Pop-Tarts and "Baloney" Sandwiches (Again!)

(Today I am taking a cue from my dear friend, Pam and re-visiting a post from my early days. It’s silly and reminds me how much I love my Grandma Gigi and her Pop-Tart eatin’ ways! I am taking a day of rest so I can get back to my super stalking, comment love spreadin’ ways tomorrow! Hope you have an iron stomach!)

My grandma Gigi eats PopTart and bologna sandwiches.

PopTarts as the bread part and bologna as the filler! Oh…and they have to be strawberry PopTarts. What the?!

The first time I saw her do this I stared in disbelief. She giggled and kept eating it.

“It’s good!” she assured me.

“Hey, if it works for you, Gigi, then I’m good,” I smiled (a fake smile because inside I was mortified!)

“You want me to make you one?” she asked, licking her lips.

This is a sandwich that I can’t even be in the same room with, let alone attempt tasting it.

“No thank you,” I ran from the roomi in horror. Seriously, Gigi?! PopTarts and bologna?! Super yuck!

My other grandma (who is watching me from Heaven…and hopefully will not haunt me for this little tidbit I’m about to share…) liked to eat hog brains and pickled pigs feet. Can you imagine?! What kind of crazy family was I born into?!

I’m not a picky eater. I am willing to try just about anything. I’ve even tried rattlesnake and chocolate covered crickets. I draw the line at breakfast pastries and deli meats in sandwich form. No way…no how. And pickled pigs feet? You don’t know where they’ve been!?! Eeewww!

My mom eats peanut butter on her pancakes. My dad, son of the hog brains lady, eats like a normal person….not too exciting…(probably because he was surrounded by hog brains and pickled pigs feet as a kid…)

The most exciting thing I’ve seen my husband eat is Lea and Perrins sauce on his steak. I know people that put jelly in their soup beans and ketchup on scrambled eggs. I don’t know if I would eat it, but still not too freaky.

I did actually eat clam chowder and chase it with a nice hot cocoa when I was pregnant. That was a lovely meal. (My intestines, however, didn’t see it that way and quickly “returned to sender.”)

Now that I’ve made myself nice and nauseous before breakfast, I think I’ll wrap up this post. My kids are hungry for their morning meal of fried cactus and diet coke.

Ok..so what’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? Do you like strange food combinations? Come on, friends! Spill it!

Enjoy your Thursday!

PS..If you scroll down to yesterday’s post, you will see some of the items in the giveaway!

Weird Kids, Wordles and Gifts for You! Woo Hoo!


Welcome to the Weekend! We are rockin’ our Wordle in honor of Shan’s Week-end Wordles! This is Shannon’s Wordle Launch Weekend so go and give her some linky love! She’s also known as Baby Roca’s Mama at My Last Shreds of Sanity! The kids and I had a bunch of fun making wordles this week! She’s ready to show you how to rock your wordle so get on over there when you’re all finished up here!

Weird Kids

I’m speaking of my weird kids, of course. Last night as we were tucking in for bed, I said to Miss Cat, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” An evil grin appears on her cherubic face and she says, “I’ll kill the bed bugs, put them in soup and use them in my chicken stir fry!” HUH? What the heck kind of crazy games does she play when I’m not around???? I’m kind of freaked out by this little angel!

This is the same weird kid that publicly humiliated our family at Olive Garden a few months ago during our delightful lunch outing. (She was five…) It went something like this…

Me: “Hey kids, I have a surprise for Daddy when we get home!”
(meaning: House is clean, laundry is done…weekend is free for family fun…trust me, that is a huge surprise…)

Cat: ” What’s the surprise, Mama? True Love’s Kiss? (long pause….) Sex?”

Me: Choking and spitting out my peach tea…”WHAT???!!!!”

Whoa nellie! Hello! Where the heck did she learn that word????? Did I mention that the waitress is standing at the table trying not to bust a gut? Tween Caveboy covers his face with a napkin and buries his head in the sand. Chilly, of course, finds this hilarious and wants to know more. NERDANDERTHAL! Doesn’t he know you can’t stop this runaway train once you climb on board?

Of course, she used her outdoor voice when asking me this question. Finally, after recovering from my shock and horror, I ask her what she thinks that means. “It means to hug someone, Mama!” she smiles while sipping down her Sprite. “Where did you hear that word?” I lean over to whisper. “Giselle said it in ‘Enchanted’, Mama.” again…with the outdoor voice! (And boo to you, Disney! Well, kind of boo…I really do love that movie…)

It’s really no big deal to her, you see…or is it? Do I see a hint of an evil grin appearing on that little mouth of hers? I’m pretty sure I did.

