Wordless Wednesday (almost): Who Are The "People" in Your Neighborhood?

Cat made some new friends in our neighborhood yesterday…..new friends wearing fun summer fashions….

Cat sharing a laugh with the ladies….I kept telling her to ask them why they weren’t wearing their Old Navy Town Gowns, but she wouldn’t do it….so I asked them myself and they said it was “casual Tuesday”…..I said I thought it should be “Town Gown Tuesday”, but they just shoo’d me off to the “2 for $5.00” flip flop sale…..

Of course, Cat wants to adopt this puppy….the Modelkins family didn’t want to give him up….Do you have any interesting people in your neighborhood???

Can I Elf You?

(Don’t forget to visit Shannon and her Week-end Wordles over at Last Shreds of Sanity!)

Once upon a time this morning, I wandered into the family room in my usual morning stupor. I threw back the curtains to find I had a visitor outside in the form of an elf.

Well, hello there, hottie! He was leaning against the tree holding a scroll. I went to open the door to invite him in.

“What are you doing here?” I purred in my sexy morning voice. (What? Don’t you have one of those?)

He winked at me (swoon) and nodded toward the St. Patty’s Day tree. “What do you think I’m doing here?”

I blushed. “Um…yeah…Is there a problem with the tree, Legolas?” I was feeling all tingly now. He came really close to me. Really close. “For you, my lady.” He handed me the scroll. “I come bearing glad tidings.” He brushed by me and bowed.

Be still my fluttery heart! I looked at the scroll closely. Oh jinkies…I had gotten one of these in mid January. I knew exactly who it was from.

I sighed, unrolled it and began to read.

Dearest Dawn,

While your white Christmas tree looks lovely covered in shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and the flags of Ireland, don’t you feel that this charade has gone on long enough? (Props to you for taking down the other 4 trees that you had up. At least you had enough sense to take those down in January.)

And even though Catherine was delighted to have it covered with hearts for Valentine’s Day, shouldn’t you just come to terms that you are just too stinkin’ lazy to take down the tree?

I know you’re planning on doing a shabby spring Easter theme on that tree in a few days. I KNOW. It’s time to take down the tree, dear. Put it in that nice tree bag you picked up at Target at 90% off. (Yes, the magic snowglobe shows us everything…)

Now, get along with the tree removal. It won’t be long until July when all the stores will be filled with Christmas décor and you can start all over again!

Mrs. Claus

p.s. Hope you enjoyed the special delivery elf! If you ask him to, he can just snap his fingers and become a naughty pirate for you too!

Mrs. Claus sure knows how to get a girl’s attention.

Well, that’s just fantastic. Another spanking by scroll from the holiday hostess with the most-est.

Doesn’t she understand I am busy blogging? Doesn’t she know that I am horribly behind in my comment lovin’? Can’t she see that I am exhausted this week and can’t come up with a blog post that makes sense? DOESN’T SHE CARE? Mrs. Claus!

I glance at Legolas. He is staring at me with intensity. I feel flush. I plop down on the sofa. Heck, I was just trying to get my money’s worth out of that tree.

“Can’t you conjure up some more of your elf friends to come and help me, Legolas?” I plead batting my lashes at him.

“Alas, I cannot. I can become a pirate for you though, and be your eye candy while you take down the tree.”

Bow-chicka-bow-wow…buh-bye White Christmas St. Patty’s Day Tree…Hello, Eye Candy!

Have a fabulous weekend! I’ve got some eye candy to ogle, me hearties!

p.s. Don’t get your panties in a wad, Chilly. I know how you are about certain female actresses!

Tuesday’s Tribute: Cat’s Guest Post (Her Afternoon with an Irishman!)

My Tuesday’s Tribute is to my lovely Irish dancer daughter, Catherine, age 6! She has been working hard at her dance lessons and will be in many performances this month!

Catherine is my guest co-poster today. She wants to share some exciting news with you ! Guess who we are hanging out with at Irish dance class this afternoon?

