How Do Ya Like Me Now?!

It’s reveal day here at the Bee and Rose!  I treated myself to a bloggy makeover to mark my return to the Land of Blog!
Isn’t it lovely??!!  The gals over at Designer Blogs created this beautiful design for me!  I have to tell you…they are simply the BEST! 

Amy is the fabulous designer who created this awesome bloggy home for me!  She took all the little bits and pieces I gave her and wove it into a magical blend of bloggy delight!  It’s so much more than I could’ve ever imagined!  Thank you sooo much, Amy!  You are one of the kindest people around!
These ladies have a portfolio of designs that are absolutely gorgeous!  I highly recommend them!  They are top notch professionals.  They stay in close communication during the creative process.  They are super friendly.  Customer satisfaction is definitely top priority with these ladies!  Scooty on over there and check them out!  You will love them!



27 thoughts on “How Do Ya Like Me Now?!

  1. Dawn gorgeous!

    When I saw you in my reader I was afraid to come over and comment, cause when I do that, you disappear again! But now I see I have missed posts.


    love the look! Did you get your nails done or something? (hehe)


  2. LOVE the new digs sister.. almost as good as seeing ya back on my bloggity blog.. gosh since the move to WP I seem to be missing all my Nuggetiers. Plus I've been really sucky about blog hoping myself. SO we need to kvetch babe, it's been forever and I want to hear how everyone is doing. BIG HUGS! Oh and the comment got ya your free nuggets, email me.. and send friends I've got LOTS more where those came from. TTFN


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