Tween Caveboy has his weird moments too. I am not at liberty to share them. He charges me too much money for his stories. I simply can’t afford him.


My 100th post is coming soon! In order to celebrate, I’m hosting a fabulous giveaway! More details to come soon, but I’ll give you a hint…it’s gonna be big! Stay tuned!


I have been blessed by three very lovely bloggy buddies with awards!

First, A Psych Mommy was so very kind to share the Luv Award with me! Please clickety on over to see her! She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! I love visiting her blog! She always has fun giveaways going on too!

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I was also given the bloggy love from Misadventurous Mommy over at Misadventures in Baby Raising! I heart her so much! She writes a very funny blog about her family of four kids! She’s a full-time student and aspiring writer to boot! She awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award! In order to receive my award I must share 7 things I love with you. Easy, since I’m in a lovey mood!

I also just found out that Denise over at Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys is sharing this with me too! Many of you already know how wonderful Denise is! Truly one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet! I heart her too! Thank you, Denise! I am honored!

1. I LOVE my family!

2. I LOVE all of my bloggy friends!

3. Like Misadventurous Mommy, I LOVE skulls! Pretty girly skulls not creepy satanic ones!

4. I LOVE Shadow and Gordie (our pets)!

5. I LOVE the movie “Love Actually.”

6. I LOVE Cherry Coke!

7. I LOVE books!

I am to spread the love around so I will share this with Kate at Home is Where My Heart Is. Kate is one of the most creative bloggers I know! She’s a jewel! Please swing by to say hello! I just love her to pieces!

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Whew! That’s all folks!

Have a fantastic weekend!

p.s. For the record…I don’t remember Giselle saying that word in “Enchanted”…Cat is probably just trying to get Giselle in trouble…

Gettin’ My Poster Geek On

At the risk of exposing my true geekness,

I pose this question to you….

Who did you have hanging on your wall “back in the day?”

Here’s who I had…it was the 70’s and I was a tween…
Don’t laugh!

Oh, all right…laugh!
But don’t laugh at my dear sweet David Cassidy!

Bay City Rollers

Rex Smith

I’ll even admit to having these too!
I’m gonna let my geek flag fly!

Tony DeFranco (and Family)

Donny Osmond

(In my defense, as a teen, I had
Bono & U2 hanging on my wall.)

This is who Chilly had hanging on his wall…
(Chilly is sitting at his desk right now drooling…
I know you are, Chilly…)

Jacqueline Smith

This is who Chilly has on his wall now…

(Chilly has a man crush on The Rock)

This is who I have hanging on my wall now…

(Long stringy hair…from mythical lands…
lovin’ their swords….hmmm)

Now it’s your turn to let your poster geek flag fly!

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. Jillene reminded me of Shaun Cassidy! Does anyone remember Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods? What about The Hudson Brothers? How could I forget KISS, Peter Frampton, Andy Gibb? (I’m old and forget things…that’s how! lol! Thank you, Raven for reminding me!)

p.s.s. Did anyone read Tiger Beat and 16???? What about Teen?

Cloudy With a Chance of B*tchy

Don’t be afraid….It says cloudy with a chance of b*tchy.

Oops! How did that pop in here? Don’t worry…I’m not growling yet…

Although, last night I was sharing my frustration over my new facial hair with Chilly, brought on, no doubt, by perimenopause. I will now share with you his words of comfort…

“If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly, right?”

Oh no he di’nt! Nerdanderthal! Growling will now commence…

I knew I was in for a hormonal rough patch this morning when I went in for a morning soak in the tub and found that my cute rubber duckie…

had turned into this….

Time to call in the reinforcements! I grabbed my special soap used only for this occasion…

There! That feels better….NOT! Ugh! I knew it was time to get the tools to help me deal with the gathering storm.

I grabbed these…(because it’s really best if I don’t talk…because I probably won’t be nice…)

(the blue one is for emergencies only…)

I got some chapstick because my lips get really dry (from “pursing” them in my desperate attempt not to say something horrible to loved ones…that’s why the sign paddles up there are “good things.”)