Michael Patrick Gallagher, Riverdance lead and co-owner/teacher of Cat’s Irish dance school, Tir Conaill Academy!! He will be teaching at Tir Conaill today! Can I hear a whoop whoop?! Her weekly teacher is Christopher McGrory, world class champion dancer, platinum selling Irish musician, and owner of her school as well. Chris is also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! (and his music is fantastic!) This kid of mine found the Irish pot of gold when we found Tir Conaill Academy!

Cat wants to share a video of Michael Pat dancing. She’d like to show you what she’s learning. Irish dance is just incredible to watch. She recently started wearing “hard shoes”(which is what they are doing in the video.)

If you’ve never seen Michael Pat dance, I hope you take a moment to watch because he is AMAZING! (it’s a few minutes, but it’s a fabulous few minutes, and would mean the world to Cat to know that you enjoyed it! She begged me to post it!)

Here is Michael Pat on “Dancing With the Stars” last spring. He will rock your socks off! (Keep your eyes on his feet! They are in the Guiness Book of World Records for the World’s Fastest Feet! The steps are super complicated!)

(You’ll need to turn up your sound for this!)

I bet you’re ready for St. Patty’s Day now!

Catherine says thank you for watching “her” video! (proud mama thanks you too!)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

p.s. Update: For those of you who’ve inquired, Christopher’s cd’s are available through his link up there. Just click on his name and it will take you right to him!

(Thanks everyone for your interest today! It’s been overwhelming and wonderful!)

Mish Mosh Monday Birthday Celebration!

This is how my day started….Remember her?

Well, I found this guy sneaking out of the bathroom right before dawn….(notice I didn’t say “crack” of dawn….if I had a nickel for everytime I heard that one!)

Apparently, Edward Cullen sent one of his cronies over to “turn” my dear sweet duckie! Now I’m cool with that, but where the heck was Edward???? I was home all night, Edward! Chilly was in a coma so he wouldn’t have been an issue! Sigh…..Ever since I saw this over at Cammie’s Life in the House of No Sleep bloggy, I have had hot vamp abs on the brain!

Then I turned on the news and saw that the weather has gone bonkers all over the place! Apparently these two idiots have been messing around AGAIN!

I should have called their mother last time they were wreaking weather havoc all over. Not to worry, I shot off an email to Mother Nature this morning and she’s going to straighten these two monkeys out!

I would like to give a special birthday shout out to my dear sweet friend, Barbara Millicent Roberts! She is 50 today! Here’s a photo…

I first met Barbara back in the 70’s. She had just moved to my neighborhood from Malibu. She and I were fast friends! I spent a huge part of my childhood with her. She was the older, cool girl in town and I was tickled that she wanted to be my friend!

Happy Birthday, Barbie!!! We will be celebrating at your daughter’s house today with the rest of your family. (Cat’s busy prepping the party house right now. She asked me to share a photo of her progress so far…)

Cat and I baked you two special cakes! (not really, but if we did, this is what they would look like!) Cat “made” this one…

Yes, that is a Barbie cake…they’ve come a long way, haven’t they?! Here’s my special Barbie cake (because I love all things Halloween…)

We have a special friend of Catherine’s coming to do a fantastic birthday performance for Barbie too! Here she is!

That’s right! We are having some Irish dancing at our party!!! Cat is so excited!

Now to celebrate this fantastic birthday, our friend Zen Cupcake is having a FABULOUS Giveaway!!! Here’s a taste of what’s being offered…

She is giving away four different versions of this goodie from Sephora! Another hint…Juicy Couture perfume!! And there is so much more!!!! You really must go check this one out! It’s unbelieveable!

What was your favorite toy from childhood?

Happy Monday!

From the Murky Depths of Vera Bradley & A Bit of Luck

*Update: Just want to say thank you to everyone who sent me the most wonderful comments and lovely emails about yesterday’s post! I am overwhelmed by your kindness and support! It means the world to me! Truly!
(if you missed it, just scroll down below this post…it’s a Tuesday’s Tribute (ahem..a long one, I know..) for my husband Chilly in honor of his first Heartaversary.)

