Friday Fragments: No More Voodoo For You!

Friday Fragments?

Join more Friday Fragments Fun over at Half-Past Kissin’ Time!

I’d like to begin with some eye candy…He is one of my new favorite vampire hotties…

Alexander Skarsgard….(he plays Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood series based on the Sookie Stackhouse books)…H-O-T-T-I-E……Come bite me, Eric Northman…I won’t tell Chilly…


I turned Irish Dancer Girl into a piece of toast….

You can become a piece of toast too! Just go here and read all about it! It’s for a worthy cause too! (Thanks to Ann at Ann Again….And Again for sharing this!)

CANDY BAR PIE….yep, I said CANDY BAR PIE….yuuummmmmyyy….

Let me just say that I actually salivated while reading the recipe for this…You can find it here at A Duck in Her Pond. If you haven’t visited the Blonde Duck, you must do so immediately! She has pie recipes that are out of this world! She has a collection of short stories that she teases us with (she is the queen of the cliffhanger!) and lots more fun over there!


Dear Idiot Who Put the Voodoo on My Life For The Entire Month of April…

I don’t know you, but apparently you think you can ruin my life by crashing my computer, wrecking my daughter’s knee right before her first Irish Dance competition, and by almost killing Chilly again…(apparently, Freaky Voodoo Person, you don’t read my blog….Chilly is indestructible…for you newbies, Chilly is my husband:) Trying to take him down while I’m in the midst of a Monster Giveaway was a stinkin’ cheap shot there, dude. Not cool at all. I know you did that because you thought it would make me all crazy and want to jump off a cliff, but you don’t know me! You can’t get me down! The Grim Reaper has come many times for Chilly these last two years and he still can’t catch him.

I have gathered a few voodoo tools myself! If you don’t stop with your nonsense, I will be forced to eat you.
My Angel voodoo girl hereby banishes you to wherever bad Voodoo do-ers go. Buh-bye! No more Voodoo for YOU!


We have a fancy new McDonalds in our small town. It has a sports bar with flat screen tv, a coffee bar, fancy interior design called “fast food chic” (no, I am not kidding…that’s really what they call it..), a wi-fi lounge and a play place (don’t even get me started on those germ infested nightmares!) It’s actually decorated in soothing neutral tones…completely opposite of the old decor you find in other McD’s where they bombard you with bad 80’s paintings and mauve with teal interior colors. No, this McD’s has a very…dare I say it?….Pottery Barn vibe. The seating is completely hip and funky. I’ll try to get some photos…You have to see it to believe it!


Talking about McDonalds reminded me that I saw Leaky Poo Pants again…this time at Walmart (remember that horror story?) Poor Poo Pants was still looking pretty bedraggled. Still only wearing a very dirty t-shirt and diaper (no, it didn’t appear this one was on overload, thank heavens..) He was anxiously chewing on something that I can only hope was meant for a human. It was pretty bedraggled looking too. And guess what his mom was doing….again….standing about 6 feet away, back turned toward him, talking on her stupid phone! I just had to leave before I had a nervous breakdown.


There is nothing better to beat the blues than to see a sweet friend that you’ve missed! I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friend, Kim yesterday at Cat’s Irish dance class. Kim, if you are reading this today…THANK YOU for making me smile and giggle! It really turned me around! I had a fabulous time chattin’ it up with you! I missed you and was so very happy we had the chance to catch up yesterday afternoon. Big HUGS to you! I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Finally, for Chilly…Keep hanging in there! I know it’s been a challenging time, but there’s no one else who can make me laugh the way you do! (Chilly’s personality is alot like Doug from King of Queens…alot….lol!) We all love you and are here for you!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

p.s. Winners of the giveaway..Prizes are on their way! Woo hoo! Thanks again for playing!

45 thoughts on “Friday Fragments: No More Voodoo For You!

  1. AWW! Thanks so much for the shout out! I shall send you and your Irish dancer a candy bar pie! 🙂

    And voodoo is real…Ben grew up in La and had asthma when he was two. His mom said his Creole nanny cut off a chunk of his hair, nailed it to a tree and said a voodoo prayer.

    His asthma disappeared the next week and never returned.


  2. You’ve conjured up some “voodoo” movies I’ve watched in the past…………… you best eat that voodoo chocolate now!!

    That poor child! I saw some “Mother” and I use that term loosely carry her diapered child with only a much too small t-shirt on, into Target in the wintertime. She of course had on a jacket and scarf!!! Shocking!

