What’s New, Pussycat? Tainted Love All Around….

I’ll tell ya’ what’s new….there’s tainted love at my house.

My Precious (nickname for my laptop) has contracted an STD…(Stupid Technical Disease.)

Some Jerkity McJerk Jerk infected my laptop with a virus.  I am not a happy bee…This virus actually reconfigured my anti-virus software to pretend like it was still working…ugh…It also possibly infected my flash drives too….fabulous (insert sarcasm)…..

I will be taking Miss Precious and her flash drives to the Computer Guru tomorrow…these guys know their STD’s….I hope there is a cure!

I do realize the holidays are over and I really need to change out my header!  I haven’t completely lost my mind…yet…..I will be sporting a new look as soon as my computer disease is healed:)

Oh, and here’s the icing on the cupcake of my day….a huge mountain lion decided to come hang out in my yard this evening!  Yep, it completely freaked me out!  I haven’t seen it in the last half hour so hopefully it has moved on!  Good times at the Smith house!

(This isn’t my house, but it was taken in Tucson! This looks exactly like the one in my yard!)

Bee Back Soon!

ps…if you have been receiving Anonymous comments with lots of weird symbols or strange fonts, do NOT publish them…they may contain virus codes….especially if they keep hitting an old post repeatedly….

Creature Feature…Habits and Hit Squads

Life is slowly returning to “normal” (a new normal) around the Bee and Rose….

I’ve come to realize during this ordeal with Chilly that I am definitely a Creature of Habit. I found that even during my trips to the hospital over the last month, I created a routine. I always stopped at the small cafe in the hospital lobby for coffee before heading up to Chilly’s room. After arriving in Chilly’s room, I would fluff the pillows and blankets for him, clean up his tray table, then freshen his water. I would then make all of the family phone calls to update everyone on his condition. I did this every single day in the same order. Shortly after arriving home with Chilly, I realized I was continuing the same routine at home, but now had added dispensing medications, checking blood sugar and blood pressure, and occupational therapy to the daily rounds. I think routine is like a huge security blanket for me. Do you have any routines that are your “security blankets?”

Speaking of creatures, Chilly is convinced that there is a CREATURE HIT SQUAD out to get him. In the last two weeks, we’ve had 3…count ’em…3….rattlesnakes in our yard!!! BIG rattlesnakes…like 4-5 feet long! I cannot begin to tell you how completely freaked out I’ve been over this! I HATE snakes! Blech! I actually yelled out the window at the last one that “I did not have time for this crap!” LOL! I have totally lost my mind, people! Don’t these dumb snakes realize I have a stroke/heart attack patient to care for right now?? I don’t have time to deal with deadly creatures! Fortunately, the fire department took pity on me. They came and removed them. Normally they wouldn’t do that since we live on four acres. However, there seems to be an explosion of snakes around here lately so they skee-daddled on over ASAP. I love my firemen! Creature Hit Squad foiled!

But then…this morning….we had another horrid creature in our home…a brown recluse spider…very poisonous….maybe Chilly is on to something…..(It’s the second one this year…crikey!) Creature Hit Squad…we will just keep takin’ you down, so you best just give it up!

Not a fan of the desert creatures….this is why I want to move to Ireland!

I am officially back in the land of Blog to stalk you, awesome bloggers! I think we have finally found our new groove here at home. Again, your amazing support, comments, emails, and love have really sustained my family. Chilly is improving slowly each day. Each day brings new challenges, but we seem to be managing them. We’ve discovered that we are a pretty resourceful bunch when it comes right down to it!



Friday Fragments: The Non-Sense Edition

Are you ready to descend into the Friday Fragment madness with me?


A heartfelt thank you goes to the adorable Michelle from Flirty Bird for sharing this lovely award with me!

Michelle creates fabulous hair accessories! Her designs are awesome! I highly recommend a visit to her shop! She is also selling Trash Ties hair accessories which I absolutely have to buy! Here’s a little sample of what they can do!

Another warm thanks goes out to the very sweet LT from A Day With Two for sharing this wonderful award with me!

LT is one of the kindest bloggy ladies you’ll meet! I love her “Take Me Back Tuesday” posts! If you have a moment, please stop by and say hi to these lovely ladies! And as always at B&R feel free to grab these awards for yourself!

