Wishes Served Up Daily

Wishing is BIG business at our house.  I realized this yesterday when my daughter made it her mission to turn my frown upside down.  She came in with her bag of wishing tricks and a fairy wand determined that she was going to wish away my day of doldrums.

“All you need, Mama is Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!” she exclaimed while laying out her wishing implements. (no kidding…She calls herself the Wish Fairy…)

Here are her assorted tools of the trade…

Mystical Wishing Tools

While she was working her magical mojo on me, I pondered all of the ways we get our wishing on at our house.  Turns out, we do a lot of wishing around here!

We wish on stars and birthday candles.  We toss coins in fountains at the mall to make wishes  (You’re welcome, malls all over America for my enormous financial contributions over the years…)  We send our well wishes out in cards to celebrate special occasions like holidays and birthdays.

We blow on dandelions. We close our eyes and wish on necklace clasps that have found their way around to the front of our necks. We blow bubbles and know when they pop that our wish will be granted.  Heck, we even have a genie lamp!  

We wish on snowflakes (a rarity in Tucson!) We make a wish whenever we notice the clock reads 11:11.  And of course, we’ve been known to go a little nuts at Thanksgiving over the wishbone.

I’ve always wanted a wishing well.  This one will do nicely if I can convince Disney to send it my way…(I’ll get Catherine aka Wish Fairy to work on that one pronto…)

Which brings me to my Wish List…Yep, I even have a special notebook that I keep all my wishes in.  (I’m such an organizing freak that I even catalog my wishes!)  I love going back through it to see what I’ve wished for over the years:)  

Here are two favorite wishing moments… 

Catherine on her 6th birthday wishing good things for her family…

Connor (at age 5) on the beach in Florida wishing for a bucket of LGM’s (Little Green Men) from Toy Story on our trip to Disney World the next day…

(Teen Caveboy will deny that this is actually him because he wouldn’t be caught dead blowing sand wishes on a beach…sorry dude! It was captured on film nine years ago for my eternal viewing pleasure and for your eternal embarrassment.  You’re welcome!) 

While my little Wish Fairy was putting her final touches on her wish making for my immediate happiness, I asked her what she thought about wishes.  

“Wishes are prayers that look really pretty!  God loves to hear your wishes!”

And with that, I will leave you with words of wisdom from this wee sage…

You see, the most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish!” ~ Jiminy Cricket

So tell me…
How do you get your wishing on?

Wishing you a lovely day!

Dear So and So…Cheesecake, Childcare and Chumps Edition

Dear So and So...
Welcome to another fine edition of Dear So and So…
brought to you by the lovely Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow! And off we go!

Dear Teen Caveboy,

Let’s review the “quality of childcare assessment”  your darling little sister handed to me yesterday detailing the incidents that occurred while in your care…(her words are in bold.)…

Bad (apparently there was a doll~napping for ransom…)

Not Good  (hint…knocking on her door and running away is just goofy…especially after the 400th time…)

Very Bad (for bothering her while she was enjoying some Polly Pocket cruise time and a movie…)

Annoying (I know…it’s just who you are…)

Sometimes Funny  (well now…here’s a spot of sunshine…)

Here are some helpful hints for today’s adventure in sister~sitting….

*There will be no doll~napping…(unless of course, she actually pays the ransom, then I’ll take a 50% cut…)

*Keep in mind that there will come a day when she will spy on you and your girlfriends….if you want her to keep that info out of my hands, then BE NICE!

*Funny is good…it makes her happy…however, I’m talking funny ~ha/ha…not gross toilet humor funny…(although I realize she can give you a run for your money on that end…)

And…here’s a little inspiration for you to improve your job performance…Your sister has her eye on this object that lives in your room…

Your precious Les Paul Prophecy guitar…
It may meet up with an “accident” and end up in this…..

She is that diabolical…Trust me…you gotta watch your back around a seven year old who’s been wronged!  Just sayin’….

Good Luck!  You’re going to need it…


Mommy Dearest


Dear People Who Park in the Handicap Spots that Really Don’t Need Them (and the people who rudely yell at me when I do…)

Look, I realize when you see me hopping out of my snazzy sports car with boundless energy, you might be inclined to think…”HA! She’s faking a handicap!”  What you aren’t seeing (no doubt because of my blinding beauty) is the decrepit human meat sack crawling out the passenger side of the car.  (yep, that would be Chilly…just joshin’ about the whole meat sack thing…I just like the way it sounds..I know…I’ve watched way too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer this summer…)  

And BOO TO YOU for those who’ve actually had the audacity to try and put me in my place in the parking lot thinking that I’m trying to steal the spot from a deserving handicapped person.  Again, refer to meat sack crawling from the passenger side….

When you park in a handi~spot and you really aren’t in need of it, it creates all sorts of issues for the party that does need it.  Poor Chilly has nearly suffered heart failure from his trekking across a parking lot in the hellish heat of the desert. It’s a cryin’ shame….