I grabbed some chewing gum to chew my stress away so I wouldn’t yank every hair out of my head from pms anxiety…(otherwise I’d be bald with facial hair and look like this guy…)

This is my gum of choice today…

This is what I will be eating today…




I’ll probably drink this wine all day… (and bear in mind…I’m not a drinker…but this seems appropriate…)

(Kids, don’t even think about hiding your Valentine’s candy from me…)

Family and friends…don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Oh! and since my hormones are about to take a ride on a rollercoaster, my post would not be complete without some happy news!

I was the lucky winner of a very cute giveaway over at Stampin’ Mom! Jamie has the cutest Etsy shop! Please go visit! I love my magnet…pink umbrellas are very special to me so I was very happy to win this!

And finally, the very sweet (and funny) Jenners at Life With a Little One and More and Find Your Next Book Here shared the Friends Award with me!
Thank you, Jenners!

I would like to share this with a new bloggy buddy who is new to the land of Blog! Stephenie at Just A Little Bit Pink…this is for you! Go give her some welcome comment love!

And now to further continue this hormonal hot rod ride, I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you! I had 41 comments yesterday and that was my biggest yet! Sniffle, sniffle, plop, plop…happy tears! I am still a baby blogger (just a bit over a month old) and my heart was filled with happiness from all the kind words!

Ok…I’ll release you from captivity now to go read other blogs….Off you go!


Tomato Soup and Garlic Butts

Just the title alone gives you a giggle, huh??? But first I have to share a tidbit about how completely mental I have become…

Picture me…yesterday…writing out my “to do” list…

*Pick up last minute party items for Cat’s bday
*Finish laundry
*Trim Cat’s fangs (my daughter, Catherine…not our real cat…)

Did ya catch that? Trim Cat’s fangs???? Now those of you who have read my post Twilight Tendencies will completely understand why I might do this. If you havent’ read it…go read it:) Then you won’t think I am so paranoid. Can everyone say classic Freudian slip? (my stinky linky won’t work…please locate this tantalizing post over in my archives…)

Now, on to Tomato Soup and Garlic Butts….

I hear some of you asking yourselves, “What exactly is a garlic butt?” (Yes, I’m using the word butt, but feel free to insert “tushy, booty, bum,” whatever you are most comfortable with.) I can tell you this…most of you have probably eaten one or two in your lifetime. HUH? Stay on board this crazy train…it will all makes sense in a moment….

Yesterday while I was making a lovely (aka fast so I could get back to blogging) lunch of tomato soup and garlic bread for my kids, I realized I had one small loaf of garlic bread. Uh-oh…Cat is a garlic bread freak. (I know, I know…you’ve probably linked over to my Twilight post and are thinking, “but I thought Cat was a vampire?” I personally believe she is. I think she is just a super vampire and garlic doesn’t phase her…) Back to business…

Limited garlic bread for the kiddos…what to do? I counted out the tiny slices (because this was a loaf made for Lilliputians) and figured out they could each have four tiny pieces. That left the ends for me….the butts. (you know that they look like that…don’t look at me like I’m a whack job…which I am, but don’t look at me like I am…) Garlic bums aren’t the best tastin’ things either. Which then got me to thinking that Moms are just the BEST creatures God created (besides kids, of course!) because we are always willing to do things like eat garlic butts, burnt toast, wait till everyone else is served and then take what’s left…you get the picture. We are willing to go out in public with stains on our clothes, risking humiliation after humiliation all for the sake of raising our lovies to be the best they can be. We put ourselves in the public spectrum with the full knowledge that most likely at some point while surrounded by strangers, our children will air the dirtiest family laundry, strip down naked or lay on the ground writhing in pain because you said no to a piece of candy while standing in the checkout line. (my kids don’t do this…well not alot anyway…lol!..well Cat does…) We’ve all born witness to events like these, some of us actually being the poor victims of these encounters, and we know it’s not pretty. So what’s the point of all this rambling? Glad you asked…(cause I probably would have rambled on more and gotten completely off topic…)

I, for one, have decided that next time I cut the garlic bread, I am keeping a few pieces for me. Next time I make toast I am going to slow down and pay attention to what I’m doing so I do not burn it. I am going to serve myself while serving everyone else in my family. And do you know why I am taking such a radical step? Because always putting ourselves last as mothers doesn’t help our children. It wears us down spiritually and emotionally. (and I for one, am tired of being tired!) It reminds of the “plane going down” analogy. They always tell the parent to put on the oxygen mask first so you have the ability to take care of your children. It’s time to put on the oxygen mask and breathe fresh air and clear the static out of the attic! I want to be a mom who is present (and wearing a stain free shirt) for my children…that’s why I chose to be at home with them. Here’s to being part of the family and not just the person who takes care of the family! (and besides, I don’t want to be so out of it mentally from exhaustion that I actually do end up trimming my daugher’s fangs….)

