well, I do!

"Did You Know?" Tuesday: Stranger than Fiction Edition

I am back with another self created edition of “Did You Know? Tuesday!” I know…I can feel your pity delight all the way over here! Off we go!

Did You Know….

**that I am an awesome baton twirler? (Chilly, I know you are blown away by this confession, but it’s true!)

**that I have a panini press and I’m not afraid to use it? If it can be smashed into a grilled sandwich, watch out!

**that these are my favorite flip flops (Skechers Skullys) on the planet?…and that mine (shown below the nice crisp clean one) are tattered from tons of wear but I refuse to stop wearing them???…see?…super nasty, but I can’t stop wearing them!…and yes…I have lots of really “nice” shoes too…(Thank you, blueviolet, for giving me the courage to come clean…or not!)

Did You Know….

**that I want to wear this very cool glow in the dark stick figure princess costume for Halloween?

**that I hung out with this kooky bunch as a kid?

**that I think he’s adorable and could listen to him chitty chat all day long?? (Check him out in Becoming Jane, Atonement, Wanted, and The Last King of Scotland…Jame McAvoy…you are yummy!)

**that this book is wonderful inspiration for aspiring writers?

**that while I love the scarf trend, I won’t be wearing one of these…

**that I thank you from the bottom of my bloggy heart for sharing your bloggy love with Chaka yesterday! (He’s up to 90 followers now! Scooty on over and let’s see if we can get him to 100 today!!!)
Happy Tuesday!

Did You Know Tuesday…Peace in the Kingdom Edition

Did You Know Tuesday is a new creation by me because I’m trying to get my bloggy groove back. Did You Know Tuesday is purely my lame way of writing a blog post because my brain function is at zero….Please accept my apologies in advance for any boredom you may incur while reading…Here we go…


that peace has arrived at the magical land of Bee and Rose? No medical dramas playing out with Chilly…Tween Caveboy survived his 24 hour flu (though it was not pretty and Mommy didn’t sleep for 2 days…)…Irish Dancer Girl lived through her grueling dance schedule last week….Mommy finally has time to blog…that in itself is a major miracle…sigh…..


that my bloggy will be undergoing some construction soon?…As Chilly would say whenever trying to weasel out of trouble…”We ask that you bear with us during this transistion.” Thanks!


that apparently, Cat Butts are all the rage these days? I have a cat, Shadow, and quite frankly, I’m surprised that he didn’t fill me in on this little tidbit. Look…I’ll show you…

You can put these on your fridge! I mean, who wouldn’t want to look at a cat butt when you’re ready to grab a snack? There are five popular breeds and a hairball magnet included…meeeooww…. You can also enjoy a Cat Butt Air Freshener…Did you know that cat butt smells like hyacinth? (Quite honestly, I never want to find my nose close enough to a cat’s butt to find out if this is true….)

And finally, it seems that some intrepid researcher has discovered that cat butt tastes like peppermint and would make quite the tasty chewing gum…I’ll just take his word for it…


that I will be a busy blog-stalking bee today?

I am going to attempt to hit at least 100 of the 300 blogs I follow today before I have to take Irish Dancer Girl to her dance class this afternoon. I hope that Blogger has resolved that dumb “profile” issue so I can comment on all of them. I’ve been using the Mozilla browser for a few months now since IE had so many “fails” where blogging is concerned. If your comments are set up where I have to choose a profile (ex: google account, etc), my comment won’t post. I’m not ignoring you! I promise! As I mentioned before, pop-up windows are not an issue…I can comment all day long with those. It seems to be embedded comments that are the issue. If you have an email address on your blog, I will email a comment to you:)

I know many bloggers have been writing about the decrease in comments lately…this may be the culprit! Hopefully, I will find resolution soon!


that I think this is the cutest stinkin’ turtle I’ve ever seen?


that I really appreciate you taking the time to read this nonsense today?! Thank you!