~I Like Mike~

I like guys named Michael McDonald….Granted, I only know two, but I like them both so I’m kind of assuming it’s the name I’m attracted to….

I like this one….You probably know his music…he’s been around for years…..

But I am in love with this one….

Ok…I know this is Stuart Larkin and his mother….but Stuart’s alter ego is Michael McDonald….

There’s nothing sexier about a guy than a sense of humor….and great abs….and a fat wallet…I digress…I think this Michael McDonald (who is 6’3″ by the way..) is one of the funniest men on the planet….so that makes him a super hottie in my book….

~Tan Plan~

Ok, I am a very fair skinned girl living in the pits of hell (aka AZ). I would love a little bit of golden color so the locals don’t mistake me for some tourist. I’m looking for a really good self tanning cream. I’ve not had great luck with these in the past. Here’s a photo of my last encounter with a self tanner....

I’m the one just to the right of Willy Wonka’s hat…(ahh…those were good times….) Again, I digress….Got any suggestions??? I don’t want to be oompa loompa orange (been there, done that) and I want my palms to remain their natural color….Thanks in advance for any help!

~Confession: I have a crack problem….~

I never thought I would have the courage to come forward and say this to anyone…not to mention broadcasting it over the entire interwebs….but there’s so much awesome support on the blogs, that I felt I could finally come clean…Deep breath….here goes…

Over the last couple of months, I have developed deep cracks in my heels. (Before you commence gagging, hear me out…) As a desert dweller, I am in flip flops 90% of my day. I haven’t had time to treat myself to regular pedicures (although now I’m just too ashamed to step “foot” (snort) into a nail salon for rehab. (Yes, I’m one of those people who do my nails before going to get manicure, etc…) So what to do??? I don’t want to waste my money on heel crack creams if they don’t work. I do actually take the time to slap a coat of polish on my toenails and keep my feet looking decent for the most part…My Pedi-egg just isn’t cutting the mustard here. The cracks get smoothed away for a few days, then BAM! they reappear…Any advice would be most welcome!

~Here Comes The Judge~

Another confession…I am a movie snob….Case in point…When Disney Pixar’s WALL-e came out, I told the kids there was no way we were going to see it…it looked dumb…(yes, they called me out and pointed out that I was being judgemental…) I stuck to my movie snob guns and we didn’t see it. I refused to spend my $5 on the dvd rental when we saw it at Blockbuster a few months later. However, Catherine found it at the library the other day (can you say “FREE”?) so I succumbed.

Guess what? I WAS WRONG! It is a fantastic film! Catherine loved it and so did I! I especially love the “Hello Dolly” music they weaved into the movie. I have been humbled by a stinkin’ cute robot. No longer will I judge a movie with my snobbery. Thank you, Wall-e!

~Frozen Candy Bars~

Summer is not complete for me unless I chow down on some frozen candy bars. This habit started for me back in the 70’s at our local pool. I would spend the day at the pool and hit the snack bar for a frozen Charleston Chew at lunch time. Everytime I eat a frozen candy bar, it takes me back to those awesome summer days, and I can still smell the chlorine, the snack bar goodies and feel the warmth of the sun on my very sunburned skin. Got any favorite summer candy memories? (I also love frozen Snickers and Milky Way bars too…yummmmmy….)

Speaking of frozen treats, these make me wax nostalgic for summers past as well…they are deadly creatures, however….I can’t eat just one…..

Well, that about wraps it up for this edition of Friday Fragments at the Bee and Rose today! I know you are exhausted (and probably ready for a sugary treat) now that you’re all done here!

Have a fantabulous weekend and don’t forget to join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!


The Law of the Land

There’s a new sheriff in town, folks. His name is Johnny Law AKA Johnny Blog-Law. He tried to shake me down a couple of times yesterday thinking I was mainlining via internet connection. He was wrong. I wasn’t doing the hard stuff. I was tokin’ on some Word…as in document…Word document.

Incident #1 occured at 9:00 am…Johnny Blog-Law (you know him as Tween Caveboy) leaps in front of me and ‘my Precious’ (the laptop). “BUSTED!” he yells, hands drawn in the gun position. “Step away from the computer, Mom.”

Not fazed, I calmly state that I want my attorney present before I agree to anything. “No can do, lady,” he laughs maniacally.

“What exactly am I being charged with, Officer?” I challenge him with my evil stink-eye.

