Playing Hooker and Getting the Boom Boom Pow

I’ve been playing hooky from the world (and from blogging) with my kids this week. We are officially done with our school year! Hooray! Since we’ve all been through a lot with Chilly and his health stuff the last few months (not to mention all of the other stinky mojo), I decided it was time for me to spend some quality time just hanging out with my two offspring with no distractions. It can be pretty overwhelming for the kiddos watching their dad deal with his diabetes and heart condition. We just need some “down” time to chillax.

My kids kept asking me if I was going to get in trouble because I wasn’t blogging. Apparently, they have been tipped off about some sort of bloggy police force that may write me a ticket for non-blogging. I assured them it would be fine and that we were just going to play hooky for a few days. Later that same day, a cashier at Target asked Cat what she’d been doing for the day. She smiled at her and said, “I’ve been playing hooker with my mom.” That was a lovely moment. The cashier just looked at me and I could hear her thinking “ain’t no way I’d pay money for you, lady…” Niiiiicccceeee…..

Which got me to thinking that I am waaaayyy over due for a makeover. I have a confession to make….I haven’t had a haircut for over a year now….color…forget about it! My roots are dark with curly gray tendrils sticking up all over. I look like a hag. This weekend, I am getting a cut, color, manicure and pedicure. I am tired of looking tired….so I am going to rock a new look, and then the cashier at Target will realize she could never afford me if I really were a hooker! Snap!

Tween Caveboy finally bit the bullet and whacked off his long locks yesterday! Can I hear a “whoop-whoop”!? Actually, I thought his long hair looked pretty cool, but the desert heat finally proved to be too much for him. Chilly, I know you are still celebrating over this.

Speaking of the nerdanderthal, last night he missed the finale of American Idol for the first time since the show began. He went to pick up our son from a church youth group meeting that ended at 9:00 pm. I actually had to give him the play by play over the phone. When they announced Kris as the winner, I blew out Chilly’s eardrums with my screaming….it went something like this…”OHMYGODKRISALLENJUSTWON!HEWONHEWONHEWON!!!” and more really loud screaming after that. Don’t get me wrong..I thought Adam rocked the house…the guy has an incredible set of pipes! I just know that Adam has a superstar career ahead of him no matter what happened last night. I am really delighted that Kris won!

Chilly entertained us throughout the show with his Adam Lambert rocker scream singing….I did my best Fergie moves and impression while “Boom Boom Pow” was performed by the Black Eyed Peas….Catherine went crazy playing air guitar when KISS was jamming “Detroit Rock City.” She was jumping around like a crazy person so much that I kept screaming “Watch your feet! Don’t hurt your feet! You have a dance competition in two weeks! Stop it with the feet!” Sad, isn’t it? I’ve become one of those psycho dance moms….She paid me no attention however and just kept on rockin’ the air guitar. I just sighed and got back to playing my air drums….

Thank you to everyone who emailed me about my absence:) That really made me feel all warm fuzzy! Hugs and smoochies all around!

Wishing you all a very peaceful Thursday!


Thankful Thursday…Bitchville Edition

I am in a cranky mood this morning…beware….(and it’s not even “that time of the month.”) Hopefully, I can stop this crazy train to Bitchville with my “Thankful Thursday” post. Think I can do it? Hmmm…let’s give it a whirl…

I am thankful for this guy….

He made watching American Idol bearable for me last night. I LOVE David Cook…love to hear him sing and his eye candy-ness (yes, I just made that a word) is suh-weet!

I am thankful for Catherine’s six year old sense of humor…

“Mom, do you want to play “Blend-in” Bridge? (London Bridge)

“Are you guys watching “Pirates of Your Favorite Band” again? (Pirates of the Caribbean..hee hee)

“Bone yard looks full today, huh?” (as we were driving by a cemetery!)

I am thankful for Tween Caveboy’s newfound desire to keep his long shiny locks healthy and clean. I’m also thankful he’s become an amazing Zombie Killer.

(I hate flaming zombies…)

I am thankful for Rae Ann @ Critical Mass for tagging me to share 7 things you may not know about me. (hope you don’t need therapy after this…)

1. Balloons freak me out. I can’t be around them. My kids, however, enjoy using them as instruments of torture on me. (Don’t even try to make a balloon animal around me…I will go postal on you…It won’t be pretty…)

2. I think clowns are a menace to society.

3. I love pumpkins. (this may have something to do with the fact that I grew up in Circleville, OH…home of the world’s largest Pumpkin Festival…)

Baby Boos are my favorites!

(We sell lots of these at Black Crow Boutique! They come in orange too!)

4. Because I live in a rural community, my wireless high speed internet is limited to 5 gb per month. This has put a HUGE damper on my stalking abilities. I cannot even tell you how much grieving I’ve been doing this past week over not being able to visit ya’ll daily. It’s like a knife in my heart…

5. I LOVE Halloween! (I even own a Halloween shop, Black Crow Boutique! I will tell you all about it very soon…some of the giveaway items are from my shop…)

6. I used to play tag in graveyards with my cousins and friends. Creepy, but fun!
7. I love to watch Ghost Hunters with the Tween Caveboy.

If you want this meme, grab it and enjoy!

I am grateful for Debra at Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History & Ashley Amazing for sharing this awesome award with me!

Thank you, ladies! You know I love you! I suck with a capital S at giving out awards, so everyone who reads this today, please share in my love and post this on your blog!

I am grateful for Noah’s Mommy at Project Mommyhood for including me in her 10 Blog Reads! That rocks my socks off!

I am grateful to Misadventurous Mommy and her giveway that I won! Woo Hoo! (very special to me because of Chilly’s heart situation!)

I am grateful to all of you for reading this cranky post of mine!

I hope you will come and visit me on Monday for my 100th post so I can show you how grateful I am!!! (here’s a linky to check out some of the goodies I will be giving away!)

p.s. My frown is now upside down:)