Tag! I’m it! The lovely Kristen over at La Dolce Vita tagged me for a Bag Tag! So here’s the scoop…

1. Show the current handbag I am using.

I’m in a weird “blast from my past” mood with my handbags right now. I alternate between my Vera Bradley backpack (an oldie but goodie) and my dear old friend, black Sak. Today it was the backpack because we had Irish dance. Want to take a look inside?

Let’s see…we have the following items in the murky depths of Vera…

*Too Faced Chocolate Bunny Lip Balm *Sunscreen Stick
*Claddagh Coin *Keri Lotion *Notepad & Pink Sharpie
*Catherine’s Ghillies (Irish dance shoes)
*Catherine’s Princess Lipgloss
*Tissues *Hand Sanitizer *Cakesters (for Cat)
*Coupons *Wallet *Hair clip (yep, for park days! Cammie, it’s going in the trash as soon as I cut my hair!)

Exciting stuff, isn’t it? Some days you’ll find bottled water in there too!

(If I was super cool like Kristina P., I would have a Sham Wow in there or a Bump-it Sandwich, but I’m not as cool as she is…she’s my bloggy hero..I bet her bag is flippin’ awesome…probably filled to the brim with really nifty treasures…ahh…I heart her….)

2. Share the price of the bag.

It was $88.00 (free to me…Christmas gift from my Mom!)

3. Tag some other cool chicks to join in the fun!

I am going to tag a newbie blogger to join in the bag tag-o-rama!

*momof3girls over at Land of Fluff
She is delightful! Please go give her a big old bloggy welcome! I just love her to pieces! Tag! You’re it, momof3girls!

I am also opening this game of tag to anyone else who wants to join in the fun! Come on, bloggers! Be brave! Any guys out there with murses, man bags or such? Let’s see what ya’ got!

I also want to share a fabulous giveaway over at Jiggety Jig! Jenni is hosting this amazing giveaway that includes a gorgeous necklace from Kristen’s Custom Creations! Kristen is the fabulous blog buddy that tagged me for the Bag Tag! I love Kristen’s jewelry and her guitar picks too! Love it all! She is just amazing! Stop by and see her! You’ll be glad you did! You must clickety on over to Jiggety Jig and see if you can get lucky with Jenni Jiggety!

While we’re on the subject of getting lucky…how many of you had this?

I’ll shut up now (especially since I dragged you kicking and screaming down my very long memory lane yesterday!)

And The Oscar Goes To….

I would like to thank the Academy for finally putting on a show that I actually enjoyed watching in it’s entirety! I’ll admit I have not been much of a fan of awards shows in the past, but this guy kept coaxing me to watch, luring me in with his dreamy good looks and witty charm…

That’s right, folks! Wolverine hosted the Academy Awards! Last night, he was sans sideburns and claws, but it was him!!!

Hugh Jackman, in my humble opinion, is the best host this show has ever had! I loved the opening number with “his” nod to the recession. You know the one that he spent the whole night in his garage putting together for us? (Watch it on You Tube…Laugh out loud funny! You will love it!) Loved the musical numbers…that man can sing and dance! He is one hunkalicious host! No wonder he’s the Sexiest Man Alive!

It was a return to the glamour of old Hollywood. I loved the intimate elegance of the theatre. The stars looked radiant! (and to be perfectly honest, I normally don’t give two cents about celebrities, but I couldn’t resist the pull of Wolverine…)

I loved the way the presenters set up each category like they were creating a documentary along the way. (and Seth Rogen and James Franco were hilarious in their nod to the comedies of 2008!) Chilly actually sat through the first hour!

It was truly moving to watch the past winners share accolades with the nominees. And cheers to Penelope Cruz for reminding us that “this ceremony was a moment of unity for the world because art, in any form, is and has been and will always be our universal language and we should do everything we can, everything we can, to protect its survival.” Amen to that, sister!