“Blogging during school hours.” he stares at me disapprovingly.

“You got any evidence, Officer?” I ask raising my one eyebrow at him. (This freaks my kids out that I can do the one eyebrow raise…)

“Duh…you’re on the computer and it’s 9:00 am.” he smirks with confidence.

“Oh really….why don’t you take a look at what I’m doing here, Johnny Blog-Law.” I shove the computer at him.

His smirky smile quickly fades and off he runs to the classroom. (Yes, we have a classroom…we are homeschoolers.) “And by the way, Johnny Blog-Law, that “evidence” you just saw on the computer? I am adding another 5 questions for ya! That’s right, buddy! Who’s busted now?!” I cackle loudly behind him.

Yeah….he “busted” me typing his World Geography test. I fought the law and I won. That’s right…you don’t mess with this homeschool mom.

Incident #2….Johnny Blog-Law makes a second appearance at 3:00 pm. “Gotcha!” he yells (again) and this time nearly gave me a flippin heart attack. I am sad to say that he did bust me that time. I was only blogging for a few minutes, but I was supposed to be listing on ebay…long story….“HA!” he is laughing himself silly this time.

You see, friends, I live in southern AZ, and my lovely little neighborhood does not have high speed internet access. I know…I can hear all of you gasping and trying to absorb the shock of my words. When we bought the house four years ago, we assumed it would have high speed access because, well, doesn’t everybody? Umm…that would be a big NO. It didn’t even occur to me to ask!

As a result, I have to use a wireless aircard. Not cheap and not unlimited. You get 5GB per month. That’s like 2 hours in blog time…(well, not really, but it sure doesn’t feel like a lot!)

Last month, I went over my time…NOT MY FAULT…Verizon’s usage meter was off on my aircard…I can PROVE it! However, I was charged .25 per minute for a whopping extra $200 hit on my bill! (a bill which I am disputing, by the way!)

As a result, my blogging time has been drastically reduced. You may have noticed my comment lovin’ was lacking last week. Sniffle sniffle…I was terribly sad about that. I have to spread my computer time between school work for my kids, blogging, and ebay (because I may have to pay that dumb bill!)

The irony is that Cox Communications has high speed wiring at the end of my driveway, but will not bring it up the one acre driveway to the house. We have even offered to pay the expense to do this, but they refuse. So close and yet so far…sigh….

So, as a result, Blog Law is being enforced around these parts with a bloggy curfew of sorts. (I’m taking the weekends off blogger…) I’m still going to post and comment as much as possible during the week! I am just hoping that Cox will come around and bring those fiber optic cables up my driveway soon!

I actually found a photo of the real Johnny Law…

That’s right…Jude Law and Johnny Depp have morphed into a blog cop…I am strangely repulsed and attracted all at the same time..

Happily accepting your pity today,

Parade of Fools

I love a good parade! As a child growing up in the Midwest, I went to lots of them. I actually marched in a few, and rode with Ronald McDonald on a float once! My favorite parades were during the Pumpkin Show in my hometown of Circleville, OH.

I spent yesterday walking with Catherine in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Tucson. It was lots of fun, but I had some seriously aching muscles last night!

Now, this is the first parade my kids have ever seen “in real life.” We watch the Macy’s Turkey Day Parade every year. There aren’t many parade opportunities in AZ so I can’t wait to hear what my kids will think about their first parade! Oh, and yeah, Tween Caveboy…someone from the Tucson Irish Community got a shot of you at the parade! lol!!

Later, we’re hanging around talking about the parade and Connor says, “those Dancing Queens were hideous.” I’m thinking how cute he is for calling the festival queens “Dancing Queens.” Apparently, I have been overplaying my ABBA cd lately. Trying to be the “nice police,” I tell him beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to stop being such a critic. He says, “Mom, they looked like dudes.” Chilly shakes his head yes…that indeed, they did…because that’s what they were…dudes….in drag….”dancing queens”….I laughed and thought that was weird, but hey, they were called the “Mash Potato Queens” and I figured with the whole potato thing, that was somewhat Irish.

Connor goes on to say, “wasn’t that weird when those kids ran out in the street to hug the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader?” HUH? What the heck kind of Irish parade were Cat and I marching in? Did we somehow end up on the Deathstar? And I had no idea Darth Vader was Irish!

