~Stay-at-home Mom~
~Authoress in Progress~
~Proprietress of Storyteller Celebrations~
~Sorted as a Hufflepuff, but have a bit of Ravenclaw that peeks out on occasion~
~I am a lover of books, music, holidays
and taking photos of my family (much to their delight!…just kidding ) ~
 Favorite Quote:  “Home is where your story begins.”  ~Annie Danielson
I try to look at each day as a clean page to write my own story upon.
I’m also fond of clouds and silver linings.
My beautiful grandmother Gigi, always taught me to look for pictures in
white, fluffy clouds and silver linings in the dark ones:)
We try to keep lots of humor in our household because laughter really is the best medicine. Sarcasm and Wit run amok in our family
(and as my daughter likes to often point out, on this blog as well!)

 Please feel free to email me at silverliningstoryteller@gmail.com 

I hope that even though you may enter here as a stranger, you will leave as a friend!


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