I was a little worried, however, when Rob Pattinson came out to present an award. (Twilight Hottie Vampire…for those of you who don’t know…) I was concerned that Hugh might come running onstage and go all Van Helsing on him.

Thankfully, however, no hot vampires were harmed during the show.

I have a few awards I would like to share this morning as well…

Best Lead Actor…..Tween Caveboy for his dramatic role in “No Country For Tween Caveboys”…(Tween Caveboy also won for Best Musical Score with his “Ode to Metallica” score.)

Best Lead Actress…Catherine for her very moving performance in “Blah-g…My Life Exposed By My Blogging Mommy”…

Best Supporting Actress…Christine in “Driving Mr. Chilly”…

Best Costume Design and Art Direction….Mommy (for her many achievements in making sure her actor & actress are always dressed for their parts and for creating beautiful sets for their performances….

Best Director…Mommy…(this should be self explanatory…sorry Chilly, maybe next year for you…)

We’d like to thank our producer, Chilly, without whom we would not be making this beautiful movie we call “Life.” Thank you, Chilly.

Overall, it was a lovely evening! Now, I’m off to drag my stars out of their trailers to begin shooting our morning scenes in our current production of “The Curious Case of Bloggy McBlogmom.”

Happy Monday!

p.s. Now scroll back up to the You Tube linky for the opening number! It’s worth watching! Giggle worthy!! Go on now…scroll up!!!

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (I WISH!)

I woke up this morning to find that my husband had left the TV on all night. I was about to nag him about the cost of electricity, how much this disturbs your sleep pattern, blah, blah, blah, when I rolled over toward the TV and saw this….


Oh yeah…that’s right…Ty Pennington was plastered all over the TV screen…I stopped nagging in mid-sentence and curled up in my blankie…(cue the Barry White music…)

It seems that this hunkalicious hottie is in my neck of the woods today….mmmm….and it seems that at 2:00 pm, he and the crew from Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be doing a big family reveal not too far from me….yuuummmmyyyy……what’s a girl to do????

I start planning my day…hmmm…Cat has dance in Tucson at 3:00 just down the road from where this big reveal will take place…let’s see…can I…oops, I mean can Cat & I make it there and get to dance in time???? (I’m getting all bubbly feeling inside…) What should I wear? How should I do my hair? Ohhh, so much to do and so little time to do it!!! Can I get an extreme makeover in time to go see his extreme makeover? I better get hoppin’!

I hear my nerdanderthal husband grunting something at me. Gee thanks, Chilly, for reminding me that I’m married. Ugh! Can’t he see that I have to get ready for my makeover??? “You’re dumb,” he grunts at me. I giggle at him cause he’s just jealous. I mean, Ty Pennington…hot and handy! Wow! And he has his own line of bed linens!! Does it get any better????

My husband is looking at me like I’ve completely lost my mind. That’s when it occurs to me…I am a huge NERDanderthal too! Yes, that’s what looking at Ty Pennington does to me….turns me into a blubbering, lusty wench…I mean nerdy girl. (cue more Barry White music please…or Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” would be lovely too…) Well, that’s fine by me…NERD away, I say!

I sigh and come back down to earth…my hopes of a fantasy meeting with Ty clearly dashed by the nerdanderthal. (Oh, Chilly, you can go ga-ga and drool all over Kara tonight when Idol comes on…you know you will…oh, and by the way, Chilly…sorry we don’t have Comcast…lol! private joke…)

Now it’s time for me to get on with my makeover…I mean, my school day…I’ll let ya’ll know how dance class goes…wink, wink…

p.s. Chilly, you’re the best…even if you do have a crush on that dumb Jenna girl…blech…

p.s.s. The answers for yesterday’s post…1)H.R. Pufnstuf 2)Witchypoo 3)Sigmund the Seamonster 4)Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (yes, that is Dr. Marlena Evans from Days of Our Lives..) 5)Mighty Isis 6)Bugaloos