Then Connor and Chilly start talking about the low-rider trucks cruising the parade route. (well, we are in Tucson…but I haven’t seen too many Irish families bouncing up and down the city streets in those…)

(no, he doesn’t not have a flat..he is making his truck “walk”…)

Oh..and Santa showed up too…
I am flustered! What about the real festival queens? Where were the marching bands? Where were the silly clowns spraying water on the crowd? Where were the city council members riding in the back of convertibles waving at the crowds? Where were all the Moms pushing their sweet darlings in decorated wagons and strollers? And only a handful of beautiful floats in the whole 90 minute parade!? (which by the way, makes for a very long parade…yawn…) What is going on?! This wasn’t how I pictured my kids watching their first parade! (Insert heavy sighing here…)

Overall, it was a fantastic day filled lots of Irish fun! I am just waxing nostalgic for the parades of my youth. I wish I could hop on a plane and head back “home” (Ohio) for the upcoming spring and summer festivals and parades. (Insert more heavy sighing…)

What are your favorite parade memories? Do you have a favorite parade that you watch each year?

Have a Happy Monday!

p.s. (more give away hints coming soon!!)

p.s.s. Still not ignoring you all with my comment love…after tomorrow, we will be all done performing for a while and I can get back to my regular stalking activities!

Warm Fuzzy Friday Frankenblog

It’s Warm Fuzzy Friday! I’m feeling a bit random today. (I think I caught it from other bloggers…) I’ve got a ramble, a warning, a rant, and experiment for you today! (I’ll try to keep it under 30 minutes of your time….hee hee hee…)

The Ramble…

I found a wolf spider creeping around in my bathroom last night! A freakin’ wolf spider! Chilly almost had another heart attack! He doused it with window cleaner to stun it, but it kept crawling! He tried to drown it so we wouldn’t have gross spider guts all over the tub. That thing would not give up! He finally resorted to the shoe stomp dismemberment. AND THE TWO HALVES CRAWLED BACK TO EACH OTHER! Finally, I swooped in with a tissue, grabbed the halves and flushed that sucker!

Wolf spider bites are dangerous business that can make you very ill and require hospitalization. So yes, I am glad Chilly murdered the wolf spider!

(Just so you know how much I love you all…I removed the picture of the spider because it was very scary. I want you to hang in for the whole post and not run away scared!)

The Warning

If you live in southern AZ, the local fire departments will not come and rescue you from rattlesnakes (unless you’ve been attacked…) So if you see one crawling around, you’re kind of screwed until it decides to leave (or you are brave enough to kill it…yes, I would kill it…actually, I would send my Dad out to kill it, but it would die.) It’s snake season here now (lovely) and we have to watch for these evil creatures under our cars, on our porches, everywhere!

The Rant (for the ladies at the grocery store…)

When you see a family out in mid-week during the middle of the day, DO NOT approach the children of the family and ask why they are not in school. First of all, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Second, our school day is done. Third, ASK ME..THE PARENT, you ass! Do NOT put my children in that position because you think you are gonna “bust” me as a negligent parent. Trust me, you don’t want to do this dance with me. I’ll go all “my kid is smarter than you” on you in a New York minute and I can prove it! Just smile, wave and move on your merry way. It is not your job to police the world. My kids are smart, have tons of friends and are fantastic human beings. Stop hatin’ the homeschoolers, old ladies in grocery stores!

The Experiment

Being the annoying blogger that I am, I wanted to try something fun with comments! Now, I love comments as much as most bloggers. I want to play a game with the comments today. I want to create a story with the comments. I will start our story and you pick it up from the comment listed above you. For example, “Once upon a time, there was a blogger….” You just continue the story with your comment. The next commenter will take a cue from the comment above and add to the story. We’ll create our own Frankenblog! We will piece together a blogpost story from our comments! What say you? Are you in? I know you’re all fabulous writers! (and anytime you want to wrap up one story line and head in a new direction, feel free to do so! It’s Frankenblog!)

Here we go….”Once upon a time, in the land of Blog…”

p.s. Please do not feel obligated to play the Frankenblog game! Only if you really want to! I promise I won’t hunt you down or anything weird! lol! Please feel free to just say hello, or this post is dumb, or I hate spiders…whatever floats your boat!

p.s.s. I realize this blog makes me sound like a stone cold killer. I only murder venomous creatures that threaten to destroy my family.