Thanks for not parking there anymore…(and for cutting me slack when I do…with Meat Sack in the car, of course…),


The Lady Who Will Kick You in the Shins and Run…


Dear Delicious Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory,

My son enjoyed you so much last week that he has requested you for his birthday!  Isn’t that fabulous?  Especially since I’m loving the whole $8.00 per slice thingy…yeah…riiiight….not so much….

While I understand that $50 for an entire cheesecake may seem like pennies on the dollar to a true epicurean, I must stand my ground and say no to your delectable temptations.  It’s going to be hard and it may actually reduce my normally strong as a rock teenager to sobbing.  But for my wallet’s sake, I must turn away from your whispers of “come and get me” and “don’t you love your son?”  I must be strong and step away from the cheesecake….

I will always love your yummy delicious~ness,

Your (very hungry and cheesecake craving ) Admirer

ps…(I’ll be there around 6:00 pm on Aug 10 to pick you up….shhhh….I’ll be in disguise to hide my shame….)


Have a wonderful weekend!


The City of Townsville Comes to Sahuarita

(taps microphone…)  Is this thing on?

Well, it appears that I have found my way back to the Land of Blog. 
Whew!  I thought I’d never get back here!

Lots of activity around the Smith house over the last month!
Some cute little 6 year old girl turned 7 last week!
  We had fabulous Powerpuff Girls themed party!  
(By the way…this is for the Boomerang network on tv…uh, yeah…thanks for bringing back the Powerpuff Girls…do you know how hard it is to find PPG themed party stuff, Boomerang???)

I spent over a month trying to win various ebay auctions for party supplies just to have some stupid person snipe my bid in the last 5 seconds of the auctions!  I finally managed to outsmart the snipers and pulled together a pretty fantastic party.  We had a “City of Townsville Carnival” complete with villains trying to wreck the fun.  The Powerpuff Girls came to the rescue and the carnival was saved!  Buh-bye, Mojo-Jojo!  NO CAKE FOR YOU!  (obscure Soup Nazi reference for Chilly…)  

And yes…I still have one of my Christmas trees up.  We just added birthday cards, gift ornaments, bows, etc. to give it a birthday party vibe.  Just yesterday, I changed it to a Valentine’s theme.  I figure I may as well get my money’s worth out of one of my trees!  Watch out future holidays!  You’re next!

Speaking of ebay…do you have any fantastic (or horrifying) ebay stories for me?  It’s been a while since I visited ebay.  I was like a maniac trying to win those auctions…I was yelling at the computer stuff like…”big money! no whammies!” while waiting for the countdown clock to hit zero…”just try and snipe me again, you ebay losers!”….My kids thought I’d completely lost my marbles.  I think I did….my kids probably have them listed on ebay with free shipping…

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!  It’s so good to be back!!!


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Did You Know Tuesday: Causes & Celebrations!

It’s Tuesday! At the Bee and Rose that means it’s time for “Did You Know?”…bits of this and that from my cluttered mind. (cluttered…not dirty…sorry, Chilly…)

And we’re off…(it’s short and sweet today!)

Did You Know…

that the ever fabulous DiPaola Momma over at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom has the chance to get her lovely face on a box of Honeynut Cheerios?? Isn’t that cool?! She has a fantastic opportunity to help fight hunger in our communities through an awesome campaign via ShopRite. ShopRite has created “Blog It Forward To Fight Hunger” to get people involved in the fight against hunger through blogging. All she needs is a bit of comment lovin’! How easy is that?! Go HERE for more exciting details!

Did You Know.that by visiting this awesome blogger…

you can help a family in need today? Just click on the picture and it will take you right over. I will be over there today bidding on items in a wonderful auction that Shannon has set up to help support the McCulley family. Shannon shares their story (very powerful and moving) over there as well. If you have a moment, I hope you can visit. I know what Kori McCulley is going through as our stories are very similar. Hope to see ya there!

Did you know….

that my little fairy has been dubbed “Fairy Princess of the Midsummer’s Night Dream Ball?! She was honored by Queen Bitty herself (and the darling Bear too!) to announce the Princesses of the ball and to share a special Fairy jig! We would be ever so delighted if you clicked on this magical portal to share in our special day over at A Duck In Her Pond!

(magic portal…click me!)

You will absolutely adore Duckie and her many tales of wonder! She is a spinner of tales and magical enchantments! (not to mention mouth~watering recipes!) Grab your fairy wands and wings and fly on over to the Ball!

Did You Know…

that Teen Caveboy was blown away by all the very kind birthday wishes? Did you know I was blown away that he removed his photo moratorium so I could actually post his photo on my blog? (Click here if you want to see the family photos with Teen Caveboy.) Did you also know that I can’t believe I am now the mother of a TEENAGER!?

Did You Know…

Happy Tuesday to you!


Irish Dancer Girl Rockin’ the Feis!

What a weekend! Four medals out of 5 competitions! She freakin’ rocks my poodle socks off! (FYI..poodle socks are what the Irish dancers wear…)
She won first place for this dance!(sorry for the poor video quality…I had to sneak it…didn’t have time to prep the camera for lighting and people kept bumping into me..yada yada yada…)
I am one VERY proud Mama!
(Join the weekend Wordle fun over at Last Shreds of Sanity! Wordles are the bomb!)