    Is there a chocolate bad mom figure that can be ate?


  3. I agree the McD’s playgrounds all should be sprayed with Clorex every day as they are super germ playgrounds. Now the flat TVs and the games sound like a place most adults would hang out. Wonder if they are going to serve wine soon:) Of course wine in a box and not in a bottle would fit with the theme! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Still looking at the tiny bathing suit that I swear shrunk:)


  4. OMG, don’t even get me started on vampires! I’m addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I’m on “Club Dead” right now, but I haven’t seen the tv series. (Waiting til it comes out on DVD)


    P.S. I love vampires…I might be one too (heehee)


  5. now see? just because i hate twilight doesn’t mean i hate all vampires. he’s a cutie pie. speaking of pie…

    okay your homework assignment (besides mailing out 850 pkgs from your giveaway) is taking some pics of that mcdonald’s. i simply don’t believe you.


  6. My old Mc.D’s out in the middle of nowhere Missouri got the Mc.Latte’s before the rest of the country and when I went back to my hometown of Charleston, SC and asked for a Mocha I got a weird look like “WTH, Lady”…I felt dumb.


  7. I love Doug from KoQ,so I’m happy that you are married to Chilly 🙂

    That McDonald’s sounds innovative! I look forward to the pics.

    I salivated just because you wrote “salivated!”

    Thanks for joining in with FF today! Have a great weekend 🙂


  8. I like the post! I would comment more, but I am afraid that my Internet will take a dump before I get it posted!

    And Miss Dawnie? How are we supposed to grab the code for your cool new button if you have the no copy thing on your bloggy?

    Don’t forget about Shan’s Week-End Wordles tomorrow.

    Is the Laptop back in bizness yet?




  10. Wow… you’ve got a ton going on! Bummer on the knee and everything else. If you need someone else to help you with that voodoo chocolate doll, let me know….

    And that pie. That pie is GOOD. I’ve had it before and yum. Go make some, now!


  11. I can’t comment on everything because it is late and my brain is T.I.R.E.D but I hope your voodoo works because you just need some lovely boring normal time … no more drama!

    And McDonald’s are getting really different lately! I know just what you mean.


  12. I need that pie now!!!

    I love King of Queens! I am so sad that show ended:( But my husband and I use to joke that I am Doug and he is Carrie.

    Our local Mickey Ds also got all fancy on us. Actually it is kind of cool. I like it, it is more relaxing when you are eating breakfast.

    Hopefully the voodoo dude leaves ya soon:) Maybe throw some salt over your shoulder.

    I am snaggin’ your button.


  13. I love these random posts…my head feels like it’s bouncing off the walls trying to keep up! And I think that angel voodoo doll is kinda creepy for supposedly being on the side of good!


  14. Dawn! I am so sorry to hear about poor Chilly. Hugs to you. I am so glad you got to meet up with a friend and get some real-person love/contact.

    Hang in there!


  15. My question is..would the vampire really be a hotty? Aren’t they dead and so there for…..cold blooded????

    Just curious… 🙂
    that pie looks really really good…

    and I am really really trying hard to lose some weight…so I am not looking anymore.


  16. BAD VOODOO’S…they can be rotten and they make me mad…go away already

    thanks for the visit and the compliment…

    and yes i need an airplane of some kind and a little somethin’ somethin’ would be wonderful


  17. I say eat that chocolate voodoo person if he even thinks about being evil in May.

    I was catching up on your posts, and you’re hilarious…. I’m following you now.


  18. Love the post girlie. I so think the Vodoo Girl will help, rock on with your badself … LOL.

    Now I so need HBO, how am I going to get that in the budget … LOL.

    That McDonalds sounds way too cool! I haven’t been to a McD’s in a long time.

    Oh Wal-Mart Drama Mama’s as I like to call them. Really you dressed head to toe in your desinger gear and your poor child like that … UGH


  19. That poor kid, why hasn’t anyone called Children’s Aid for that poor kid? Our new McD’s sounds pretty similar to yours, maybe not quite as fancy. I still only go through Drive Thru!!


  20. Whew! I LOVE Eric Northman too. They picked the perfect guy to play him… he is so hot. Did you know he was voted Sweeden's sexiest guy like 5 times? Mmmm. Have you read the book series too based on True Blood? Very good!


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