Friday Fragments: "Come On, Get Happy"

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(by the way…Google reader users…I hit publish before saving….this is my completed post…the other unfinished post is deleted…yep, I feel like a huge dork! Hopefully you are reading this one!)
Yesterday, on the way to Irish dance class, Cat shouts out this little gem when passing the hospital where Chilly spent lots of time last week….”Look Mom! That’s where Dad went to Asian Care!” (of course, Mr. Perfecto Tween Caveboy has to remind her it’s Urgent Care, trying to rain on my parade of laughter..which only makes me laugh harder…)


I spent the entire night dreaming about the Partridge family. I have no idea why…I must be having some weird 70’s induced flashback brought on by the middle age hot flashes I went through all night long….Hot flashes = seriously irritated Mommy….Back to the Partridge family….LOVED them when I was growing up! David Cassidy was my big crush. I can’t get “Come On, Get Happy” out of my head this morning. Ahhh….those were the days….

I would like to thank Heather for this awesome award….

and Sassypants Wifey for this fabulous award!

Thanks, you two blogilicious girls! I love them! If you haven’t visited these two lovely ladies, please be sure to scoot on over to say hello! You will be glad you did! I am sharing these awards with all of you today! Please feel free to right click and copy! Hooray!

This is for Tween Caveboy….Yes, Tween Caveboy, I do like FRED Figglehorn…I hope that when you’re 14, you will be a gazillionaire like his alter ego, Lucas Cruikshank, so you can take care of me….Favorite Fred episode…the shark in the swimming pool….there..are you happy now, Tween Caveboy?


Do you like my new tramp stamp?

I’m trying to decide which silhouette would work best on my new business cards..
I need some fast cash for next week’s Irish dance competition…Catherine’s very first feis! There are socks to be purchased, a wig and tiara to be worn, and other incidentals. Mama needs some money fast! I will be at “The Candy Store” gentlemen’s club (aka stripper joint) in Tucson strutting my stuff all weekend…(not really, Dad…although I’m close to desperate, I am not ready to “show my business” for cash…yet….sorry Chilly, I know you were getting a wee bit excited for a minute…)


Friday Feng Shui Tip: Stand at the doorway to any room. The back left corner is your wealth corner. Add purple to your wealth corner to increase prosperity! You can use candles, stones, pictures, pillows, even a square of purple paper works!


Cat asked me if we were going to rent the Benjamin Bellybutton movie this weekend……Anyone seen this yet? (actual working title…The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…)


I was watching Tween Caveboy play Sims 2 Pets on XB360 when this popped up while his Sim dude was on his computer…”Your blog has reached 2% popularity. The more you blog, the cooler you become. Cool is fun.” LOL! Blogging is even taking over the Sims world!

Have a fabulous weekend!


32 thoughts on “Friday Fragments: "Come On, Get Happy"

  1. I’m definitely thinking the last image would be good for your business cards. Yeah, baby! πŸ™‚ We have a dance recital coming up the first weekend in June..and I’ve been hand out cash left and right…and it’s driving me insane.

    I have not yet seen benjamin bellybutton, but want to. πŸ™‚

    Loved your Friday Fragments! πŸ™‚


  2. I vote for the second silhouette.

    As for the Feng Shui, what if the room has TWO doorways? Should I just turn that into the purple room just to ensure I get purple where it needs to be?


  3. I haven’t seen Benjamin Button but I’d like to. Anything with Brad Pitt, if it’s bad, at least you’ve got some eye candy!

    I’m lovin’ those Irish Dance Mom pole dancers πŸ™‚ That’s how you could raise some extra $$ for the competition… Work the pole baby!


  4. You thought I forgot about you, didn’t I? Well, I didn’t. I think about you a lot actually.

    But, please do the world a favor and say no to the tramp stamp. Not that it wouldn’t look good on you or anything….but it wouldn’t….

    Miss ya!


  5. Oh I used to be addicted to playing the Sims…good thing that passed! LOL Now Sims 3 is coming out…we’ll see how that is! Those card pics are hilarious! Either one would be awesome πŸ˜›


  6. Now I’ve got that Partridge Family song in my head!

    Hey–thanks for the Feng Shui tip! I have a “money tree” in that corner of my living room, but now I’ll add some purple too!


  7. i liked the second image myself, dance isn’t cheap but i am.. come to think of it… that might work for writing too… (writing’s not cheap, but i am … support a starving artist today!)


  8. Well nuts! Why couldnt the corner the purple goes in be MY corner of the office??? Hubby doesnt even LIKE purple (unless it’s on me, of course!).

    So…the prior entry was a fragment of a fragment?


  9. Congrats on the Awards! You totally deserve them!

    And…I say…the second one should be your calling card. Nothing says I love, support and am a good role model for my daughter like sliding down a stripper pole!


  10. So what did I miss? Chilly broke his leg? How?

    I like the tramp stamp, but you need to add a pint to it.

    The second business card is my personal favorite.

    You and The Partridge Family…LMAO

    And your kids….funny.


  11. Only 2% popularity? You’re going to have to give your boy some tips! πŸ™‚ But seriously, I love the Sims; sort of disturbing, but fascinating, too.

    That tramp stamp has me wondering… πŸ™‚

    Grabbed your button; it’s adorable. It’s looking terrific in here!


  12. I constantly get the song “girl, look what you’ve done to me” in my head… LOL I sing it to my 9 yr old daughter and she screams and runs away every time πŸ™‚ Has nothing to do with your posting, but the Partridge family reminded me of it he he he


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