Not Me Monday: Can I Have Your Autograph, Kelly Clarkson?

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

I did NOT have my mini makeover this weekend. I did NOT return home from the hair salon looking like her….(seriously…my hair is NOT this streaky or these same colors…no offense, Kelly, this looks fabulous on you….for those of you new to this style of blog meme…this is exactly what my hair looks like right now but with more bleachy streaks…)

Chilly and the kids did NOT call me Kelly Clarkson all weekend. My stylist would NEVER do this to me especially when I told him this (see photo below) is what I wanted….I did NOT show him a photo of the color I wanted….My hair is NOT even more auburn than before with huge streaks of bleach blonde…(not that I didn’t enjoy my previously auburn colored hair, I just wanted to shake things up for summer…)

I did NOT make it extremely clear that I wanted all coppery red tones out of my hair. I did NOT say repeatedly I wanted soft ash blonde for summer. I did NOT say to him NO CHUNKY HIGHLIGHTS when I saw the bleach cream on the color stand. I did NOT repeatedly try to make sure he was very clear on the whole ash blonde idea. He apparently did NOT give a crap about what I (the customer) wanted. I am NOT sporting the exact hairstyle in the Kelly Clarkson photo at this moment. I do NOT look like a skunk with a lopsided stripe when I pull my hair back because my bangs are NOT a huge streak of bleach blonde hair on one side. It is NOT the worst color job I’ve ever had…EVER….

I did NOT contact the salon to correct this hair nightmare ASAP because I do NOT have a mini vacation coming this weekend while NOT attending my daughter’s Irish dance competiton in Scottsdale. I did NOT ride an emotional rollercoaster all weekend because of my hair. I wear big girl panties…I would NEVER act so silly over my hair…just ask my family who I did NOT drive crazy with my whining. I will NOT stop torturing you with my continued whining here…

I am NOT delirious with delight that it is JUNE!!!!! I am NOT hoping that all of this crazy black rain cloud of energy that has been around me for the last two months has gone bye bye! I am NOT focusing on lots of positive vibes today!

Hope you are NOT having a great start to the month of June!



32 thoughts on “Not Me Monday: Can I Have Your Autograph, Kelly Clarkson?

  1. It seems that I always end up with the chunky highlights too – either that or completely blonde… Which I don’t like being either! Totally feel your pain! I’m sure you’ll get it all straightened out soon!


  2. Oh, Dawn, I can relate to this more than you know!

    We finally don’t do bleach in my hair anymore, but do highlights with blonde color, and it’s definitely not as skunky.


  3. Hair nightmares are the worst!! I have red hair, which is really difficult when it comes to coloring, so I have TONS of them!

    Hope you get all straightened out soon!!


  4. Okay-now I really want to see this hair. Mine never turned out the color I wanted at the salon i just use Loreal and do it myself πŸ˜›


  5. I once sported the skunk look as well. Glad I am broke now, and just have to use the box! (see silver lining)

    Hope you are well, I have missed you.


  6. So sorry you didn’t get what you wanted, that always sucks! I am adding the picture request too, lets see it! I say call the salon and tell them you hate it and what are they going to do about it!?
    Hope this week is better for you!


  7. He must have really screwed up because I like Kelly Clarkston’s hair in that picture.

    Sorry, I have a few hair scare stories myself. Hair stylist sometimes just don’t listen. I had the best one and then she left me and went to Florida. WHAT!!


  8. Nooo! Botched hair jobs are the worst! I don’t think that Kelly’s hair looks too terrible, and I’m sure that if you embraced it you really do look alright. πŸ™‚ But I suppose you could say that about me when I tried to go blonde and ended up with hair the exact color of a new penny. Well, no. You couldn’t.


  9. Oh that is so too bad! I hate feeling bad after spending money on my hair. Such a waste! I hope someone can correct the problem soon. Life's too short for bad coloring!


  10. Sometimes, hairstylists just do what they want to do… in spite of what we ask. Glad to hear you sported your big girl panties over this one, it’s all you can do.


  11. I don't understand what the deal with stylists is!… They just seem determined to put the coppery IN and for some reason (even though no one above the age of 17 wants streaky hair), equally determined to be sure that you come out looking as unatural as possible.

    I once spent an entire summer going from salon to salon, trying to convince someone to dye my hair dark and get rid of the copperiness(OMG – heaven forbid someone wants to go dark… in SUMMER)!

    I've given up on salons because I always end up “fixing” it when I get home!


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