So goodbye garlic butts! Hello warm buttery goodness! No more “make-do” mommy here! What say you? Care to join me in my radical behavior??

Have a happy Thursday!

p.s. I’m still gonna wear my banana hair clip though….

p.s.s. I’m in the middle of a blog makeover..please excuse my mess while I try to pretty up my fine self and get my “girly” on:) Yes, my colors aren’t matching yet…but I’m workin’ on it!

You Want Some Whine With That?

My family is a big bunch of whiners this week. Seriously…can’t a girl blog without whine? (Cammie, I know you love your wine and Robert Pattinson…your wine is the good kind of wine…mine, not so much…)

If you were a tiny fly on the wall in my house this week, this is what you would have had the great pleasure to witness…

*My husband coming in at 3:00 am to find me on the computer…

“Chilly: “Minnie, you are like a crack “ho” and your blog is your crack.

“Shhh…you’ll wake up the kids…

Chilly: “Seriously, Minnie…get off the computer…NOW…you’re becoming a freak.”

Me: (looking around for the cops…I mean, kids…) “Shut up, Chilly…get out of here!”

He shuffled back to bed trying to figure out how to break the news to the family that I’m an addict…

Then there was this lovely “busted” moment…

Me…blogging…eating some waffles…My son walks by me and says…

“Whoa! Mom! You just went Godzilla on that waffle! Dude! You attacked that thing!” (then he starts giving me a replay of me eating the waffle…think slow motion with Godzilla sounds…) “Does blogging always make you do that?”

I reply:”What? I’m just looking at the bank account…” (I quickly hit minimize and try to bring up the bank account..) Connor just smirks at me and walks away. I feel ashamed….but not enough to stop my waffle-eatin’ blogging! Yeah!

My daughter has even been a victim of my blogging addiction. She brings me a book the other day and says, “Hey mommy..let’s read Fancy Nancy.” I use my happy princess voice and say,”Ok, sweetie! I’ll be right with ya!” I finish up blogging and sing out, “Kitty, ready to read?” No answer… Cat?…still no answer….Then I find her…asleep on the floor…holding her book…CAUSE A STINKIN’ HOUR WENT BY!!!! That’s when I knew I was a blog freak. I just lost my Parent of the Year award (and we’re not even out of January!)

So, at the risk of letting my freak fly, here goes…

“Hi, My name is Dawn…and I’m an addict.”

I know some of you have had the pleasure of playing with this little gizzy over the last few days..The first time I came upon this over at one of my favorite haunts, The Adams Family, I scored 81%. Then I did it again with a little more honesty…84%….uh..better not play this game anymore…oh, heck..why not just lay it all out and be completely honest..one more time…

88%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


Chilly’s right…I’m a freak…but I think I’m a good kind of freak! (The really sad part of this story is that I’m not even truly phased by that number…lol!) So here’s the deal, family…you’re still getting fed, bathed (stop laughing, Mother..) and I’m here to meet all of your needs…in a minute, no…really in a minute…I have to finish reading this hilarious post…what? the house is on fire? Go ahead and call 911…I’ll be done in a minute….

ALERT!!! You must go see Misadventurous Mommy over at My Mommy Said for some wicked cool quizzes!!! You’re all in for it now!!!!

p.s..I learned how to linky!!!! Whoo hoo!

p.s.s…this is for Chilly…hey, at least I haven’t named the computer yet…

Gettin’ My Irish Freak On (aka I’m Gonna Be a Stripper)

Another confession…or should I say “con-feis-sion?”

I am an absolute freakazoid about all things Irish. It’s rather weird considering I’m not Irish. (however, my very Irish friend, Pam, said she thought I must have a drop somewhere, so I’m good with that…)

Here’s the proof…I named my kids Connor and Catherine…Irish….I listen to Celtic music relentlessly….Irish…..I swoon whenever I hear an Irish accent…I don’t even care if it’s a drunk old Irish guy or Cat’s dance teacher singing “step & hop and step & hop”….Irish…..I am crazy about Liam Neeson (read previous posts about our midnight escapades), …yummy Irish…Colin Firth.. (ok, not Irish, but still yummy)..(and Chilly, I’ve seen your list of hmmm…can we even call them ladies??? so, don’t hate the playah, honey, hate the game…)….and finally, I make my daughter take Irish step dancing classes….which leads me to the reason I may have to become a stripper…..