Say Hello To My Little Friend (Say that like Al Pacino)

Picture yourself driving through the beautiful desert southwest at sunrise….oh, looky…there’s a sign ahead…it says “Beware! Rambling Blogger Ahead! Continue at Your Own Risk!”

As many of you know, I live in the desert. Not the sand dune, camel habitat kind of desert, but the southwestern desert of the good old USA. Judging from the amount of email I received about those pig-like demons crazy javelinas around my house, it occured to me that many of you may not be familiar with some of the freakin’ scary critters beautiful desert creatures that visit our home on occasion. (yeah, look at my coolness…I learned the “scratch” html…I can’t guarantee I won’t be horribly annoying with it…continue to read at your own peril…)

“Say Hello to My Little Friend(s)” (It really gives it that extra “umpf” when you use your Al Pacino Scarface voice…)

The Gila Monster

Cute, huh? This little devil’s jaws are filled with poison. He clamps on to you and starts rotating his teeth into you and well, that just plain sucks for you! The fire dept. usually has to cut the head off this guy to unlock the death grip on you. We had a visit from one of these a few years back. I can honestly say that I hope he didn’t like it here.

The Rattlesnake

This is my nightmare. We have to watch for these everywhere…under our cars, laying on our porches, everywhere… {{shudder}} I am happy to report while I know they are slithering around my 4 acres somewhere, I haven’t seen one here yet. Bullsnakes…those are my friends…they eat rattlesnakes…Happily, I have seen a couple of those:)

The Bobcat

This was taken in my backyard…here let me get a little closer for you…

How adorable?! Look how cuddly he is! NOT! He will jump your fence and eat your children! They actually attack people on golf courses around here! Bad Kitty!

The Scorpion

Sting, ouch…trip to ER…get very sick…’nuff said….(I found one of these hanging out in my kitchen over the holidays…didn’t he get the memo that we have a strict no scorpions allowed policy around here?)

We have other “friends” that visit like the majestic hawks, the sweet little hummingbirds, the singing coyotes, sun bathing lizards…they are very welcome here. The nasty gang up top and the javelinas…nah…not so much… (You do have to watch out for the vultures, the big ugly birds with the big red heads. They carry snakes through the air…yikes!)

Now that I have shared with you the pleasures of living in harmony with the desert creatures, wanna come see me?

p.s. Maybe later I’ll regale you with tales about cactus and our hell on earth very hot summers!

p.s.s. Don’t forget to head out in your wagons today for the wagie parade!!!!!

p.s.s.s. As you can clearly see from my rambling the last few days, I have been afflicted with what many bloggers have been talking about this past week…the dreaded “I got nothin’ ” blog disease. I am struggling to defeat this horrible affliction…hopefully, I will heal from it over the weekend…all healing prayers are welcome….

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (I WISH!)

I woke up this morning to find that my husband had left the TV on all night. I was about to nag him about the cost of electricity, how much this disturbs your sleep pattern, blah, blah, blah, when I rolled over toward the TV and saw this….


Oh yeah…that’s right…Ty Pennington was plastered all over the TV screen…I stopped nagging in mid-sentence and curled up in my blankie…(cue the Barry White music…)

It seems that this hunkalicious hottie is in my neck of the woods today….mmmm….and it seems that at 2:00 pm, he and the crew from Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be doing a big family reveal not too far from me….yuuummmmyyyy……what’s a girl to do????

I start planning my day…hmmm…Cat has dance in Tucson at 3:00 just down the road from where this big reveal will take place…let’s see…can I…oops, I mean can Cat & I make it there and get to dance in time???? (I’m getting all bubbly feeling inside…) What should I wear? How should I do my hair? Ohhh, so much to do and so little time to do it!!! Can I get an extreme makeover in time to go see his extreme makeover? I better get hoppin’!

I hear my nerdanderthal husband grunting something at me. Gee thanks, Chilly, for reminding me that I’m married. Ugh! Can’t he see that I have to get ready for my makeover??? “You’re dumb,” he grunts at me. I giggle at him cause he’s just jealous. I mean, Ty Pennington…hot and handy! Wow! And he has his own line of bed linens!! Does it get any better????

