Stupid Cupid



Hi…I’m enjoying a little stroll down memory lane with Stupid Cupid.  Care to join me?

Each year, my wee girl and I have a Cupid’s Tea Party to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  (truth be told, it’s my excuse to don a pink feather boa and some fancy gloves while sipping deliciousness from a pretty tea cup, but I digress.)  Recently, while out gathering up some goodies for this year’s Cupid’s Tea Party, a memory of tea parties past floated through my mind.  I actually giggled out loud right in the glitter aisle of Michaels with such gusto that a sales gal asked me if I was okay.  (I was alone.  Apparently, at Michaels it is considered odd behavior to giggle out loud if you are not accompanied by another adult, children or anyone else who looks sane.)  I managed to convince her that I was not a crazy woman and meandered on my way (still giggling, of course.)  Allow me to share that giggle inducing memory with you here.  Feel free to giggle, snort and cackle like crazy 🙂

Long ago, in a faraway land called Sahuarita, six year old Catherine was helping me set up our annual Cupid’s Tea Party.  While laying out the heart shaped doily placemats, she asked, “Who is Cupid, Mommy?”

I smile and start to answer, but I’m cut off by her brother, then Tween Caveboy (these days known as a young man of 18…)  He grunts in his best Caveboy voice, “He shoots people in the booty with an arrow.”  Lovely sentiment there, son, absolutely charming.

“He does?!” Cat’s eyes get wide. “I don’t want to have a tea party with Cupid, Mommy!”  Her brother laughs and says, “Yeah, cause he’ll shoot you in the booty too!” Connor is really milking this for all he can. She goes running to her room, both hands planted firmly on her booty so Cupid can’t get her and then boom! Down she goes! Screaming agony ensues. I reach the scene of the accident to assess the situation.

“What happened, sweetheart?” I reach down to scoop her up in a hug. “Cupid shot me, Mommy! Right here in my leg!” I cover my mouth with one hand to hide my impending laughter and pull her into a hug with the other.  My wee girl is no dummy.  She can see the smile popping from behind my hand.  “It’s not funny! I’ve been shot!” she cries.

I sigh. “Cat, Cupid doesn’t come around until Valentine’s Day. He couldn’t have shot you.” She stares (or glares…hard to tell with that one…) at me.  She’s not ready to give up this carnival ride  just yet. “Mom! He shot my leg! Stupid Cupid!” (More sighing..and inner giggling from me…..)

Later in the evening, I sat down to google some Cupid images to show Cat that he’s not such an evil doer. Here’s what I found….(warning…it’s not pretty…)

old cupid guy on cloudcupie guy

dumb cupid0059-stupid-cupidi_do_cupid_470x470

What the hearts and flowers happened to Cupid?! I thought he was the son of Venus, a pretty boy that didn’t age? (or get man boobs for that matter!) Hey, Venus! What’s the deal???  What happened to classy Cupid?

And then there was this super freaky Valentine Card with Cupid in a chef’s hat serving up a heart with orange blossoms….hmmm…is that “heart tartare” or well done?  (so traumatized by this one…geesh…not to mention he looks just like one of the Campbell’s Soup kids gone bad…)f433dfd527f2003ffc8ce240591b54a2

and finally, we have Skele-Cupid…(actually, I’m rather freakishly amused by this one and feel like it should make an appearance in my Halloween decor this year…)


Venus must have heard my cries of distress because suddenly on my google page this creature appeared…  


8798576_5805507_pm valentine-15

Now THAT is a Cupid!

Thank you, Venus, Goddess of Love! That’s what I’m talking about…oh, wait, probably shouldn’t share this with the 6 year old…moving on…

I guess I should stick to an image of Cupid that I am most familiar with and that won’t terrify my child…



And that, family and friends, is the story of how my wee girl was shot by Cupid.  Over the past few years, Cat has befriended Cupid (thanks to Monster High & Ever After High with their hipster versions of Cupid.)  Our Cupid Tea Parties happily continue on.  This year, Valentine’s Day falls right after Friday the 13th (just as it did when this event originally happened!)  Try not to let that mess up your love vibes for Valentine’s Day.  Stay away from Camp Crystal Lake and you should be A-Okay. ❤

Now, go get yourself ready to welcome (or dodge like the dickens) some of Cupid’s arrows!  Time to get your romance, hearts, flowers and chocolate on!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S.  I did actually find video footage of Cupid getting his disco moves on…(this made me lol all over my computer…)  Clickety the linky and enjoy 🙂

He sure gives Napoleon Dynamite a run for his money, eh?

One thought on “Stupid Cupid

  1. you are something else you make me laugh and smile all the time as I know gigi always did with you all…..give cat hug and no arrows to be shot from Ohio


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