Irish dance is flippin’ expensive!!!!!! I thought Irish dance would be fun (it is!) I mean the lingo is pretty nifty…feis (pronounced “fesh”..now do you get “my Con-feis-sion”? giggle giggle) slip jig, treble jig, hard reel…and listening to the clickety clickety of the hard shoe dancers is very cool. However, I didn’t anticipate a weekly trip to the blood bank to sell my blood for the extra cash I would need for the “essentials.” Let’s see…first you have classes, assorted competition fees, the class uniform t-shirt and shorts, the class uniform jumper, the ghillies, hard shoes, wigs, tiaras, and poodle socks. Oh, and don’t forget the sock glue. Sock glue????? Here’s a picture of a famous Irish dancer…


See her socks? Poodle socks…about $10+ a pair (you go through alot of these.) The cute little black shoes are called ghillies…about $50 a pair (you go through alot of those too.) Hard shoes..about $135+! (hard shoes are the clickety clackers..) The hair…not her real hair…it’s a wig that clips over her real hair…$40-$100+! The cute little headband (or some dancers choose tiaras) $20-$100+! And now for the most important thing of all (and most expensive,) the dress…

Irish dance dresses can cost thousands per dress!!!!! (hold on, I think my husband just had his 4th heart attack…sorry honey, didn’t want to hit you with that little tidbit too early in her dance career, especially since you recently survived 3 previous heart attacks…) That snazzy little number Barbie is wearing probably cost her mom a cool grand…yep…one thousand smackaroos. (Unless she got it used on ebay, then she probably only spent $700.) I am learning that used is the way to go in Irish dance world. Even then, I know my career as a stripper is looming closer (because I’m running out of blood.)

So kids…I promise I’ll use a very cool stripper name like Bambi or Stephi (ha ha, Aunt Ooooo)…I’ll keep my lucite high heels hidden away during the day so you won’t be embarrassed by your stripper momma. And Catherine, one day when you are a Riverdancer touring the world and being fabulously rich and famous, you better take really good care of me….(or I’ll embarrass you with pictures from my stripper days…I can assure you no one wants to see that….43 year old strippers are in a class of their own…and not the good kind….)

My Irish Ghillie Girl, Catherine, at one of her first performances this past November…


p.s…no offense to anyone named Steph, Stephi, Stephanie…that’s my sister’s name…she really is a stripper…NOT…just kidding…she’s a rockin’ momma who’s an amazing artist! The only things she strips are the sheets off her bed….my mom’s the real stripper in our family….(lol…love you, mommy…)

Minnie, Smitty, Puddin’ and Scrappy

Another weird family confession…

We have a strange compulsion to nickname everyone. No one is safe from this torture. My husband infected us with this disease a long time ago and we have never recovered. This has proven awkward at his office Christmas parties where I am introduced to people by their “real” names, and I just stand there with a dumb look on my face. I usually lean over and whisper, “Isn’t that Raisin?” or “I thought that his name was Bobblehead?”

My nickname was bestowed upon me at Disneyland when I was dating my husband. He started calling me Minnie and it stuck. Stuck to the point that to this day, my nephew calls me “Aunt Minnie.” Sometimes I am “yo!” or “mouse”, but mostly Minnie. My parents blessed me with “Dawnie Doodlebug” during my formative years….my sister was Snicklefritz..that sounds like a bad Vegas act (in the really bad part of Vegas)…”Introducing Dawnie Doodlebug and Snicklefritz!”

My husband has many nicknames, some that I cannot mention here or your ears might catch on fire. He usually goes by Chilly, Smitty, Bro-ski, Heart Patient and a few others. Connor was my little “punkindoodle“, “muffin”, “little man”. Now he prefers “Awesomeness” or “Your Highness.” His dad decided yesterday to call him Puddin‘. Connor replied that he’d be “puddin” something scary in Christine if daddy didn’t revoke that new moniker.

Ah, yes, Christine…he even nicknames our vehicles. Currently we are driving “Christine” (for more info on this sordid story, check blog post “Christine…”) and the “Crow”. We have driven “Vanna”, Minnie Van, Shaquille, just to name a few.

Catherine has had the most nicknames in the family…Cat, Miss Kitty, Kitty Cat, Kit Cat, Monkey, Miss Hi-Yaw, Lovie (my favorite), Angelpie, Sweetiekins and daddy’s newest addition yesterday…Scrappy. (????) It’s a wonder that she doesn’t have multiple personalities cause we call her something different every day!