My husband is looking at me like I’ve completely lost my mind. That’s when it occurs to me…I am a huge NERDanderthal too! Yes, that’s what looking at Ty Pennington does to me….turns me into a blubbering, lusty wench…I mean nerdy girl. (cue more Barry White music please…or Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” would be lovely too…) Well, that’s fine by me…NERD away, I say!

I sigh and come back down to earth…my hopes of a fantasy meeting with Ty clearly dashed by the nerdanderthal. (Oh, Chilly, you can go ga-ga and drool all over Kara tonight when Idol comes on…you know you will…oh, and by the way, Chilly…sorry we don’t have Comcast…lol! private joke…)

Now it’s time for me to get on with my makeover…I mean, my school day…I’ll let ya’ll know how dance class goes…wink, wink…

p.s. Chilly, you’re the best…even if you do have a crush on that dumb Jenna girl…blech…

p.s.s. The answers for yesterday’s post…1)H.R. Pufnstuf 2)Witchypoo 3)Sigmund the Seamonster 4)Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (yes, that is Dr. Marlena Evans from Days of Our Lives..) 5)Mighty Isis 6)Bugaloos

Javelinas Gone Wild

I am not a fan of the Javelina! They are hairy pig-like creatures from hell… (pronounciation: have-uh-leen-uh or you can just call them your favorite curse word)



See those lovely spikes coming out of this stupid jerk’s mouth? Those are TEETH! These devil’s spawn are nasty business, and in case you haven’t heard…I AM NOT A FAN!!!!

Now, just so you know, I love most creatures great and small…except for javelinas, scorpions, tarantulas and rattlesnakes…which sucks for me because I live smack dab in the middle of the desert. (Listen Javelinas, the Coyotes visit every day and they don’t bother a thing. Why can’t you take a cue from them and start showing a little respect when you come by for some prickly pear? Even the bobcat just hangs out in the back catching some rays without raising a ruckus.) I have tried to tolerate these creatures just for the sake of having to share ecological digs. But over the last few weeks, the javelinas have been wreaking flippin’ havoc at my casa and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! I went outside yesterday morning to water my beautiful geraniums and clover. This is what greeted me..(cue the horror music)


WHAT?!! What happened to my beautiful lush geranium and clover combo? Where were my little green and red friends? They were in some idiot javelina’s stomach as appetizers, that’s where! I know this because they’ve been caught in the act before! These little devils took down my other potted geranium 2 weeks ago. They also assaulted my grapevine snowman (oh, wait that was the monster that Cat murdered and buried in the back yard…sorry javelinas..) Moving on with my rant…they broke into a bag of trash my son “accidentally” put out front and partied like it was 1999 all over the front yard.

My father, the great javelina “spooker”, loves to yell at them…this usually takes place at about 1:00 am…much to my neighbor’s delight, I’m sure…but hey, it scares the heck out of these pig-like dummies and they usually scurry off. (You should see the fit of giggles this activity gives my dad…lol!)

What to do? Hmmm..I guess it’s time to fence in the courtyard out front lest my unsuspecting children and I become their next victims. (well, it’s more like they will become our victims…Cat will probably go all sorts of kung fu on their be-hinds and Connor will probably fashion a weapon out of the pool skimmer pole…)

Do not be fooled if you ever see these guys…


This is why…

1) Real javelinas don’t carry parasols, wear western clothes and sing cowboy songs around the campfire

2) Their teeth are much bigger and sharper

3) They’re usually on all fours…if you see them standing upright, you better run like hell!

p.s. Please don’t be a hater and think I am an evil person for my disgust of the javelina…at least I don’t super stomp them the way I do the scorpions… hey, you would too if it were about to poison one of your children or pets!!

p.s.s. Yes, I know javelinas are not pigs, but peccaries. They are not the razorbacks you see in other parts of the US. However, they are stinky (literally, you can usually smell them before you see them) and can at times be very aggressive toward humans and their pets. They brought on my wrath with their rotten treatment of my pretty little geraniums and by strangling my grapevine snowman with his bandana (oh right…that was the monster…or was it?????)! Stinkin’ Freaks! (and don’t worry about our new baby, Gordie. When he’s not attached to my parents hips, he is safely ensconced in our walled-in backyard. No desert creature will get him….ever…cause that would incite a major riot of epic proportions…)

p.s.s.s. I will be much calmer for tomorrow’s post…lol!