Snicklefritz, I mean my sister, used to call her son “Tuba” cause he was a giant baby…then as he “grew” into his fine self, it morphed into “Tooga“. I usually refer to him as “dude.” (He’s the best nephew ever….no, I really mean it…EVER…super cool photo of him in my Catching Air post..) (Now, so we don’t be hatin‘, let me explain why he was a giant baby…he was actually a preemie and steroids were used for his lungs..they caused him to look like a mini weightlifter for just a tiny bit, but then he went back to where he should be (according to all those charts and junk that tell you how you should be…)

Oh! Almost forgot…we have an aunt named “Her”. My nephew calls my Auntie G by that lovely endearment. (she probably prefers that over being referred to as “Him”…hee hee hee…)

The best nickname of all goes to my sister…Cat calls her “Aunt Ooooo” (as in oooh-la-la….told ya’ she’s the stylish one…) We don’t know where Cat came up with it. She just started calling her that one day and now we all call her Ooooo. (probably because Cat is just like Aunt Oooo…loves shoes, handbags, designer clothes and is very, very sassy…) Hands down…the best nickname in the family!

(This one is really going to freak my sister out..)…her husband calls her “boob”! She just loves it when he yells this out in the grocery store! “Hey, Boob! Come here!” LOLOLOL!

And this is why I feel so at home in the land of Blog! Everyone has a “nickname” here! So come on…hit me with some of your favorite family & friend nicknames! (We can always use new material in our house for good nicknames!)

Have a silly Sunday!

Twilight Tendencies….(or my secret vice)

Gee, would you look at the time…it’s 5:00 am…big surprise…

This morning I was tossing and turning at (you guessed it!) 4:30 am, determined to stay in bed. But like some wild stallion that cannot be contained, my mind was ready for the rodeo so I jumped out of bed with the speed of a rocket and blasted off into the main living area of our home. I thought maybe this morning I would read a good book, get all relaxed and be able to drift away back to the Land of Nod for my dreamy walk on the beach with Liam Neeson. But, could I find a good book (or any book in this house I haven’t read?) Nope, no such luck…(yes, my dear sister…that is a big hint to you that I will be needing the box of Vampire Chick Lit you promised…expect a call later to work out those details…) Oops…I may have just let the bat out of the coffin so to speak…I can already hear some of your brains wrapping around the weirdness of me reading Vampire love stories. Ok, ok, you caught me….

It all started last year at the library. There was this handsome man with sunglasses hiding in the dark recesses of the fiction area. He was a hottie…I mean, elegant, debonair and I felt this weird vibe that he wanted to bite me. NOT! Hee hee hee…Actually, I was waiting for my kids to choose their books when the library lady plopped down a stack of books to put away. On top of the stack was “UnDead and UnWed” by MaryJanice Davidson. The cover looked cute. (I am a big believer in judging a book by it’s cover.) I grabbed it (and the kids) and off we went. I started reading it that afternoon and was hooked on the story of Betsy Taylor from that moment on. I read all the UnDead books over the summer and then came….Twilight…..

By now, you’ve all heard of “Twilight” and the love between Edward & Bella. I was mush from the moment I began it. I read “New Moon” & “Eclipse” and need to finish with book 4 (Breaking Dawn). (Uh-hmmm…little sister…you know what that means….) Just recently, my sweet little sister got me hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse series which is now on HBO as True Blood. So there you have it…I am a “sucker” for vampire chick lit (literature). (and dear husband, don’t sit there and judge me…you know you love the old re-runs of “The Kindred.”)

While we are on the subject of vampires, I have noticed that my daughter does have some very vampiric tendencies…..hmmm…For instance, vampires are very beautiful creatures that like to dress elegantly and can sneak up on you very quietly. (that does sound like her…) They also like to use Jedi mind tricks to convince you to do their bidding…(see how creepy this is getting?????) They have superhuman strength (oh no…there was that time when Cat lifted up the end of her toddler bed to help me carry it…and she does like to lift my weights….uh…oh…..) She also fries up like a lobster if she’s near sunlight….yikes! I guess I should have paid closer attention when at age 3 she would run around the house saying, “I suck your blood! I suck your blood!” I better warn Connor….

Well, now you know my deep dark secret…I’m off to fashion a necklace out of garlic cloves…Cat will be up soon…..

Check out this cute cover! See? You’d want to read it too!
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